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PopSugar Box: My Box Reveal & Honest Review! [Updates 2018]

Popsugar Box: First Unboxing

POPSUGAR Must Have Box is a monthly subscription box full of fashion, beauty, health and home items brought to you by Lisa Sugar and the POPSUGAR team. I am a longtime POPSUGAR reader. I always have followed the Fashion and Beauty sections, and as the years have passed I’ve gotten into their Home and Mom sections as well.

I like that you can follow POPSUGAR through every phase of life.  I love reading about all of these topics through the POPSUGAR lens, so I was super excited to see what POPSUGAR approved items this box would include for September 2017.

The POPSUGAR Must Have Box costs $39.95 per month and this box had a value of over $160. I had taken a peak at some past boxes, so I knew it would be worthwhile to try this subscription out. I was hoping that the September box would be similar to the awesome one they put together for August. I found that I was coveting their home items the hardest.

The August box included a cute and festive serving tray that said “Cheers!” that I would have loved to receive. They also included fun sparkly candles. I was ready to see if my box had anything with that same party-ready vibe. I noticed while looking through past boxes online that they always seem to follow a theme and include products that range from fashion and beauty to yummy snacks and household gear. I was excited to see what fun items the September box would include.

I opened the box on a rainy spring day and the first thing that I saw was the words “Happiness Delivered” which was a cute touch.  I was ready to dive and see if POPSUGAR would deliver!

Surprise #1

Hudson + Bleecker Bonjour Smartphone Wallet in Dusty Rose Faux Embossed Snakeskin

hudson + bleecker

I fell in love with this roomy wallet right away.  It is the perfect on-trend shade of millennial pink that works as a neutral in the sense that it looks good with anything. The snakeskin embossing is luxe and the gold tone logo is subtle. I love that this wallet fits my phone along with all of my cash and cards so I can just grab in and go. The wallet has a $47 value, so if you love it as much as I do subscribing to POPSUGAR Must Have Box is a must!

Pro- My new favorite wallet in my new favorite color

Con- I was wishing for a wrist strap so I could carry it solo

Surprise #2

Figs & Rouge Hydra Prime Light Reflective Brightening Primer & Illuminator

figs & rouge

I was really into this illuminating primer. I have never tried anything by Figs & Rouge and I was impressed by this lightweight primer and the subtle dewy look that it gave my complexion. I think that it is the perfect product to use before foundation or to brighten up your face on those days where you don’t want to wear makeup but need a little glow. I love this cream as a highlighter for my cheekbones as well. This product reminded me of MAC Strobe Cream.

Pro-  I love this product for the subtle glow it gives me

Con-  I will probably stick with MAC since this primer rings in at $45. I am happy to get it in this box though!!

Surprise #3

Buji Baja by Hat Attack Coco Flower Pin

Buji Baja by Hat Attack Coco

This black fabric flower pin was unexpected and cute. It takes me back to the early 2000s. I definitely lived through this trend when it was inspired by Carrie Bradshaw. I wondered if I should follow the rule that if you follow a trend once you shouldn’t when it comes back around. On the other hand, I felt like I could pull it off. It looked really cute on my denim jacket and added texture to the label of a black blazer. I think in the future I will try it on a hat or even in the center of a high buttoned collared shirt if I am feeling daring. Carrie Bradshaw would approve, right?

Pro-Fun and fashionable

Con- Might be outside of your fashion comfort zone or remind you of middle school

Surprise #4

Richer Poorer Wool Striped Nora Sock in Charcoal & Black

Richer Poorer Wool Striped Nora Sock

I am obsessed with these super cozy socks! They somehow manage to be soft and warm yet light enough for the end of summer weather we have been having. They give me slight wicked witch vibes, but I am ok with that! In fact, I look forward to wearing them into October! I actually think these could look really cute with the flower pin and the two together have a bit of a goth vibe. I am more likely to style them a bit differently than that though. Once it gets cooler I think they will look great just peaking over the top of my tall boots over skinny jeans or paired with a skirt of cut-offs.

Pro- Cozy and cute

Con- They are stretchy, but could be tight on wide calves.

