How to Find the Best Pet Subscription Boxes

The best pet subscription services are the ones that give you the best products at the greatest value. They offer customization that allows you to set up a method with products that work for your pet family.

When your Ipsy or Loot Crate arrives in the mail, the excitement can hardly be contained.

After a few months of a pet subscription service, your pet will begin to experience the same feeling, making it all worth it. But before you get there, you must pick the perfect box for them.

What is a Pet Subscription Service?

A pet subscription service is a monthly delivery of items for your pet. Often, they are in the form of mystery boxes, complete with treats and toys. But there are also medical, food, and grooming options.

While it’s difficult to pin down the first pet subscription service, the first well-known dog subscription box was BarkBox, which was founded in 2011.

The company seems to have plans to become much more than a subscription service. In 2016, they told Forbes they wanted to become “Disney for dogs” and that they would “like us to reach every dog in America.”

Reasons to Subscribe to a Pet Service

Pet subscription services can be a little intimidating at first. After all, we all want the best for our pets and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize their health or happiness.

Thankfully, millions of people trust and subscribe to pet subscription services for these reasons.

  • Save Time – Many pet owners spend hours a month shopping for treats and toys. This can really add up and cut into quality time spent with your pet, which is one of the main reasons I love pet subscription boxes.
  • Save Money – If you never spend money on your pets, a pet subscription box won’t save you much. But if you’re constantly buying stuff for them, you will save plenty by waiting for your box to arrive. At the very least, you’ll save on shipping costs since you only pay once a month.
  • Less Shopping – Some people love shopping while others only do it out of necessity. If you are one of the people who loves your pets but hates shopping, a pet subscription box will benefit your life. It’s very convenient because it helps you skip the effort of single-item purchases
  • Try New Things – I tend to stick to the tried and true when I get tired. But with a pet subscription service, you will get to try things you didn’t even know existed. You will get a handful of high-quality toys and treats which are usually selected by experts;
  • It’s fun to open the box and be surprised by what you find inside;
  • Many companies donate to charities and support a cause.

Types of Pet Subscription Services

  • Pet Food – so you can get food delivered month at a reduced rate
  • Pet Toys – keeping your pets entertained with something new every month
  • Pet Treats – new treats to try out. Once you find your favorites, you can reorder them specifically
  • Pet Training – from bells to leashes, this is a great way to work on pet behavior in a safe way
  • Pet Variety Packs – a little bit of everything at a reduced rate

What to Look for in a Pet Subscription Service?

When shopping for pet subscription boxes, knowing which ones to try is difficult. Should you go for the most popular or try one of the more unique picks? The best way to decide is to make a list weighing your options on these scales.

  • Price – The price of the box means a lot to most people. I prefer to stick to a budget and not choose any boxes outside of that budget. This can help narrow down the options significantly or allow you to get more than one box.
  • Ingredients – If the box you have your eye on includes treats or food, it’s a good idea to research the ingredients. If your pets are on a restricted diet, having this information can be a lifesaver, sometimes literally.
  • Customization – I love customizing everything in my life and expect the same for my pets. So when it comes to pet subscription services, I always want to ensure that I get to customize my subscription for my dogs and cat.
  • Customer Service – I will not get the subscription service if there is no easy-to-access customer service option. A company must be easy to contact, especially when pets, who can’t speak for themselves, will be using the products.
  • Past Products – Most companies allow you to see past boxes, so you can see if you are interested in what they have to offer. This is a wonderful way to show that you are transparent with what you put in the boxes and have nothing to hide.

How to Find a Subscription Box that Your Pet Will Love

Know What Comes in the Box

There are plenty of pet subscription boxes out there. For instance, some contain a mix of toys, treats, and even chew items (dog packages). This is the case of BarkBox which delivers themed collection items. Other options like Meowbox, which is a cat-oriented service, ship between four and six different things in the same box at a time. It all depends on what your goals are. Let’s say you need a monthly subscription box that helps you train your puppy. If that’s the case, you should try PupBox. If you’re a cat lover, then subscribing to CatLadyBox might be one of your alternatives, and this list goes on and on.

Before making any decision whatsoever, you should research both the content and the price tag of several different boxes to make a comparative analysis and see what your pet might like the most. Most packages provide toys, treats, food, other items, or a combination of all these things. Unfortunately, there are situations in which you cannot really find out the content of the box before actually receiving it.

