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To test every subscription box and give you our real, first-hand review.

Here at Subscriboxer, we cover subscription box reviews, comparisons between popular brands, and lots of unboxings. No matter what you’re looking to add to your subscription box journey, we’re here to guide you through every step!

Meet the Subscriboxer Team!

We’re all about one thing and one thing only: subscription boxes!

Our biggest goal on our site is to make your hunt for the perfect subscription box easier. No matter if it’s your 1st subscription or your 100th, we’re all about walking you through the entire process of sorting through the thousands of different subscription boxes on the market. 

With all of the different types of subscription boxes you may look into getting over the years, your needs are constantly evolving. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing you (our readers) with guides on how to select the best subscription box for your budget. But, that’s not all that you’ll find on here either! 

To put it lightly, we’re a team of subscription box junkies. Between our team combined, we’ve literally tried out thousands of different subscriptions.

We love the thrill of the unexpected inside of each box that makes its way to your doorstep. And while we love subscription boxes, there’s a lot of TLC that goes into our reviews.

Each subscription box review on this website is ordered and FULLY TESTED before we give our final opinion.

Trust us when we say we know how difficult it is to find reviews online that are 100% honest. Our team of industry experts will help you to discover the resources you need to find the next subscription box for you to fall in love with. 

We’ll help you to narrow down your subscription box choices, discover brands you’ve never heard of, and figure out how to cancel that pesky subscription you just can’t seem to get rid of.

What we offer

Subscription boxes aren’t just in our company name.

We live, eat, breathe, and sleep subscription boxes (seriously, did you know there are subscription boxes out there to help you get better sleep?) 

All of the content we strive to create here on Subscriboxer is focused on helping you. We’ll mainly focus on reviews and guides to help provide you with insight into the best subscription boxes that are worth your money. 

How this works

Our team of experts goes through a very careful process to ensure we treat each subscription box we test fairly.

We explore

We’ll look through any top-rated, new, exciting, or unique subscription boxes. Then, we’ll order each subscription box ourselves and wait patiently (or not) for it to arrive on our doorstep.

We document

We record and photograph every step of the unboxing process. If there’s something wrong with it when it carries on our doorstep, you’ll see. If we have problems with the packaging inside of the box, you’ll see why. 

We reply

We make sure to answer any and all community inquiries as they pop up.

We bring our expertise to make other subscription box recommendations and put together a complete review (or guide) to help you decide what’s best for you.

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What we Believe in


We are genuinely passionate about subscription boxes, just like you. We understand the thrill of receiving a surprise package, the anticipation of uncovering new products, and the joy of exploring unique experiences. Our excitement is contagious, and we can’t wait to share it with you through our authentic reviews.


Our team of dedicated testers thinks outside the box, exploring subscription services from various categories to deliver fresh perspectives. We love unboxing the unexpected, discovering hidden gems, and finding innovative offerings that spark your imagination.


We are explorers at heart. With an insatiable curiosity, we navigate the vast world of subscription boxes to bring you the most comprehensive, honest reviews and comparisons.


Subscriboxer is more than just a website. It’s a whole community of subscription box enthusiasts who share a common passion!

Meet the Testers!

Alizabeth Swain

Alizabeth Swain

Head Subscriboxer Tester, Full-time Home Delivery Addict

Alizabeth discovered her very first subscription box back in 2015, when she began to watch Boxycharm unboxing videos on YouTube. Since 2015, she’s been hooked on discovering and testing out new subscription boxes. At the moment, Alizabeth is currently subscribed to 23 different subscription boxes. Every single box Alizabeth gets, she loves to unbox and share with her YouTube family

Alizabeth loves the thrill of discovering new products and brands in her boxes every month, as she loves finding new ways to amp up her beauty and fashion game. Some of her current favorite boxes are Stitch Fix, Boxycharm, Quirky Crate, and Sephora Play, but she’s always looking for more boxes to add to her subscription list! 

Why am I giving advice on Subscriboxer?

I’ve tried HUNDREDS of different subscription boxes. With all of the different boxes I’ve tried, and with all of the unique experiences I’ve had with each box, I want to share my knowledge with the world. 

I think there’s something magical behind buying a subscription box. No matter what type of box you get, or how often you get it, it’s amazing to look forward to something in the mail. I love the feeling I get when I open my front door to find a lovely package waiting for me. Having something to look forward to each month can really help you get out of the stress your weeks are filled with.
That’s why I’m so passionate about helping you find the best subscription box. I want you to find a little piece of joy in life! 

What is my favorite subscription box?

100%, my all-time fav subscription box, is Quirky Crate. This subscription box literally fits every part of my personality!

What’s the best item I’ve ever received in a subscription box?