Surprise #5

Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit Cream Blush

Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit Cream Blush

Speaking of goth vibes, this product is so witchy and cool.  The pretty packaging is printed with a lace design with a flower and bunny motif and the product inside is sparkly and black. At first, I thought it was something that I would never actually wear, but then I saw that it is actually a color changing cream blush that works with your own skin pH and turns a hue that will flatter each individual. On me, it was a gold-flecked sheer berry color. This blush is so neat. It reminds me of mood lipstick from the drug store back in the day, but it’s a high-end modern version!

Pro- Pretty sheer blush with cute packaging and a fun gimmick!

Con-  This product is seriously cool, what’s not to like about it!?

Surprise #6

Pipsnacks Kettle Pipcorn

pipcorn popcorn

I love that POPSUGAR often includes a snack in their Must Have Box! This bag of popcorn is definitely big enough to share, but I was surprised to open it up and find teeny tiny kernels. Then I remembered seeing this brand on Shark Tank a while back. Pipcorn is a type of popcorn where each kernel is about half the size of a regular popcorn kernel. I was a little concerned that meant they would be stuck in my teeth, but pipcorn was no worse than regular popcorn in that way. The kettle corn flavor was sweet and addictive. It was a great addition to all of the goodies in the September box.

Pro- Delicious and a little different

Con-  I probably would have picked plain or sea salt, but the kettle kind was good too!

Extra Surprise

hello fresh

$30 gift card to Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is a meal ingredient delivery service that I have not tried yet. I love that one subscription box partnered with another in this way! I would like to try Hello Fresh and review the experience and this deal encouraged me to check it out. A week with Hello Fresh comes to about $60 so this half price deal is pretty tempting- and so are most of their meals like figgy balsamic pork and butter basted rib eye steak.

Overall Assessment of POPSUGAR Must Have Box


  • Great Value
  • Fun products and brands I might not have found otherwise
  • Special discounts for subscribers, like the $30 at Hello Fresh
  • A fun way to update your makeup and accessories each month
  • The cute surprises each month even include snacks!


  • Some of the products skew a little young
  • You might not adore each item you receive
  • I was sad that my month didn’t include any home items like other months did!

POPSUGAR Must Have Box Alternatives to Consider- What else is similar?


Another subscription box that I have been dying to try is the FabFitFun Box. For $49.99 you get a box of full-size products that are valued at $200.  This box has a similar style to the POPSUGAR box. It blends fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle products that are new and exciting. This box is seasonal.

I would also love to check out the POPSUGAR Limited Edition Fall Box. This is a $100 seasonal box that POPSUGAR puts together that includes $450 worth of luxe fall products. I saw spoilers for this box and it looks amazing. It includes gorgeous smoky quartz drinking glasses that would make up for the lack of home goods in this box!

Final Word on POPSUGAR Must Have Box

I really liked the POPSUGAR Must Have September Box. In a way, this box reminded me of a fun middle school sleepover. The popcorn, cozy wool socks with their funky pattern, color change cosmetics and fabric brooch all fit with that theme. The millennial pink wallet and the illuminating primer were a little more grown up, and grown up me was really wishing for some cute housewares like POPSUGAR has featured in the past. In the end, I really do love and use these products, even the ones that felt a little young to me. I never buy things for myself that appeal to the kid in me so it was especially fun to get them as a surprise!

Check out PopSugar box to learn more.


Popsugar Fall 2018 Must Have Box [Update Below]

I’m very excited for the unboxing that I have for you today because I have always wanted to try the Popsugar box. I’m sad that I never hopped on board when Popsugar had their monthly subscription boxes, but I’m really happy that I finally have a Popsugar Must Have box in my hands!

pop sugar must have

The Popsugar Must Have is a quarterly lifestyle subscription box, meaning that every three months you will be receiving a Must Have from Popsugar. Popsugar promises to deliver over a $300 value in every box that you paid $75 for and that has been carefully curated by the editors over at Popsugar. In each Must Have box, you will receive luxurious full-sized products in fashion, beauty, self-care, and home décor.

With all of that said, let’s see what I got inside of my very first Popsugar box!