What’s best about becoming a subscriber to these types of services is the price advantage. Usually, you will benefit from lower costs. In other words, pet subscription boxes seem like a good deal, especially if you consider the full retail price that sellers apply. The main downside, however, is the fact that many pet subscription programs don’t have a refund policy. Simply put, you will have to keep all the ordered items even if your pet doesn’t really enjoy them.

Know Your Pet

Before ordering a subscription package, you should also find out if this kind of delivery service is suited for your cat or dog. Look back in retrospect about what your pet likes or dislikes. However, it’s practically impossible to figure everything out even before you place an order because your little buddy might not enjoy a new treat or toy that you weren’t even aware of. What’s nice about having a pet subscription box is the fact that you can try new items and foods without paying the full cost of overpriced single products.

All things considered, you still can think realistically. For example, if your dog has certain dietary restriction it must follow, you might want to avoid certain boxes. Also, if a cat has one favorite toy, it might not be willing to try new ones. Still, in the case of large dogs that chew toys pretty quickly, receiving a monthly set of new playthings might be an ideal solution.

Know Yourself

Although it’s true that your pet must love what comes inside the package, you, as the pet owner, must also like what you receive. The items should be things you truly value. Besides the price, there’s another very important factor that makes people order online pet subscription boxes instead of purchasing those items from a brick-and-mortar store: the lack of time. Nowadays’ society is a time-starved one so going to physical shops and looking for different products can be both annoying, stressful, and time-consuming. Therefore, becoming a subscriber and having all these goods delivered at your doorstep is highly convenient.

Discover All Your Options

Before signing up to receive a monthly pet subscription box, you should always research the companies and providers. According to experts, there are several elements one must take into consideration:

  • Customer reviews – see what other pet owners have to say about a certain brand. Other clients’ opinions speak loudly about the real facts and service quality that an e-commerce business offers;
  • Cancellation policy – search the company’s cancellation options. If you agree to a one-year contract but, at some point, you want to cancel your subscription, you should be able to do that. Check the provider’s terms and also see whether or not your subscription will be renewed automatically;
  • Overall online experience – browse the company’s website and see if it is easy to navigate and user-friendly. They should feature a FAQ section where you will find a lot of useful information such as how to create a new account and become a subscriber, when you will receive the package and plenty of other details;
  • Coupons – searching for coupons is important because it might help you find great discounted rates. Some brands even offer a trial period or extra products (a good example is when a company gives you an additional free item if you agree to a longer subscription period);
  • Mobile apps – some companies have developed their own mobile apps to help you handle your subscription when you’re on the go.

The same subscription box can be wonderful for one pet owner while others might not be the ideal option. It all depends on your preferences, your pet’s needs, your budget, etc. If you make the right choice, you will end up eagerly anticipating the delivery every single month.

Best Pet Subscription Services to Check Out

Name CostPet TypeNote
BarkBox$20-$50DogTreats and toysLots of options
Nom Nom$80-$200DogFoodFresh food with pure ingredients
KONG Club$10-$50Dog or CatEverythingEven has pet coach and vet support
Meowbox$20-$30CatToys and treatsBest for Cats
Binx Box$20-$30Hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, and moreToys and treatsBest for Most Pets Smaller Than a Cat

Dog Food Subscription Services

It’s easy to go to the store and buy dog food, but what happens when they’re out?

Or what about that day you forget to order delivery? Dog food subscription services can save you time, money, and a little headache. Because your dog may not need treats and toys, but they need to eat!

Nom Nom

nomnom subscription box
  • Shipping: US, delivery with tracking
  • Price: $80-$200
  • Products: Fresh dog food

If fresh and flavorful dog food is important to you, Nom Nom is one of the top choices. Each bag is crafted by Nom Nom’s Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists, so you know that your dog will eat a well-balanced meal with Nom Nom.

If you don’t want to invest in the full subscription, you can get a smaller pack, which lets you try four different meals for a low price.

Like other services, you get to customize your profiles and accept recommendations from the Nom Nom vets.