Honestly? Sunglasses. I got these star patterned sunglasses in my Quirky Crate one time and I use them ALLLL the time. Plus, I always get tons of compliments. Love them!

What was the first subscription box that got me hooked? 


What’s one subscription box I would recommend to anyone? 

Universal Yums! Everyone loves to snack, so Universal Yums is honestly the best box to recommend to anyone in my opinion.

Thea Headshot

Thea Engst

Meal Subscription Box Connoisseur

Thea Engst doesn’t play games when it comes to trying out different subscription boxes. There’s nothing she hates more than seeing people waste their money on companies that don’t deserve it. Her favorite subscription box to spill all of the tea on? Food subscription boxes!

Why am I giving advice on Subscriboxer?

I’m giving advice on Subscriboxer because I like exploring the subscription box world. My favorite part about discovering new subscription boxes it telling you the best ways to spend your hard earned money!

What is my favorite subscription box?


What’s the best item I’ve ever received in a subscription box?

The best item I’ve ever received from a subscription box was a Britney Spears travel mug from Loot Crate. No, I’m not kidding!

What was the first subscription box that got me hooked?

The first subscription box that got me hooked was probably HelloFresh. I was immediately hooked on the convenience and the quality of the meals.

What’s one subscription box I would recommend to anyone?

I would, and do, recommend HelloFresh to anyone!

Erin Jamieson

Erin Jamieson

Subscription Deal Finder and Tester

Erin Jamieson is our resident subscription box deal finders and often finds new ones we just have to try. A Miami University of Ohio with an MFA in Creative Writing, she is creative in her approach to sharing her findings here.  She’s SUPER passionate about finding the best deals possible when it comes to subscription boxes and believes promoting transparency is the most effective way to help consumers. Above all, she loves helping consumers find the best subscription boxes for their lifestyle and won’t recommend any boxes she doesn’t fully love! 

Why am I giving advice here on Subscriboxer? 

I’m giving advice here so I can share the show of gift-giving and adding fun to your life. I know how busy life can be, and how hard it is to squeeze time to treat yourself or find a gift for someone else. I’m passionate about giving advice to help everyone find the next subscription for them. 

What is my favorite subscription box?

As an avid reader, my favorite subscription is the Book of the Month club, which keeps you reading year-round.

What’s the best item I’ve ever received in a subscription box?

In terms of quality, the wild caught scallops from Good Chop exceeded my expectations. 

What was the first subscription box that got me hooked? 

The Book of the Month Club held my interest most, but my first introduction to subscription boxes was through Cushman’s Fruit of the Month Club. Their fruit is always succulent and exquisite year-round. 

What’s one subscription box I would recommend to anyone? 

I think something like Cushman’s Fruit of the Month Club would be helpful for anyone. Getting fresh fruit all year can be challenging. Cushman’s is a very respected company, and I’ve never had any problems with shipping or quality. 

Alexandra Gavrilescu

Alexandra Gavrilescu

Beauty and Foodie Box Subscriber

Alexandra’s obsessed with food and she’s come to share her obsession with the world. She loves testing our food subscriptions, wellness boxes, and scent boxes. She lives for the thrill that comes to her when she finds the next best beauty box. She loves trying out all of the new brands that are introduced in each subscription box she tries out. There’s no greater joy she finds in life than discovering a new deal and sharing them with her fellow subscription box lovers. But, just because she loves her food subscription boxes doesn’t mean she’s afraid to tell the truth. Alexandra’s our go-to girl when it comes time to give the full truth about her most recent experiences with new subscription boxes.   

Why am I giving advice here on Subscriboxer? 

First and foremost, I’m a real foodie. I love food, both sweet and salty. I am a sucker for cakes and chocolate, Asian food, especially sushi, and Italian food (I could live with pizza and pasta forever). Over the years, I’ve tried and tested numerous food providers, food delivery services, and restaurants. I like to discover something new that I haven’t tasted before. My husband laughs, saying that I would love to be a judge in the Masterchef cooking contest. 

As of last year, I have ordered several meal subscription boxes that focus mostly on healthy eating. All meals come already prepared, so all I have to do is heat them up. The next thing I want to try is a food kit meal subscription that comes with sealed meats, veggies, and other meals, that need some more preparation, but still very easy to do and quick, since I’m very lazy when it comes to preparing meals. 

As you can see, I focus mostly on meal subscriptions although I also enjoy other products too that come through a monthly subscription. For instance, I love Function of Beauty.

What is my favorite subscription box?