What is it?: Popsugar Must Have

How much is it?: $75 a quarter (with free shipping)

A total value of the Fall 2018 box: $367.65

popsugar items


This is the first item that I’m pulling out of my Fall Popsugar box, which is just a little booklet that contains names, descriptions, tips on how to use, websites, and pricing for all of the products that I received inside of my box.

popsugar must have box

popsugar tribe alive


First item: Hum Nutrition Killer Nails Supplement

Item value: $10 (

hum popsugar item

The first item that I pulled out of my Fall Must-Have Popsugar box were these Hum Nutrition Killer Nails Supplements. This biotin supplement fits comfortably into the category of self-care, as this daily supplement is beneficial to growing and strengthening both your hair and nails!

The only other subscription box that I’ve ever received Biotin supplements in has been my Ricky’s Cult Crushes, but this is the first time that I’ve ever received an adequate supply of biotin supplements. These HUM Nutrition Killer Nail Supplements give me the chance to try out a 30-day supply of these supplements, meaning that you will mostly like seeing if these supplements work for you (or not) as you’re finishing up your last few supplements!

Now, the first thing that I want to say is that I think that it’s really cool that Popsugar sent out Vegan biotin supplements. I believe that having a vegan cosmetic company is not only much more ethical, but it opens up the selection of people that are able to try out a product. Even though I don’t follow a vegan lifestyle, I’m still inclined to try out these supplements; vegans and non-vegans can enjoy this supplement! I think that it’s really cool that Popsugar didn’t exclude a good portion of people who do follow a vegan lifestyle, but later on, in this box, I’m going to be touching on this subject again.

Second item: Umbra Pendant Mini Scarf Hanger

Item value: $11.99 ( )

I pulled this out of my box and was really happy to know that a whole bunch of other women were introduced to this scarf hanger! I personally have three of these (not from Umbra) and I really love how much they have cut back on the clutter in my closet. Using a scarf hanger to hang all of my scarves and long necklaces has helped to cut back on the amount of space I use, which I will admit, I have filled up with more clothes!


umba popsugar item

This Pendant Mini Scarf Hanger has a really sturdy build, which is a lot different than the hangers that I bought for $2 off of Amazon. Not to mention that the rose gold coloring to the metal makes it look that much more chic rather than boring home décor.

popsugar hanger

I also feel like this hanger is one of the more reasonably priced items in this box. $12 is pricing that I would expect to see on something built this sturdy at Target or Walmart, but I would have expected it to be priced a lot higher because this is a ‘luxurious’ box.

While I wasn’t blown away by this scarf hanger (because I already have two) in my opinion, this was one of the better items in the Fall Must Have box.

popsugar umbra hanger

Third item: Soia and Kyo Larisa Scarf

Item value: $75 ( )

popsugar soia & kyo


When I first pulled this scarf out of my box, I instantly fell in love with how soft it was!

popsugar soia & kyo. scarf png

Once I completely took this scarf out of the packaging that it came in, I quickly realized that there are two different patterns and color combinations on this scarf! As you can slightly see in the above picture (you can see it better in the picture below) the differences between the front of the scarf and the back of the scarf.

The front of the scarf incorporates light grey, medium grey, and dark grey in a geometric pattern, that’s bunched closer together than the pattern on the back. The pattern on the back of the scarf includes light rose, medium rose, light grey, and medium grey. The geometric pattern on the back of the scarf is much larger and isn’t as tightly packed together. Personally, I love the pattern on the back of the scarf because I’m such a huge fan of pink and grey together!

I’m not a huge fan of blanket scarves, but I actually think this is the first blanket scarf I’ve ever seen that I think is really cute, wearable, and isn’t itchy! I personally wear a lot of black and pink together, so adding in this scarf to my wardrobe shouldn’t be too difficult.

popsugar scarf

I was pretty impressed with the scarf, but then I looked at the price…

I will admit, I was taken back by the price tag that was put on this scarf. I mean $75 is a lot of money- I spent $75 to get this box in my hand. Personally, I’m not a person that loves blanket scarfs very much, so I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to shop for a blanket scarf.

For this being a luxury box, a $75 scarf shouldn’t be too surprising to me. I know that if it were a purse or an eyeshadow palette, I wouldn’t really be questioning that $75 price tag. So, I think that I’m just feeling a little uncomfortable about the price tag because it’s a scarf and isn’t an item that I will really reach for often, even if I do think that it’s really cute!