  • Checked by vets
  • Sampler available
  • Proven health benefits
  • Food amount based on your dog’s needs
  • Also available at PetSmart


  • It arrives cold or frozen, so it may be ruined if it sits outside
  • Only receive what you need so you may need a backup food
Real, Good Food For Dogs | Nom Nom

Nom Nom fresh food is gently cooked, which makes it easier to digest. With little to no added fiber (like wheat and corn that add bulk to other foods), your dog's digestive system can break down and use more of the food itself.

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We Feed Raw

we feed raw subscription box
  • Shipping: US only on your schedule
  • Price: $80-$400
  • Products: Raw dog food

We Feed Raw is one of the best ways to control your dog’s health issues. The diets from We Feed Raw help your dog have a healthier coat, give them more energy, and improve digestion.

Each meal from We Feed Raw is formulated by a Ph.D. animal nutritionist. So just like with Nom Nom, you know what you’re getting into and that each bite has been approved by someone you can trust.


  • Ph.D. formulated
  • Free US shipping
  • Choose your selection


  • Frozen, so must freeze immediately
  • US only
  • Expensive for large dogs
Made Right, Made Easy | WeFeedRaw

We Feed Raw offers nutritionally complete and balanced raw dog food patties delivered right to your door. We Feed Raw is a well-respected brand in the raw pet food industry for its commitment to food safety and nutritionally balanced premium meals.

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The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer's Dog subscription box
  • Shipping: US only on scheduled delivery
  • Price: $60-$300
  • Products: Raw dog food

The Farmer’s Dog offers freshly-made meals for your dog that are suited for the AAFCO industry standards. They not only guarantee healthy meals, but they also mention that the food is crafted in USDA kitchens.

They swear against label tricks that customers tend to complain about. Instead, they vow transparency to their customers with personalized plans that are tested on humans, so you know it’s safe.


  • USDA kitchen crafted
  • Guaranteed transparency
  • Personalized plans
  • Helpful blog and info on site
  • Fast delivery


  • Expensive, but not the most expensive
  • Intense instructions for deliveries
Made Fresh | The Farmer’s Dog

One of the most exciting innovations in pet food, The Farmer's Dog is a safe alternative to conventional brands. No animal's digestive system is designed to eat highly-processed food every meal of their lives. The Farmer's Dog makes it easy to feed our pets what they were meant to eat.

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ollie dog food
  • Shipping: US only,
  • Price: $60-$400
  • Products: Baked or fresh dog food, treats, and more

Ollie is a dog food subscription service that offers a mixed blend of meats, fruits, and vegetables, whereas other brands focus solely on meat. This is a great way to save money and offer your dog variety.

Some of their plans are as cheap as one dollar a meal. Despite adding fruits and veggies to their meals, they are vet-checked and approved, so you know your dog is only receiving only the best.


  • Mixes meats with produce
  • Packs easy to travel with
  • Prices start low
  • Can mix baked and fresh plans


  • Not considered a raw food diet
  • The balance of produce isn’t for everyone
Something Healthy For Every Belly | Ollie

All five of our protein-packed Fresh recipes are carefully crafted with whole foods and slow-cooked for maximum nutrition and flavor.

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  • Shipping: US only on a schedule
  • Price: $30-$200
  • Products: Raw food, supplements, and treats

Just Food for Dogs is a great resource for feeding your dogs even if you don’t get their subscription service. They have a feeding calculator, an informative blog, and more learning resources.

Their service isn’t the typical subscription. Instead, you click auto-ship when you checkout to save 40% on your first order and 5% on every order after that to get your dog food delivered every 2-8 weeks.


  • Proven benefits
  • Claims to be the #1 vet-recommended fresh food
  • More affordable than other similar companies
  • Offers treats and gift bundles too
  • Great customer service


  • Some formulas not high-rated, like the rice options
  • There was one recall in 2018
Fresh Dog Food Made Right | Just Food For Dogs

All JustFoodForDogs meals are made with fresh whole foods that are gently cooked for optimal nutrient absorption.

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Amazon or Chewy Subscription Service

chewy box
  • Shipping: Scheduled delivery
  • Price: Whatever price of the food you choose
  • Products: Many brands to choose from

Amazon and Chewy offer discounts if you subscribe to their dog foods. This is a good way to save money and ensure that you never run out of dog food. This is the exact method I’ve used in the past.


