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Fossil Farms Review: Is It Really for You?

Every now and then I find myself looking for something more, something to add a bit of variation to the day-to-day routine. Usually, I’m prompted to change up my schedule, pick up an old hobby, or try a new type of food. Food, honestly, is one of the easiest things for me to change. I can easily deviate from my usual shopping path at the grocery store to grab a new type of produce, side dish, or meat.

But what if, when I’m looking for a new type of meat, I can’t find anything new? Well, this has happened to me before. This search takes me to diverse grocery stores outside of my typical area of operation, which can be fun, though tedious. When I do find some unique meat to try, such as alligator or venison, it takes the form of jerky.

I love jerky, but even with different meats, it can become monotonous. It is just dried meat after all.

After searching high and low to find a new, fresh, t

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Crowd Cow Review: Is it Worth It?

Crowd Cow Review

Subscription and delivery services were already on the rise, but now meat delivery companies like Crowd Cow are getting more than a passing review, as the global pandemic has changed how so many of us shop and eat.

Back in 2016, the restaurant industry was booming, with an estimated worth of over 780 billion dollars; but as in-person dining has taken a hit, companies like Crowd Cow have soured as an alternative way to enjoy fresh meat, delivered to customers’ doors. In the UK, such food subscription services are now worth 8.5 billion pounds, an increase of nearly 40 percent

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11 Best ButcherBox Alternatives on the Market

11 Best ButcherBox Alternatives

It’s safe to say that few of us could have imagined just how much 2020, and the pandemic affecting the world, would change the way we do daily life–and push us to grocery store alternatives like meat delivery services. And for ButcherBox, 2020 has been a wild year.

ButcherBox, which touts naturally and humanely raised meat, delivered to your doorstep, grabbed headlines when founder and CEO Mike Salguero was honored as an Entrepreneur Of The Year 2020 New England Award winner by Ernst & Young.

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