I did really like that Popsugar suggested putting this in the back of your car for a blanket or to use this as a shawl or wrap if you aren’t super into wearing blanket scarves.

Fourth item: Liz Claiborne ‘Sloane’ Rose Gold Sunglasses (exclusively available at JcPenny)

Item value: $32 (

liz claiborne popsugar item

These sunglasses are considered to be a free bonus that was included in all of the Fall Must Have boxes, which means that these sunglasses weren’t picked by the editors of Popsugar to be in the Fall Must Haves box, but were included in the Fall box because Popsugar received a sponsorship from JCPenney.

liz claiborne glasses popsugar item

Popsugar didn’t include a value for these glasses in the booklet since they were added in the Fall Box as a free bonus item, but I looked these glasses up on the JCPenney website. You can purchase these glasses on the JCPenney website for $32, which I would have gladly done once I saw how good these glasses look on me!

liz claiborne glasses popsugar item

I usually have a problem with glasses being too small on my face, but these fit me perfectly! I feel like when I put these sunglasses on, I instantly look like I belong in Hollywood. I feel like a celebrity when I put these on, plus they’re really comfy to wear and don’t dig into the bridge of my nose.

popsugar glasses

The biggest complaint about these sunglasses is that they’re my favorite thing in the entire box. This isn’t a bad thing about the sunglasses, but I’m really sad that these are the only item in the box that I feel like fit my lifestyle the best, that I’m absolutely in love with, and were something that I was surprised to see in the box.

popsugar glasses 2

While I did enjoy the scarf, I was expecting to see a blanket scarf (or a scarf of some sorts) in my fall box. The sunglasses were a fashion accessory that I wasn’t expecting to see in my box, but I’m really happy that I did get them in my box! I’ve literally worn them every time I’ve gone out since I have opened up my Popsugar. They do an amazing job of protecting my eyes from the sun, they’re comfy, and they don’t ruin my makeup because they don’t sit on my face! What more could a girl ask for from a pair of sunglasses?

Fifth item: Tarte Cosmetics Tight and Bright Clay Multi-Mask

Item value: $40 (

popsugar tarte

Tarte Cosmetics is one of my favorite luxury brands to splurge on, but I’ve never tried any of their skin care products. The Ulta and Sephora that I shop at literally never have any of the Tarte Cosmetics skincare items in stock, so getting the chance to try out two skin care products from one of my favorite brands in exciting!

Tarte Cosmetics is a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic company, meaning that both the pearlescent mask and gold hydrating mask in this jar are cruelty-free and vegan.

popsugar tarte skincare

Tarte claims that these formulas are also hypoallergenic treatments contain Amazonian clay that will help to remove any impurities in your skin, as well as tighten up your pores.

The pearlescent mask (the white mask) should be placed on the areas of your face that you’re looking to mattify. The gold hydrating mask should be used on the rest of your face that the pearlescent mask isn’t on, as the gold hydrating mask will help to soothe any irritation and inflammation on your face.

popsugar tarte mask

After you place both of these masks on your face, you should let them sit on your skin for twenty minutes. Rinse the masks off with warm water and you should see your skin looking brighter and more hydrated.

When I pulled the protective layer off of this multi-mask, I was hit by two things: the smell of paint and a disappointing amount of product in this jar.

The actual size of the jar itself is really big, so I was expecting the entire jar to be filled with product. What is actually inside of the jar is an insert to hold both of the masks, so there is a lot of ‘empty’ space between the masking insert and the rest of the jar.

When I first opened up this mask jar, I was kind of hoping to be hit with that amazing vanilla scent that so many of the products from Tarte have. Instead, these masks smell strongly of paint and plastic, which I thought was surprising. Even when I put the masks on my face, I still experienced that strong fresh-paint smell.

