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Battle of the Boxes: Glossybox vs Boxycharm

It’s that time again, Battle of the Boxes Glossybox vs Boxycharm. These are two of the most popular subscription boxes in the community and for good reason. Both of these boxes run subscribers $21 a month and are jam-packed with makeup, skin care, hair care, and nail care.

The biggest difference between the two subscription boxes is that Boxycharm always sends out full-sized products, while Glossybox sends out a mix of full-sized products and sample sizes. If you’re looking for a monthly beauty subscription box that’s a couple steps above Birchbox, Ipsy, or even Sephora Play, Glossybox and Boxycharm are the two boxes that bring the most value to the beauty subscription box game.

If you’re looking to hop on board rather quickly, let’s take a look at what my September Glossybox and my September Boxycharm are offering!


What it costs

($21 a month/Total value of my September Glossybox: $48.52)

What I got in my September Glossybox

  • Stylondon 9 Color Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Eaton Square’- $15
  • Context Micro-Derm Regenerator- $8.75 (sample size)
  • MoodMatcher Twist Stich Lip Color- $10
  • Wild Garden Body Lotion in ‘Pretty and Wild’- $8.95
  • Lapcos Daily Skin Sheet Mask in Charcoal- $3.50 (for one sheet mask)
  • Freeman PSSST! ORIGINAL Dry Shampoo in Citrus- $2.32 (sample size)

Every month, Glossybox comes packaged in this black floral print box and on the inside of the black floral print box is the famous pink Glossybox box that we all know and love.


glossybox pink

As soon as you remove the lid off of your Glossybox, you’re greeted with a pretty bow that holds down the pamphlet that is inside of every box. After untying the ribbon that holds down the pamphlet, you are greeted with pink tissue paper and a Glossybox sticker that is concealing all of the contents inside of your box. Tear and sticker and you’ll see everything that you got in that month’s Glossybox!

Compared to Boxycharm, I always feel that Glossybox puts a lot more time and effort into their packaging. Not only does the packaging on the inside of the box look a lot neater, but my Glossyboxes just feel more personalized, almost like a gift, because of the carefully wrapped bow and neat packaging, including the tissue paper, the crinkled paper underneath of the products of the box, and sticker.

Not to mention that the box that Glossybox comes in is made from a sturdy cardboard so that you can totally reuse for makeup storage! Boxycharm boxes aren’t very sturdy, so they’re more of a one and done type of deal.

usual suspects

usual suspects 1


full box glossybox

This is everything that I got inside of my September Glossybox! My box was jam-packed with products, so let’s see if any of them are worth the hype of Glossybox.

glossybox all products

First product: LAPCOS Daily Skin Sheet Mask in Charcoal

Product value: $3.50 for one sheet


This is the first full-sized product that I pulled out of my box; the LAPCOS Daily Skin Charcoal Sheet Mask. This charcoal sheet mask contains salicylic acid, charcoal extract, and tea tree oil to help remove toxins from your skin and to help minimize the appearance of your pores.

I was a bit nervous about this mask before I opened it up because I usually hate the smell of products that contain tea tree oil; the scent of tea tree oil isn’t a scent that I get along with, so most products that I use that contain the oil are usually products that I end up disliking.

When I pulled out this sheet mask, there was a very faint scent to it that wasn’t overly powdery or overpowering. I’m not a huge fan of sheet masks, but this sheet mask wasn’t horrible! I didn’t notice any difference in my pores after I used this mask, but my skin did feel really smooth.

Second product: Wild Garden Body Lotion in Pretty and Wild

Product value: $8.95 (full-sized)

pretty and wild

I absolutely love this lotion! I’m really picky about the types of lotions that I use on my body because I’m looking for a lotion that’s not only fast absorbing, but has a scent that I like, isn’t too strongly scented, isn’t greasy feeling, isn’t too thick, and isn’t too expensive.