  • Easy and fast
  • Choose from many brands
  • Cheap
  • Get food at a discount


  • Not best formulas
  • Doesn’t compare to raw dog food

Dog Toy and Treat Subscription Services

Pet toys and treat boxes are the most popular. When someone mentions a pet subscription box, they generally mean dog treats and toy boxes.

This is where it all started and is still going strong today, with millions of users pampering their pets with these tried and true services.


bark box
  • Shipping: Worldwide in the first two weeks of the month
  • Price: $20-$35
  • Products: Two plushes, two bags of treats, and surprise games

BarkBox is the most popular dog subscription box. Each box has two plushies, two bags of treats, and two games. On top of that, there is a fun theme each month that isn’t unveiled until the last moment.

However, the exact contents can be tailored to your dog’s needs. Your dogs have profiles on the BarkBox website to get the right toys and treats for their playstyle and taste buds.

You can even choose only to have toys or treats, doubling whichever you prefer.


  • Fun themes
  • Over 2 million subscribers
  • Customizable
  • Birthday gifts
  • Can skip if you don’t like the theme


  • Not for dogs who chew a lot
  • It doesn’t offer multi-dog boxes

Goody Box by Chewy

Goody Box by Chewy
  • Shipping: US only, ships as soon as you order
  • Price: $20-$50
  • Products: Toys, treats, and surprises depending on the box you choose

If you want variety, Goody Box is one of the best options. There are over a dozen choices, some even for cats. This way, you can choose your theme, the dog’s size, and the price you pay.

Chewy has partnered with Disney, so they offer a few adorable Disney options. But my favorite part about working with Chewy is their amazing customer service. Their policies are top-notch.


  • Chewy has amazing customer service and policies
  • Many options
  • Dogs or cats
  • Choose your theme


  • Not a surprise box each month
  • Not exclusive items
Goody Box | Chewy

Goody Boxes are specially curated pet gift boxes with a selection of five or more premium products that are handpicked for your dog or cat. There is a dog box filled with full-size dog treats and dog toys, along with other nifty items all picked by dog lovers for the perfect dog gift box.

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Super Chewer Box

super chewer box
  • Shipping: US only, ships the first two weeks of the month
  • Price: $30-$45
  • Products: Two super chewer toys, two treat bags, and meaty chews

Super Chewer is a special box made by the BarkBox company. It follows a similar theme to the regular BarkBox, but it’s specially made for dogs who love to chew and destroy anything they can.

Each box has tough toys, tough treats that can be customized to dietary preferences, and meaty chews. The Super Chewer contents are often exclusive to Super Chewer boxes, so you know that you can’t get them anywhere else.


  • Another BarkBox box
  • Perfect for touch chewers to destroy their toys
  • Customize treats and toys
  • Super chewer exclusives


  • Toys aren’t indestructible
  • US only


  • Shipping: US only
  • Price: $30-$40
  • Products: Treats, toys, and accessories

PupBox is a subscription service brought to you by PetCo. It lets you create amazing pet profiles so you know your pet is getting what they need. Experts employed by PetCo will even walk you through training guides and recommend products.

At PupBox, you can also create your box by shopping at their store. It works just like any other online store, as it is sorted by product type. So you can pick a few treats and toys that suit you.


  • Transparent details on site
  • Create profiles for your dogs
  • Designed for puppies
  • Training tips available
  • Can buy old products


  • Not ideal for older dogs unless you buy the adult box, so you need separate boxes
  • US only

Pet Treater

pet treater
  • Shipping: US only, on the 10th
  • Price: $15-$30
  • Products: Toys, treats, and more

Pet Treater is a great box for those who like surprises. Even the mixture is a surprise as it’s not a set ratio. You can get a cat-specific or dog-specific set which makes this a great one-stop-shop for many pet owners.

Like other pet subscription services, Pet Treater asks you to create profiles for your pets. But the best part about Pet Treater is that they have the lowest starting price on the list, making dog sub services available to everyone.


  • Cat or dog options
  • Low starting prices
  • Two options
  • Easy to change info


  • May ship in a bag
  • US only
  • No combo boxes

Pooch Perks

poochperks subscription box
  • Shipping: International, but not worldwide
  • Price: $10-$40
  • Products: Toys, treats, and more, depends on the box you choose

Pooch Perks is a fun subscription service that offers something special for those who want to know what they’re getting into. The box is featured on the home page and lets you know exactly what is in it.

