Sock Panda vs Sock Fancy: Which Sock Box is Best?

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Sock Fancy and Sock Panda are two very similar subscription services that send their customers fun, funky socks to add some color to their outfits each month.

Sock Fancy and Sock Panda really do have so much in common. Both companies provide high quality socks that are designed in America, with Sock Fancy socks designed in Atlanta, Georgia and Sock Panda designed in Venice, California. However, these companies aren’t exactly identical. In fact they are each as unique as one of their wild sock patterns. So, which pair is right for you?

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I am usually a boring sock person who chooses socks that will get the least amount of attention possible. My favorites are the ones that literally hide from view by being lower on your foot then your shoe. But I must say that since trying these two subscription services I have become somewhat of a convert. Now I think that brightly patterned socks can be a cool way to inject a little bit of personality into an otherwise simple outfit thanks to Sock Fancy and Sock Panda.

I am still a bit conservative and I tend to favor the more subtle designs that I have received from these services.  I do realize that this is just a matter of personal taste though. One person’s favorite pair of socks might be too psychedelic for the next guy!


Both companies have a two sock per month subscription plan that costs $19. This is a bit pricey for a few pairs of socks in my opinion, but the quality is seriously amazing. I think that they are absolutely worth the money.

Winner: It’s a tie!


Both of these companies provide subscribers with wonderfully cozy socks. They manage to use fabric that is both wonderfully breathable and cozy warm at the same time. They are so much better than everything else in my drawer! Sock Panda uses a blend of fabrics that is 85% Peruvian cotton, 10% nylon and 5% spandex while Sock Fancy is a high quality cotton blend that includes 70% combed cotton, 14% polyester, 13% nylon and 3% spandex. To me the fabrics feel identical and are 100% comfy.

Winner: It’s yet another tie!


One area that these companies differed is in their sock sizing. Sock Panda offers a greater variety of sizes that include socks for men, women, teens and kids.  This makes Sock Panda the better option if you are shopping for the entire family.

Sock Fancy only makes socks in sizes for adults with options for both men and women. I also noticed that Sock Fancy socks tend to run larger than their size guide implies. I received socks that were meant to fit women’s US sizes 5-10, but they were way too big for my size 7 feet.

The heel of the sock was definitely riding up to my ankle area when I wore them. For me this was my biggest critique of Sock Fancy. Sock Panda had a snugger fit that was perfect for me, but might not work for others. I do think that Sock Panda was more true to size, but they did have a tighter leg area which could be problematic for some.

Winner: Sock Panda.

Customer Service

Both of these subscription services were easy to join. They were equally easy to cancel online.  They also both have an additional service where they make custom socks for gifts and events that is another aspect of these businesses. I haven’t used this service, but I do think that it’s a sweet group gift idea to design your own themed socks.

Winner: Tie.

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What sets them apart?

One thing that really sets Sock Panda apart is the charitable side of the company. They use a buy one, give one format that donates a pair of socks for each pair sold. Sock Panda gives their socks to homeless shelters, low income senior housing, hospitals and under privileged classrooms where I am sure they are so appreciated.

I mean, these brightly colored socks can really brighten your day and they are all the more important to populations who are genuinely needy of warm socks. I think that because of this Sock Panda really won me over as the better sock subscription service. It’s such a nice feeling to know that your giving back when you’re purchasing something for yourself. Great job, Sock Panda!

Sock Fancy might not have the charitable angle that I loved so much, but they did set themselves apart by adding extra swag to my bag. Sock Fancy included some cute stickers along with a good quality enamel pin with my order. It was a nice touch to get a few unexpected extra items.

Winner: Sock Panda, for sure.

My experience

Like I said before, so much of this comes down to personal taste. For me, I was more into the socks that I received from Sock Panda. I just happened to get socks that were in colors that I preferred from that company.  It’s really just a matter of getting lucky with what they send you.

When it comes to designs that I saw online, I really do think that these companies are very similar when it comes to the quality and cuteness of their products. I just ended up getting a pair of very bright yellow socks from Sock Fancy that were not my style at all.

My Sock Panda socks were very varied in the sense that one pair had an abstract pattern while the other pair had a cute cherry blossom tree design. Both were a little bit childish in a way because they also had cartoony animal characters on them. That could be considered a negative for some.   thought that they were really sweet and I loved my 80’s inspired geometric pair just as much as my whimsical cherry blossoms.

My Sock Fancy socks both had botanical style designs on them, which I liked. However, some might find that to be too similar. One was an autumn leaf look while the other was the aforementioned neon yellow that had a pretty pattern, but awful (to me) color. I honestly can’t fault the company, because I think that they design great socks.  I even loved the pattern on my yellow socks, which was kind of like Queen Anne’s Lace.

I really think that as they months go by I will end up receiving some pairs that aren’t my style from both of these subscription services.  It all comes down to personal taste and I know that I am a picky customer when it comes to these loud colors and patterns.

Winner: I’m going to have to call it another tie!

Sock Panda vs Sock Fancy

Overall Assessment of Sock Panda and Sock Fancy


  • Colorful surprises every month.
  • Makes a great gift.
  • Easy to sign up and cancel.
  • Fun way to make a boring outfit more exciting.
  • Excellent quality socks.
  • Super cute patterns
  • Custom options that can make great group gifts.


  • Some patterns might not be your style.
  • Sizing seems to vary so choose wisely.

Final Word on Sock Fancy vs. Sock Panda

Both of these subscription services were so similar. I had a good experience with both and was truly impressed by the level of quality of their products. All four pairs that I received from these two services are the craziest and comfiest socks that I own! I can’t emphasize enough just how great the fabric quality was.

Like I said, wild socks aren’t usually my thing, but joining these two services opened my eyes to how fun it can be to rock a brightly patterned pair of socks! It’s a great way to add some creativity to your look. I really think that a subscription like this would make a great gift, especially for someone who is forced to wear a boring work uniform or stick to a conservative dress code. Sock Fancy and Sock Panda can be a nice way to let your personality show just a little bit.

For me, Sock Panda was the easy winner between the two companies because of the fact that they have donated tens of thousands of socks to those in need. I love companies that have the buy one, give one format and I think that they are a great way to have fun shopping and feel good about your choices at the same time. Because of that Sock Panda was the easy choice for me.

However, I really did like Sock Fancy. The quality was just as great as Sock Panda, though the sizing was off and that is something to consider. Nonetheless, these socks are so cozy that my neon bright yellow pair is still in my sock rotation (though maybe only when I am needing to do some laundry!).

Try these services and see for yourself which one is the better fit for you.  There are so many similar services out there that maybe I haven’t even discovered the best one yet!

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