Have you ever heard of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears? Yep, that story is basically me with lotions. This lotion is lightweight, fast-absorbing, but does feel a little bit greasy. I did enjoy the scent of the lotion, as it wasn’t overpowering and wasn’t too powdery or floral scented. Glossybox says that this lotion has mandarin, vanilla, and rose in the lotion, but I only picked up the sweet scent of vanilla and mandarin.

After applying this lotion, I did have to wash my hands off because there was a greasy coating left on my hands after I put the lotion on my legs and arms. However, I was able to put pants and a shirt on after I applied my lotion and I didn’t feel like I had this gross, slimy coating on my skin underneath of my clothes.

While this lotion doesn’t hit all of my check marks, its certainly one of the best lotions that I’ve ever gotten in a subscription box (full-sized too!).

Third product: Freeman PSSSST! Organic Dry Shampoo

Product value: $2.32


I’ve never tried any dry shampoos from Freeman, but I’m literally so excited that I got a citrus-scented dry shampoo! I’m always looking for citrus-scented perfumes, lotions, and dry shampoos and I’ve finally found one thanks to Glossybox!

I have dark hair and I was nervous about this dry shampoo because I was worried white streaks were going to show up in my hair where I sprayed the dry shampoo. I didn’t have any problems with this dry shampoo leaving white streaks, clumps, or chunks in my hair; it didn’t even look like I had applied any dry shampoo to my hair.

Not only did this dry shampoo absorb the oil in my hair, but it also did a wonderful job of giving me some (desperately needed) volume. I’m so impressed with this and considering the full-sized product only costs $6.99, you can count on me having a stock up of this dry shampoo!


dry shampoo

Fourth product: Context Micro-Derm Regenerator

Product value: $8.75


This is the only other sample size product that I got in my September Glossybox, the Context Micro-Derm Regenerator. The cost of the full-sized product is $35, but the sample size that we have is valued at an estimated $8.75. This micro-derm regenerator is both a cleanser and a gentle exfoliator, that has antioxidants that help to protect your cells. The Context Micro-Derm Regenerator also helps to polish your skin by removing dead skill cells, which will leave your skin feeling soft!

context 1

I use the Context Micro-Derm Regenerator every morning in the shower and I feel like it does do a good job of getting the excess oil off of my face first thing in the morning. However, I don’t really feel like this does a good job of exfoliating my skin. After using this cleanser and exfoliator, I still have a lot of dead skin left on my face. The beads that act as the exfoliator in this Micro-Derm Regenerator are very small (which is good) but they dissolve very quickly, so I don’t feel like the beads actually exfoliate my skin at all.

Personally, I’ll just be using this as a daily cleanser, but I’ll be using another product to exfoliate my skin. The exfoliating properties of this cleanser just don’t cut it for me.

Fifth product: MoodMatcher Twist Stick Lip Color

Product value: $10

twist stick

Another full-sized product in our September Glossybox- yes! Better yet, this is a pH reacting lip color. In other words, this is a lipstick that reacts and matches the pH of your lips, giving you a lip color that’s unique to your body! The only negative thing that I have to say about the MoodMatcher Twist Stick Lip Color is the packaging looks and feels very cheap. If I didn’t know anything about the brand, I would assume that this is a color changing lipstick from the dollar store. The packaging is a cheap feeling plastic and isn’t all that impressive, which is sad because the formula itself is very impressive!

I would also like to warn you that if you are someone that hates dealing with lipsticks that stain, I would stay away from this. I swatched this lip color on the back of my hands and on my lips and I found that it stained both the back of my hands and my lips for the rest of the day – I had to scrub to get the staining off.

Depending on the pH of your lips, you’re going to get a different shade of pink every time. Even compared to the back of my hand, the shade that I got on my lips and the shade that I got on my hand were two different shades of pink.