They also seem to have some unique finds, such as bandanas, which most boxes like it seem to neglect. They are on the expensive side, but the quality is there, so it’s all about the owner’s preferences.


  • Fun themes
  • Know what you get
  • Mixed items to suit your dog family
  • One-time options available
  • Shop available


  • Not as many surprises
  • To get the good stuff, you need a premium
  • Easy to miss the first box
Pawsome One-Time Boxes | Poochperks

Poochperks offers a monthly dog box that gives your furry canine friend something new to enjoy every month. 

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kong club dog subscription box
  • Shipping: Worldwide subscription, doesn’t ship
  • Price: $10
  • Products: Not products, coaching and training

KONG Club goes above and beyond for its customers. KONG is not a standard subscription service with special KONG toys, which I swear by, they are an alterative plan to connect you with professionals.

When you subscribe, you don’t get a box. You get one on one sessions with a pet coach as well as 24/7 vet support. This is the total package; I suggest pairing it with a product box or asking for recommendations from your professional.


  • Cheap
  • Offers coaching and training
  • One subscription for all pets


  • May favor KONG products when making recommendations and leave out other options
  • Doesn’t offer products with a subscription

Best Cat Subscription Services

Cats are the second most popular pet in the world. The United States and China each have over 50 million pet cats wandering around their households. In Russia, cats are a more popular pet than dogs.

Needless to say, plenty of cat owners are more than willing to order their cats a subscription service.


smalls cat subscription box
  • Shipping: US only, every 2-8 weeks on your schedule
  • Price: $70-$150
  • Products: Raw cat food

You’re killing me with this box, Smalls. Their methods work really well because you can get a sampler before you commit, which saves a ton of money if you don’t like it. You get to customize your cat’s profile and pick which meats to feed her.

Their food is always fresh and entices every cat that has tried it. It is definitely the most popular cat food subscription service, and I see why. The variety in each food box alone is enticing to me.


  • Samplers available
  • Customize your box
  • Voted #1 Healthiest Cat Food
  • Proven health results


  • The fresh options are expensive
  • US only

Darwin’s Natural Pet Products

Darwin's Natural Pet Products
  • Shipping: US only, according to your schedule
  • Price: $80-$150
  • Products: Raw pet food

Darwin’s Natural Pet Products is available for dogs and cats. However, there are many other dog options, so I choose this one for cats only.

The formulas are minimally processed, free from grains and fillers, and are reviewed by vets.

They are a bit on the pricey side, but once you read the ingredients, you’ll understand why. This is the diet of a wild cat who is living his best life. So if you’re willing to pay for that, Darwin’s is worth it.


  • Options for cats and dogs
  • Quality ingredients formulated by vets
  • Customization options
  • Frozen so that they won’t go bad


  • Expensive
  • US only
  • Raw foods, so they can’t be left out long after thawing
A Healthier, Happier Pet in 30 Days | Darwinspet

All of the ingredients used by Darwin's are human-grade and USDA-approved. In the Natural Selections meals, all of the meat is pasture-raised and grass-fed, so your pet is receiving top-quality meat. Each recipe has different vegetables and ingredients.

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  • Shipping: US, Canada, and the UK; ships mid-month
  • Price: $20-$30
  • Products: Toys, treats, and misc items

Meowbox is the number one subscription box for cats. It is filled with treats and toys that any cat would be happy to have. If you’re trying to save money, you can get the box delivered only every other month.

While the cat profile setup isn’t as in-depth as some dog ones, the way they make your cat feel special with personalized notes makes up for it. There is a reason why it ranks number one time and time again.


  • Themed
  • Donates to shelters
  • Can substituted treats for toys
  • Large number of items


  • Can miss the monthly box if you sign up too late
  • Only ships to three areas


boxcat subscription
  • Shipping: International
  • Price: $20-$40
  • Products: Toys, wands, beds, skincare, treats

BoxCat is considered a luxury subscription box complete with beds, tunnels, scratchers, and more. Everything in this box is hand-picked. Even the treats are homemade, as every cat deserves.

The most surprising part is that it’s not much more expensive than the other cat subscription services. If you choose the seasonal plan, you can select luxury items for each box.