I have two favorite subscription boxes:

Function of Beauty – a very cute and customized service that takes care of my hair. They first started with just a couple of hair products such as leave-in conditioners, shampoos, and hair masks, but now they also provide body serums and other amazing products. I love everything about these items, from the cute fun quiz you must first complete, to find out for sure the most suitable products for your hair type and your goals, to the chic and playful stickers all the products come with, and, let’s not forget about the fact that my name, and the name of any client, appears on the bottles, which is so thoughtful and an incredibly personal touch. Plus, all the products smell amazing, and clients get to be involved in the formula creation. 

Fabletics – I like to wear elegant clothes, but most of the time I enjoy the comfort of athleisure clothing items and Fabletics offers the things I need. In terms of sizes and body shapes, I love how this brand is so inclusive. 

What’s the best item I’ve ever received in a subscription box?

I’ve received amazing makeup and beauty products from Boxycharm. They were wonderful and they felt excellent on my skin, considering I have a very sensitive complexion. The monthly box comes with 5 products. All the products are full-size, compared to other subscription boxes that I have ordered that just send some samples. 

What was the first subscription box that got me hooked? 

As I said, I am a foodie, so the first box that amazed me was the Factor meal subscription boxes that provide already cooked meals. They’re single-servings and delicious. For some, that might be a problem, but for me, it was more than ok since my husband doesn’t want to eat what I eat. He prefers to eat what he finds in the fridge.
All you have to do is pick your desired meal plan and favorite meals, wait for them to prepare and deliver the box, and heat those meals up before serving them. Easy peasy! They have 4 available meal plan types but my favorite ones are the low-carb and the low-calorie ones. 

What’s one subscription box I would recommend to anyone? 

Hmmm, this is a tricky one because there are plenty of boxes I like a lot. But if I were to choose, I think I would opt for the Function of Beauty products since my straight and fine hair is replenished and full of volume after using their products. 

Crystal Headshot

Crystal Schwanke

Beauty and Foodie Box Subscriber

Why am I giving advice here on Subscriboxer? 

I’m not usually big on surprises, but I make an exception for subscription boxes. I think they’re a wonderful way to brighten your day and discover new things you love because you have a general idea of what you’ll get, but you usually don’t know all the details. And in the cases where you do know everything you’re getting because you were able to pick it all out, you can save money on things you already wanted/needed anyway.

What is my favorite subscription box?

I love Stitch Fix and FabFitFun. Scribbler’s on my list to try and I think it looks like it could claim that #1 spot.

What’s the best item I’ve ever received in a subscription box?

A pair of distressed jeans I never would’ve chosen for myself. I wear them ALL the time now.

What was the first subscription box that got me hooked? 

FabFitFun. Gosh, that was probably about 10 years ago!

What’s one subscription box I would recommend to anyone? 

For clothes to keep: Stitch Fix. For clothes to rent: Armoire. For someone who likes fashion, beauty, fitness, home goods, and trying all kinds of new products: FabFitFun.

Lauren Headshot

Lauren Vigdor

Beauty and Foodie Box Subscriber

Why am I giving advice here on Subscriboxer? 

It might sound strange, but I think I’m giving advice on Subscriboxer because I’m a bit of a hoarder—at least when it comes to hospitality. I like having my pantry, bar, and freezer well-stocked in the event that friends or family visit. That way, I can offer them wild-caught salmon or natural wine with no notice. I also tend to be picky, especially when it comes to food quality, and food subscriptions help me stay stocked without having to drive to a million specialty markets. I like to keep my home cozy and surround myself with the things I love, so I’m always on the hunt for new subscriptions that will make that easier.

What is my favorite subscription box?

My current favorite has been Thistle. Their fresh lunches, in particular, have been perfect for me on busy workdays. I’ve also never met a wine or coffee subscription I didn’t love!

What’s the best item I’ve ever received in a subscription box?

The best item I’ve ever received in a subscription box was an American Wagyu ribeye from Holy Grail Steaks—it was so special and mind-bendingly delicious. That or a bottle of Glou Glou from Las Jaras Wines—one of my all-time favorites.

What was the first subscription box that got me hooked? 

I don’t know if it really counts, but the first subscription boxes that got me hooked were the care packages my parents would send me when I was in college! My mom would send me curated packages of gifts and snacks while I was studying abroad in Ireland, and my college roommate’s dad used to send us these gorgeous gift boxes from Harry & David or Dean & Deluca every so often. I think that’s where I first caught the bug!

As far as a traditional subscription box goes, I think it was probably La Colombe coffee or Petit Vour for clean skincare.

What’s one subscription box I would recommend to anyone? 

I love Sunbasket for meal kits. I think they strike the right balance between healthy and exciting meals. I also love Universal Yums for gifting—I once had them send my sister-in-law a box of snacks from a new country every month for a year. It was super fun!

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