I put this on my lips to see if it would pass the kiss test (I kissed my forearm) and it didn’t pass the kiss test. Basically, this lipstick isn’t transfer proof, but it did leave color on my lips all day because it slightly stained my lips.

You can see the difference in the color of my swatch on my hand and in the color that I got on my lips by comparing my kiss print and the swatch on my hand. This is such a cool, fun product that I’ve always wanted to try and I’m so glad that Glossybox gave me the chance to try it out!

12 hour lip color

12 hour lip color 1

Sixth product: Stylondon 9 Color Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Eaton Square’

Product value: $15

stylstyl 2


The last product that I pulled out of my September Glossybox is a full-sized eyeshadow palette from Stylondon! I’ve never heard of Stylondon before, but I was honestly so excited to see how the swatches of the shades went because the colors in this palette are GORGEOUS.

The biggest complaint that I had about this eyeshadow palette was how scratched up it got in my Glossybox. Like I talked about earlier, all of the products that come in Glossybox are cushioned by the crinkle paper. The crinkle paper is dusty, so there are some products that will sometimes have black dust on their exterior.

In this instance, the crinkle paper left tiny scratches on the exterior of my eyeshadow palette. Personally, I don’t feel like this is really a big deal because at least none of the shades inside of the palette are cracked, de-panned, or shattered. But, if you’re really particular about how you want your makeup products to look when they come to you, I can totally see how this would be bothersome to you.

Also, this eyeshadow palette doesn’t come with any shade names, so I won’t be able to name any specific shades when talking about the formula and/or pigmentation of a certain shade.


This eyeshadow palette has two matte shades and seven metallic shades. You can find the two matte shades as the first two shades on the bottom row (left to right) and the metallic shades in the rest of the palette. After I finished swatching all of the shades in this palette, I can honestly say that I’m really, really impressed with the entire palette, especially considering that it only costs $15. A common problem that I run into with a lot of eyeshadow palettes is that there isn’t any consistency in the shades.

Usually, metallic shades will do really well but will have a lot of falling outs. The light metallic will be the shades that perform the best, but the darker metallic will be patchy and have an increased amount of fall out. The matte shades are usually the shades that are a total flop and don’t end up having any pigmentation, will be incredibly patchy and aren’t very blendable.

Stylondon didn’t give me any of those problems! All nine of the shades gave me equal pigmentation, were equally as blendable, weren’t patchy, and didn’t have an excessive amount of fall out. Personally, my favorite row is the middle row because I just love all of the colors in that row. But the pigments were so buttery and applied like a dream!

I’m so shocked at how consistent everything in this palette was- even if you aren’t a fan of Glossybox, you need to go get your hands on this palette. It’s so amazing!

styl 1

Final thoughts of the September Glossybox

So, Glossybox costs $21 a month and the total value of the September Glossybox was $48.52, which is a little over double the value of the cost of this box. The overall value of this box isn’t super impressive, especially since Boxycharm is also $21 a month but always promises to deliver over $100 value in every box.

The September Glossybox sent out a wide variety of products in several beauty categories, but I also love that they sent out products that aren’t outrageously priced. I feel that all of the products in this box fit comfortably into the price range that they’re priced at; for example, I’m glad to see that they included a $9 body lotion rather than sending us a lotion that was of the same quality as the lotion that we received, but was priced at $36.

With that said, I’m so incredibly happy with everything that I got inside of this box. I received four full-sized products in our box and two sample size products; two makeup products, three skin care products, and one hair care product.

I’m so happy with everything that I got inside of my September Glossybox, but the product that I’m most excited about is the Stylondon 9 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Eaton Square- it’s just such amazing quality! The product that I’m the least in love with is the Context Micro-Derm Regenerator; I feel like this is more of a cleanser than it is an exfoliator. To read more reviews check out Glossybox vs Boxycharm: who is the winner?