  • Has high-end items
  • Handmade treats
  • Free US shipping
  • Options for multiple cats


  • Shipping is pricey outside of the US

Pretty Litter

pretty litter
  • Shipping: To most countries, but not all, ships immediately after your first order
  • Price: $20-$70
  • Products: Litter (unless you get a Pretty Please package)

I’ve had to borrow litter from my neighbor multiple times because I underbought. Something like Pretty Litter is another great way to keep life organized that I will always stand behind.

It does look nice, isn’t much more expensive than standard litter, and detects underlying illnesses. This makes it perfect for older cats who need to be monitored for infection, kidney failure, etc.


  • Detects diseases
  • Low odor
  • Can order one bag
  • The brand has packages with food and treats


  • Slightly more expensive than other brands
World’s Smartest Cat Litter | Prettylitter

PrettyLitter is a clump-free litter, made of super absorbent, lightweight silica gel. Silica gel crystals are extremely absorbent, more so than other litter substrates, so you need less of it to do the same job.

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  • Shipping: Canada and US, with options to ship internationally if you contact them directly
  • Price: $20-$35
  • Products: Treats and toys with a surprise theme

KitNipBox is a fun variety box for cats with plenty of treats, toys, and other accessories.

They have two plans – one with five goodies and one with seven. The company recommends getting the seven-item box if you have more than one cat.

KitNipBox has a handy Instagram tag that lets you see other cats enjoying previous boxes. So you can see what has been inside each previous box and how much other cats have enjoyed them, making your decision easier.


  • At least five items
  • Two options
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Free US shipping
  • Treat options


  • Hassle to ship outside of North America
  • Items are from suppliers


cat lady box

Just like the name says it, this is a monthly delivery service specially designed for ladies who have cats. If you want to receive a lot of goodies to keep your cat entertained, this subscription service might be what you were looking for. The company offers high-quality products and the boxes contain numerous cat-oriented themed items. Every package comes with at least one exclusive or limited-edition product. You can select from the two available options: the Basic CatLadyBox which includes 3-4 items for you or you can opt for the Crazy CatLadyBox alternative which consists of all the things that come with the basic choice plus 2 additional kitty toys.


  • There are many items that feature exclusive designs or are limited edition;
  • You can also purchase individual products if you decide you want more of one or several items;
  • Your cat will be happy and enjoy the whole package, including the box that the products are delivered in;
  • The company donates some of its profits to cat rescue organization;
  • There are gift options available for purchase if you want to surprise a friend or someone close to you who loves cats.


  • Although many of the things that come in CatLadyBox are great, some cats might not enjoy all of them;
  • The company doesn’t apply a return policy;
  • The monthly cost of this subscription program is pretty high;
  • The shipping is free only for the US.


As I previously mentioned, there are currently two available pricing options:

  • The standard package – $34.99 per month (the items are just for the pet owners and the box doesn’t contain anything for your cat);
  • The Crazy CatLadyBox – $39.99 (3-4 items for the owner and a couple of goodies for your pet.

The subscriptions renew automatically but you can cancel it anytime you want. The shipping is free in the US but clients from Canada and the UK must cover a delivery fee.

Subscription Services for Exotic (and Other) Pets

Although most pet-owning households have cats or dogs, they aren’t the only much-loved pets. This is especially true when you step outside of the United States.

For example, birds are Brazil’s second most popular pet, with over 40 million pet birds in the country.

If you asked me, I’d say all pets deserve subscription boxes. My only complaint is that there aren’t better reptile subscription boxes because geckos deserve love too.

My Horse Box

horse subscription box
  • Shipping: United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Jersey, and Guernsey only on the 15th of each month
  • Price: $20-$40
  • Products: Treats, socks, and wildcard items

My Horse Box is the top choice for those who love their horses. Each box comes with goodies for you and your horse. Examples are human and horse treats, knee-high socks, and balm.

If you don’t want the variety, you can choose a box of only treats or a box of only socks. The socks may impress so many people that you start sending horse subscription boxes to friends who don’t have horses.


  • Has stuff for you and your horse
  • Can order only socks or only treats
  • Can customize your horse’s profile


  • Only ships to select countries surrounding the UK

Polly Wanna Bird Box

Polly Wanna Bird Box
  • Shipping: USA only, first ships less than a week after your first order
  • Price: $30-$100
  • Products: Random array of talon and foraging toys, treats, ropes, snuggles, and perches

People with birds seem to love their birds, and birds love to play. You can see plenty of birds playing with the toys and gifts they get from Polly Wanna Bird Box. Each box has plenty to offer each month.