I’m going to share the packing information and the quantity of the product in this jar with you, so you have a better understanding of what you’re actually getting in your Popsugar box:

Price: $40

  • 88 ounces (or 25 grams) of Purple Detoxifying and Purifying Exfoliating Mask
  • 88 ounces (or 25 grams) of Gold Hydrating and Firming Gel Mask

In total, you’re getting 1.66 ounces of mask in this Tarte Cosmetics Tight and Bright Clay Multi-Mask. This means that you’re paying $24.09 for one ounce of the mask, which is pretty expensive.

popsugar tarte mask package

I have combined skin, but I definitely have a really bad problem with oily, acne prone skin. I made sure to clean my face with water before I dried my face, so I gave the mask a clean surface to work on. I put the hydrating gel mask on my forehead, the sides of my nose, and underneath my nose. I put the mattifying mask on the top of my nose, my cheekbones, my skin, my chin, and my neck (I’m having a bad breakout on my neck).

I was only able to keep this mask on my face for ten minutes because I started to experience an irritation from the mattifying mask. Keep in mind that I didn’t have any other products on my face and didn’t wash my face with anything except for water before I put the mask on. I don’t know what in the mask made my face irritated, but there was a definite burning sensation on my face while the mask started to dry down on my face.

Sixth item: The Casery Phone Pocket

Item value: $15 (

popsugar casery

This phone case card holder is so cute and I’m glad to see that Popsugar put a universally useful product in their Fall Must Have box. No matter what type of phone you have (unless you have a flip phone), most of us will be able to stick this case onto the back of our phones and be able to keep our cards and license on us without having to carry around a bulky purse.

I have an iPhone 8 Plus and this stick-on cardholder took up around half of the space on the back of my phone, but I stuck it down low (towards the charging port) so that when I had my cards in it, my cards didn’t get in the way of my camera.

popsugar casery phone pocket

I am able to comfortably stick in my driver’s license, my debit card, my credit card, and a bill into this card holder without feeling like I’m going to tear the sides of this stick-on wallet.

Popsugar describes the coloring of this stick-on wallet as rose gold, but it definitely looks more gold than rose gold to me. This doesn’t really matter to me, as I think the metallic paint on this wallet is really cute! The back of this stick-on wallet has a ‘secure 3M adhesive’ so that you can just peel and stick this to the back of your phone.

popsugar phone pocket

Personally, I think this is a great thing to include in the fall box because I know a lot of us are going to be hiking, going to pumpkin patches, taking fall family pictures, and going Halloween parties. This stick-on wallet is so much more secure than sticking our cards and money in our bras or boots. I love this phone pocket so much and will be sticking it on my phone when I am traveling!

Seventh item: Jules Smith Jane Cuff

Item value: $90 (

Before the Fall Must Have boxes were sent out, Popsugar gave subscribers a chance to customize their boxes. One of the options that they allowed us to customize were the bracelets; we were given the chance to choose between gold, rose gold, and silver. Silver is my favorite jewelry color to wear, so I, of course, chose the silver option.

I wasn’t expecting to actually get the color that in my box, so Popsugar gets extra points for listening to my choice and putting it in my box!

popsugar silver bracelet

This is a simple silver cuff that is claimed to be adjustable, giving you the option to wear it on your wrist or on your forearm. A tip that Popsugar gives subscribers for wearing this cuff is to flip the cuff over to the geometric design is facing upward to change up your look and add a bold flair to your outfit.

popsugar jules smith

The price tag that comes with this Jane Cuff by Jules Smith is $90. I looked upon the Jules Smith website for more information about this cuff to see why there would be such a high price tag associated with this bracelet, but I couldn’t find any information regarding the silver bracelet.

Jules Smith Designs states that the gold cuff is covered in 14k gold plating, so I would assume that the silver bracelet is also silver plated. What this means is that the entire bracelet is not silver, but rather the bracelet is covered in a coating of silver.

silver plated bracelet

Besides this bracelet being covered (possibly) in silver plating and it being a designer cuff, I really have no idea why this piece of jewelry is priced at $90. But, wait- there’s more.


This cuff was actually painful to wear. While it is claimed to be an adjustable cuff, I had a really hard time getting it to move at all. I was able to adjust it a little bit, but only enough so that I could actually fit it around my forearm. It was even really right on my wrist, which isn’t that much bigger than my forearm.

bracelet on arm

Here I have the bracelet on my wrist instead of my forearm and you can see that it’s still squeezing my arm. I really tried to get this bracelet to fit my arm better, but I was afraid of bending it too much because I didn’t want to snap the metal. The metal didn’t feel very pliable, so I don’t think you can do a whole lot of adjusting with this bracelet.