Let’s see what Boxycharm included in our September box!


boxy charm

What it costs

($21 a month/Total value of my September Boxycharm: $119)

What I got in my September Boxycharm

  • Pretty Vulgar Nightingale Smokey Eyeshadow Palette- $35
  • Laura Geller Baked Blush-N-Brighten- $28
  • Alamar Cosmetics Ojitos Brush Set- $18
  • Lorac Pro Liquid Lipstick in ‘Dusty Rose’- $19
  • Butter London Stroke of Wow Roll On Liner- $19

Every month, Boxycharm sends out boxes that look like this and contain between 4-5 full-sized items. Unlike Glossybox, Boxycharm only sends out full-sized products and is always sending out palettes of some sort. Most of the time, I end up receiving eyeshadow palettes, but I have received contour palettes, blush palettes, and highlight palettes in previous Boxycharms.

Usually, I get a lot of high-end, luxury brands in my Boxycharm that you can find at Sephora or on the expensive side of Ulta. However, I have received affordable Indie brands such as Colourpop in some of my Boxycharms, but most of the time I end up receiving products from high-end brands (which is amazing!).

boxycharm products

Unlike Glossybox, Boxycharm sends all of their products in a flimsy cardboard box, wrapped in a singular layer of foam. Most of the time, the card that I receive in my Boxycharm comes bent in half. The foam layer that protects all of the makeup in my Boxycharm just always seems to be sloppily thrown into my box.

Personally, this doesn’t really bother me too much. But, compare the first impression that you have to unbox both of these boxes side by side and you’ll see that Glossybox feels so much more personalized like you’re getting a gift from a friend, whereas Boxycharm feels impersonal and more like a subscription that you paid for.

wild flower

September’s Boxycharm theme was ‘Wildflower’, which is an interesting theme that I’ve never seen in any other subscription boxes, so I’m excited to see what Boxycharm thought to put inside of this month’s theme!

First product: Laura Geller Baked Blush-n-Brighten

Product value: $28

laura geller

I’ve never tried a product from Laura Geller, but it’s been a while since I’ve received any blushes in my Boxycharm! While I personally would never pay $28 for a blush, my Boxycharm only cost $21 and I already pulled out a product that literally covers the cost of the box! I don’t know too much about the Laura Geller brand, so I took to the little paragraph that Boxycharm writes out for each product to learn more about all of the benefits this $28 blush is going to bring to my life.

To sum up, what Boxycharm wrote about this blush, the Baked Blush-n-Brighten blush by Laura Geller is originally created with liquid pigments and is baked to perfection in Italy for 24 hours on terracotta tiles. Once it’s done baking, it’s hand-finished and built into a dome shape.

This blush formula does have a glowy finish to it but isn’t shimmery enough to look like a highlighter. It has a lamination the blush that brings glowing color to your cheeks but isn’t going to compete against your highlighter in terms of shimmer or glow. Personally, I feel like this color is a little too bright on my skin for the upcoming winter and fall months. On my skin, this shade of blush comes up as a very bright peach, but I’m certain I’ll absolutely love the color of this blush for spring and summer!

laura geller blush

Second product: Alamar Cosmetics Ojitos Brush Set

Product value: $18

cosmetics ojitos

Alamar Cosmetics is a brand that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with, thanks to Boxycharm. I never would have heard of this company if it weren’t for Boxycharm, but I’m constantly reaching for the eyeshadow palette from Alamar Cosmetics that I received in a Boxycharm a few months ago.

I have never seen green makeup brushes with a rose gold accent, so these brushes certainly stand out from the rest of the brushes in my collection thanks to the coloring of this trio. The bristles for these brushes have been made with 100% synthetic fibers, which not only means that these brushes are vegan and cruelty-free, but that they also pick up the product so much better than natural hairs.