There are many choices on Polly Wanna Bird Box’s site, with some extensive boxes that would please a whole flock of birds. That’s exactly how the large subscription box is advertised too.


  • Handpicked toys tested on birds
  • Four choices
  • Created by veteran bird professionals
  • Can skip a month
  • Donates to bird rescues and non-profits


  • Ships to the USA only

Binx Box

  • Shipping: Worldwide on the 10th of each month
  • Price: $20-$30
  • Products: Hay, toys, treats, herbs, dried fruit

Binx Box is ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, and more. It’s the top choice for large rodents. You can either buy the toys and treats separately or make it easy and subscribe to the monthly box.

The price is fair for five toys, treats, and a pouch of herbs that rabbits and guinea pigs can’t get enough of.

Have a chinchilla? They’ll likely love this box too. You can even use it for hamsters and gerbils, but there is a better option for the tiniest of critters.


  • Uses non-toxic ingredients for toys
  • Specializes diets for rabbits
  • Ships with or without hay
  • It can work for smaller animals too


  • Little customization
  • Works better for rabbits than other animals

Send Hamster Mail

hamster mail subscription box
  • Shipping: Worldwide on the 21st of each month
  • Price: $15-$20
  • Products: Two toys and two treats, maybe something extra

If you have a hamster named Hamtaro, this box will get you excited. The picks for this box are suited for small rodents, so your hamster, gerbil, or ferret will have something to look forward to each month.

The box comes with a monthly theme that is announced ahead of time, so you know if it’s the month for you. Inside you’ll find toys, treats, tunnels, and more that are super fun to look through and engage your pet with.


  • At least four items
  • Has unique items you can’t get in other boxes
  • Announces themes
  • Cute box it comes in
  • Focuses on teething


  • Shop only open to members
  • Not customizable unless you buy products separately

Bunny Club

Bunny Club subscription box

Happy Bunny Club is a very popular pet subscription box among rabbit lovers. Every single ordered box comes with a collection of new items that are delivered on the 21st of every month. The package usually contains natural and high-quality treats, toys, and a couple of surprise items. Even the box itself is toxic-free. Besides these products, you will also receive a letter that lists all the ingredients of the treats, the company’s charity of the month, and plenty of bunny-related fun, interesting, and exciting news.


  • All those interested in purchasing these products can easily order this pet subscription box by entering the company’s website. The package will then be shipped to the clients’ doorstep;
  • It appears they have put a lot of thought into creating elements related to packing, packaging, and presentation which shows how proud they are about their products and services;
  • Every month, they donate part of their profits to a pre-selected charity. They do that by donating products, helping non-profit organizations to raise their awareness, and even offering financial support;
  • Each box contains a minimum of 6-7 different bunny-friendly toys;
  • They encourage and promote rabbit welfare;
  • According to the company’s representatives, all their products are free from eggs, dairy, corn, and seeds, which makes the foods safe for bunnies.


  • This provider is located in the UK and their international shipping fees can be quite high;
  • This type of box might not be suitable for those of you whose bunny pets are picky.


Question: Are Pet Subscription Services Worth It?

Answer: Yes, if you like the content, pet subscription boxes are usually worth it. They are a good investment as long as you use what you receive in the box, especially if you spend a lot on your pets.

Question: Are There Cat and Dog Mix Subscriptions?

Answer: Not really. While you can customize many boxes, not many companies have the option to mix gifts for different types of pets. If you have a cat and a dog, it’s best to get a box for each of them.

Question: How Much Should a Pet Subscription Service Cost?

Answer: The average cost is around $25. This is true for food, treat, and toy subscription services. Some boxes with higher value boxes will cost closer to $40, but you won’t find many for under $15.

The Right Pet Subscription Service for You

Although the above pet subscription services are high quality and well-rated, they may not be for everyone. It’s important to customize your experience by choosing the right subscription box that fits your needs.

This can involve choosing boxes with more toys and fewer treats or a box that fits your budget. If the box you choose isn’t on the list, it may still be perfect for you and your pets.

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