Eighth item: Tribe Alive Leather Marbled Valet Tray

Item value: $58 (

popsugar tribe alive item

If you look at my comments about the HUM Nutrition Killer Nails Supplements, you will see that I praised Popsugar for including vegan biotin supplements in their box. I feel that by including vegan supplements in their box, they’re really helping to include people of different lifestyles in their box. I know that I haven’t seen a whole lot of vegan biotin supplements on the market, so I would also assume that it wouldn’t be the easiest task to find vegan biotin supplements.

I opened up the booklet that Popsugar sent with this box to see what this tray was supposed to be used for because I honestly had no idea what this was supposed to be. Inside of the Popsugar book, I learned so much about what this valet tray stands for.

This is a genuine leather and hand-marbled handmade valet tray that was designed, managed and built by women. Women in Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, and Fort Worth, TX all had a part to play in the creation of this valet tray, which is absolutely amazing in my opinion. The mission behind the production of this tray is to give at-risk women a job with livable wages a chance to create change in their lives.

leather box

I really love what this tray stands for and I’m so happy that Popsugar chose to include such a powerful piece in their box. Pieces like this tray that have such a large impact on the world are things that I would much rather see in a box rather than an overpriced bracelet that doesn’t even fit.

However, I did have some problems with this tray. The snaps that are installed on this tray aren’t strong enough to fit against the stiffness of the leather, meaning that I literally could not keep the snaps buttoned. The leather was too stiff to keep the snaps together, so they kept coming unsnapped and the leather would relax back to a flat position.

tribe alive

tribe alive

I was able to keep the snaps together for a little bit (long enough to snap this picture), but it kept coming unsnapped. The biggest complaint that I have about this tray is that I wish Popsugar had included sometimes in the book about how to keep this tray snapped up or tips on what I could do to help relax the leather enough for it to stay snapped together.

Ninth item: Lipstick Queen Method in the Madness ‘Manic Mauve’ lipstick

Item value: $25 (

method in the madness pop sugar item

I’ve seen Lipstick Queen hanging around in Ulta for quite some time, but never really heard anything about the brand from other beauty bloggers or beauty YouTubers. I was going to grab a few of their products on my next trip to Ulta, so I was excited to see one of their products in my Fall Must Have box.

Popsugar wrote a description of this lipstick in their booklet, as well as a paragraph on tips about how to use this lipstick.

lipstick queen

lipstick queen

This is Lipstick Queen’s Method in the Madness Lipstick in shade ‘Manic Mauve’. I love how bright and abstract this pattern is! This pattern isn’t like anything I’ve ever seen on another lipstick packaging, so it will definitely stand out in my lipstick collection. If you look closely at the actual lipstick itself, you will see some purple swirling in the formula.

lipstick 3


Do you see it? Basically, this is a mauve hue lipstick with purple marbling that blends into the mauve shade to create a unique color every time you swatch this lipstick on your lips.

lipstick queen on hand

two colored lipstick

As you can see, there is a slight color difference between these two swatches. The swatch on the right is just a little bit darker than the swatch on the left, but both swatches still fall into the mauve family.

I think this is such a pretty lipstick color and I’m really glad that Popsugar sent out a lipstick that is going to be flattering on a large variety of skin tones, rather than sending out a bold dark brown or a bright red. This is so much more suitable and an appropriate color for a large portion of people, rather than a dark brown or a bright red shade. This is a lipstick color that you can wear out on a date, to your 9-5 job, out to a Halloween party, to a PTO conference, a night out bowling with your friends, or if you want to get a little bit dressed up for the gym.

The creaminess formula wasn’t anything that really blew me away, but I was already impressed enough by the effect that the marbling in the lipstick had. This is the second item in my Fall Must Have box that I’m generally excited about, but this is curated and wasn’t an extra freebie. To the editors over at Popsugar and Lisa Sugar- you did a good job with choosing this lipstick!