In this trio, you have a packing brush, a fluffy blending brush, and a flat tight liner brush. The packing brush can be used to apply concealer, to pack on pigments onto your lid, or to clean up your winged linger or around your brow with concealer. The fluffy blending brush you can use to set your eyelid with, to blend out transition shades, or to blend colors together. The flat tight liner brush is perfect for applying color directly to your eyes, especially on your top lash line or for smudging out the color on your bottom lash line.

Not only are the brushes super cute and colorful, but they’re really soft and a breeze to work with!

Third product: Lorac Pro Liquid Lipstick in ‘Dusty Rose’

Product value: $19.00

lorac pro

I have never tried any products from Lorac Cosmetics, but I was introduced to their brand when I saw their Pirates of the Carribean collection take over Instagram. I didn’t know that Lorac Cosmetics even had lipsticks, I thought they were a brand that focused more on the eyes. But, I will be the first to tell you that I have been missing out on the beautiful formulation of this lipstick! The formula applied smoothly, almost like a lip gloss; when I put the first swatch of this down on my hand, I thought it was a lip gloss.

I gave the lipstick a few minutes to dry and a highly-pigmented matte lipstick transformed on my hand. I applied the formula on my lips to see how it felt, but I was honestly just as shocked as when I applied the liquid lipstick on the back of my hand.

The formula was so creamy feeling, was incredibly light-weight feeling, and wasn’t streaky when I did apply it to my lips. It didn’t bleed out from my lips and I didn’t have any sort of lip primer or lip liner on. My biggest complaints about this lipstick are is that the formula isn’t very long lasting and it isn’t kiss-proof/transfer-proof.

The shade ‘Dusty Rose’ is absolutely stunning and has already become a stable in my everyday Fall makeup routine!

Fourth product: Pretty VularNightingale Smokey Eyeshadow Palette

Product value: $35

pretty vulgar

I’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about the Pretty Vulgar, so I had high hopes for this palette too. My first initial impression of this palette was that it was one of the more interesting packaging concepts that I’ve ever seen on an eyeshadow palette.

When I opened up the lid to this palette, I was a bit disappointed to see the shades in this palette. As a side note, when I first opened up this palette, I didn’t know that it was supposed to be a smokey eyeshadow palette. My first initial impressions of this palette were that it was boring and not very creative. Personally, I feel like I’ve been very disappointed in the eye palette selections Boxycharm has been making for their last few boxes and this eyeshadow just added to that disappointment.

When I read through the booklet that Boxycharm sends out, I did read that this eyeshadow palette was created to help you create the perfect smokey eye. Boxycharm says that there are 12 highly-pigmented shades, including shimmer, satin, and matte shades that are soft in texture but have an easy blending and a long-wear formula.

After swatching and wearing this palette, I have to say that this is an even bigger flop of a palette than the Laura Lee Los Angeles Party Animal Boxycharm sent out a few months ago. First of all, these eyeshadows aren’t soft and were very rough feeling, almost as if this was an eyeshadow palette from a cheaply made drugstore palette. Don’t get me wrong, the metallics were great, but they were the only thing that I slightly enjoyed about this palette.


Besides the rough texture of this palette, the mattes and satins were very powdery. Even when I swatched the shadows, I had powder fly over into another pan, which just mixed the colors together. This is especially prevalent in the ‘Flip Out’ pan, where you can see the grey pigments from ‘Silver Spoon’ being left in the pan. This color transfer didn’t happen because my fingers mixed the colors up, but really just because the color from ‘Silver Spoon’ was so powdery, it flew into ‘Flip Out’.

As you can see from swatches, the metallic and the satins are pretty good. I mean this is more of just your basic eyeshadow palette, so I don’t really understand why this palette costs $35- but to each their own. The mattes were patchy, powdery, and didn’t blend out well at all on my eyes. The satins also didn’t move around very well and weren’t at all blendable. What I had put on my lids, I was stuck with.

Another overpriced eyeshadow palette from Boxycharm that was full of disappointment. I really hope Boxycharm sends out a better palette next month. I give The Pretty Vulgar points for the unique packaging idea!

pretty vulgar 1



Fifth Product: Butter London Stroke of Wow Roll on Liner

Product value: $19


I was so excited to see this in my Boxycharm because I know it’s a product that’s newer to the beauty community. Earlier this year, MAC Cosmetics released a roll on the liner, were inside of having your typical brush for eyeliner, there is a little wheel that you use to apply your eyeliner with.

Basically, it’s like a little pizza cutter wheel on the end of your eyeliner applicator. There is a rubber catcher on the inside of the inkwell that helps to remove the excess liner so you won’t have any problems with gloopy liner coming out on your wheel.

When I applied this liner on the back of my hand, I did have problems with the liner bleeding out into the fine creases on my hand. However, I put this eyeliner on my lids and it didn’t transfer anywhere. I gave the liner a couple of seconds to dry before I opened up my lids all of the way (I have hooded eyes, so eyeliner always transfers) and it was dry! No transfer, no smudging- it literally dried so quickly.

I literally had the easiest time applying my winger liner because the roller didn’t catch, snag, or drag on my lids. In two quick motions, I had perfectly even, super bold, dark eyeliner. The staying power of this liquid liner is absolutely insane, it literally took some scrubbing with micellar water to get my perfect winged liner off of my eyes!

butter london

wow stroke

Overall, the September Boxycharm didn’t really win me over. I was really happy and impressed with the quality of the liquid lipsticks from LORAC and I was so happy to get a unique eyeliner from Butter London in my box, especially since it’s a product that’s so new to the market.

However, I do feel like Boxycharm is stuck sending out the same types of products in every box, from a select handful of products. I feel like the last good eyeshadow palette I got from Boxycharm was either the palette I received from Alamar Cosmetics or from Crown. But it’s been a while since I’ve received both of those palettes and I haven’t gotten an eyeshadow from Boxycharm since that time that has made me feel excited or impressed after playing with it.

I wish Boxycharm would expand the brands that they’re sending (they did send me the lipstick from LORAC, but that’s the only brand in my Boxycharm that I’ve never received before). I also wish Boxycharm would switch up their formula a bit and maybe try sending out something new, refreshing, or exciting. Need a second opinion? Read more at Ipsy vs Boxycharm.

September Glossybox vs September Boxycharm: who won?

While Boxycharm did deliver a higher value than Glossybox did, I personally feel like Glossybox won my heart for September. The eyeshadow palette is really what broke Boxycharm and is what made me end up choosing Glossybox.

Glossybox sent out an eyeshadow from a brand that I’ve never heard of that was basically half of the price of the eyeshadow palette Boxycharm sent out. Stylondon literally blew Pretty Vulgar out of the water with their Eaton Square eyeshadow palette, not only because it was a lot cheaper than the Pretty Vulgar palette, but mainly because it was felt and applied like a high-end palette.

Not only do I feel like the eyeshadow palette that Glossybox sent out was so much better than the eyeshadow palette that Boxycharm sent out, but I feel like Glossybox contained an interesting variety of items. Boxycharm is kind of getting stuck in the same pattern where you’re going to receive a lip product, an eyeliner/mascara, eyelashes/makeup brushes, a palette of some sort, and an additional item of some sort.

While I do love Boxycharm and truly believe that Boxycharm is the best makeup subscription box in the entire world, I do feel like the September Glossybox was a nice breath of fresh air. I got a unique lip product (I’ve literally never gotten a pH reacting lip product in any subscription box before), a really high-quality eyeshadow palette, and some skin care items.

Not to mention that with the last few eyeshadow palettes I’ve gotten in my Boxycharm, I’ve felt like the palettes that they’ve sent out haven’t been of the best quality and are maybe even dud products for the company that sells them. I was really disappointed in the eyeshadow palette that I got this month from Boxycharm, but I did really love the lipstick that I got in my Boxycharm.

Who do you think won this month?

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