Tenth item: Clorox Zero Splash Bleach Packs

Item value: $3.63 (


Technically, these Clorox Zero Splash Bleach Packs were an extra freebie that was sponsored by Clorox. However, I was able to look these up on Amazon and saw that you can snag them on Amazon for $3.63. This is a full-sized product from Clorox and I think that it’s really cool that this was included in our boxes as an extra freebie.

clorox bleach packs

Eleventh item: Bliss Makeup Melt Oil-Free Makeup Remover Wipes

Item value: $7 (

bliss wipes

The Bliss Makeup Melt Oil-Free Makeup Remover Wipes are also a free extra included in the Fall Must Have box, as these were sponsored by Bliss. I love receiving makeup wipes in my subscription boxes, as I always am looking for which makeup wipes work the best.

I think the packaging for these makeup wipes are really cool and they’re a full-sized pack. I was able to look up on the website that Popsugar gave us and saw that these makeup wipes sell for $7. I tried them out and they aren’t the move impressive makeup wipes that I’ve ever used, but I know that I will be grateful for them when I throw them in my travel bag and use them in a makeup emergency.

Twelfth item: K. Hall Designs Lavender Sachet

Item value: N/A (

This Lavender Sachet by K. Hall Designs is also a free special extra included in our Fall box. I’ve never heard of K. Hall Designs before, so I looked up their website to see what types of products they sell (so you don’t have to)! K. Hall Designs sells luxury diffusers, room sprays, bath soak, candles, bubble bath, bath bombs, lotions, and creams.

Popsugar gave us a few tips on how to use this lavender sachet, which I found inside of the packaging for my Clorox container. I’m actually really happy that they stored this lavender sachet inside of the box that held the Clorox bleach container because I personally really don’t like the scent of lavender. When I opened up my Popsugar Must Have box for the first time, I definitely picked up the lavender. But, nothing else in my box smelled like lavender.

Popsugar states that we can throw this sachet in the dryer with wet laundry to scent out laundry, to put in a drawer to maybe freshen up a smelly sock drawer, or to even throw it underneath of our pillows to keep our dreams smelling fresh. I couldn’t find any pricing information on this sample, but I would guess that it wouldn’t be more than a $1 or $2.

Final thoughts of the Fall 2018 Popsugar Must Haves box

pop sugar must have

Overall, I’m really not impressed with my first Popsugar box. I’ve seen a lot of other blogs and YouTubers talk about how amazing the Popsugar Must Haves box is, so I had really high hopes going into this box.

While I do feel like there are several items inside of the Fall Must Have box, there wasn’t anything inside of this box that really blew me away and made me feel really excited. I don’t really feel like the editors of Popsugar put a whole lot of effort into making the Fall Must Have box creative, but focused more on the providing luxury items with a high price tag to ‘wow’ the audience.

I don’t feel ‘wow-ed’ that I got a $75 scarf and a $90 bracelet, but there are two different ways that I’m looking at my feelings towards these items.

  • My first thoughts were that spending $75 on a scarf and $90 on a bracelet (that doesn’t even fit comfortably) is in my opinion, really excessive. I have no problem if a company wants to charge $75 or $90 for fashion accessories, but I also know that Popsugar is under no obligation to put these items in their boxes. For the value of the scarf, I could’ve received three more lipsticks in my box or five more of the stick-on wallets.
  • I don’t have a problem with Popsugar including a blanket scarf or a cuff in their box, as I think both of the items are really cute. However, I’m going to be a lot more critical and judgmental on a scarf that cost $75 rather than a scarf that costs $25.
  • After I thought about that, I also realized this: this box gives people who are looking for luxury to be able to afford the luxury, without having the price tag that comes with luxury. In other words, Popsugar gives people the chance to be able to enjoy the quality of a $75 scarf, as well as eleven other luxury items, by only having to pay $75 a quarter.
  • I know that there are some people who would think that spending $75 on an eyeshadow palette is absolutely outrageous, but it’s something that I’m comfortable with doing. So, while I may disagree with the pricing on the blanket scarf and the bracelet, I’m sure that these items made a lot of people out there happy.
  • The total suggested retail for all of the products in this box is an estimated $367.65 and I paid $75 to get this box in my hands, which means that I got $292.65 of value.

While I am really disappointed by this box, I have FOMO (fear of missing out), so I’m going to stay signed up with Popsugar. Hopefully, the Winter 2018 Must Haves box is better and includes items that I feel fit into my personal likes and lifestyle better.

What did you think of the Fall 2018 Popsugar Must Haves box?

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