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The ranking of my favorite things goes something like this: 1. All the puppies in the world, 2. Coffee, 3. My friends and family, 4. Tacos. Except sometimes, in the mornings, numbers one and two are switched (sorry, puppies).

That is to say; coffee is extremely important to me. I drink it every day, and I almost exclusively drink cold brew. 

My biggest problem with coffee is that I don’t really enjoy making it, at least not first thing in the morning when I could be getting a few extra precious minutes of sleep.

I like that cold brew is ready for me in my fridge each morning, and all I have to do is pour it over ice or pop it in the microwave. 

Cold brew subscriptions make things even easier for me. I don’t have to remember to start a batch of coffee the day before I want to drink it, I don’t have to measure or strain anything, and (my favorite thing) I don’t have to clean up messy coffee grounds once I’m done brewing a batch.

I put together this best cold brew subscriptions guide as a round-up of my favorite cold brew companies because who doesn’t love a few extra minutes of sleep each morning?

Bottom Line Up Front

Of all the cold brew subscriptions that I’ve tried, I’ve got two perfect recommendations. I really love the simplicity of Cold Brew Club and the taste is amazing and I really enjoyed the chocolate notes in that coffee (and it’s really good black as well). 

La Colombe is still one my favorites as well. I like that I can order different roasts and different-sized containers, and I really like the way it tastes.

The one thing about La Colombe, though, is that they don’t offer subscriptions to flavored coffees (unless you count flavored lattes).

That doesn’t bother me since I prefer plain, black coffee with nothing in it, but if you’re looking for more flavor variety, I would suggest checking out Wandering Bear or My Bev Box.

Cold Brew Subscriptions: My Picks at a Glance

Is Cold Brew Just Iced Coffee?

Cold brew is not just iced coffee. Iced coffee is often made by brewing hot coffee and then chilling it and pouring it over ice or by brewing strong hot coffee directly over ice (known as Japanese iced coffee).

Cold brew is made by steeping coffee grounds in cold or room temperature water over a long period of time (usually 12 to 24 hours) and then straining the mixture to remove the grounds. It results in a smooth coffee that’s slightly sweet and low in acid. 

My Picks for the Best Cold Brew Subscriptions

Below are my picks for the best cold brew subscriptions. I think all of these companies are fantastic and provided some key information so that you can decide which works best for you. 

Selection Criteria

One thing before we get started: the cold brew companies on this list had to meet specific criteria to even be considered: 

  • It should go without saying, but they had to sell coffee that was made using the cold brew method—not just canned or bottled coffee meant to be chilled. 
  • The cold brew must require little (or no) additional equipment to prepare. I made allowances for simple brew-at-home preparations (like Grady’s Cold Brew Bean Bags, which only need a container of water) but didn’t include any ground coffees that would require brewing and straining at home. (Though if you’re interested, La Colombe also offers one of those). 
  • There had to be a financial incentive to order a subscription over purchasing on a one-time basis because who doesn’t love a good deal? 
  • The subscription had to ship to at least the continental United States (lower 48 states). 

Cold Brew Club

Cold Brew Club is a subscription with only one product, their cold brew concentrate “bib in a box,” which essentially allows you to have coffee on tap in your fridge—Yes, you heard that right. No, this isn’t heaven, but it might be close. 

Cold Brew Club’s coffee is made with two ingredients: single-origin coffee beans from the Passeio farm in Sul de Minas, Brazil, and fresh water that’s naturally filtered through sand dunes in the Netherlands—that’s it.

It comes in one size, three liters—that’s it. It’s simple, delicious, and convenient. 

cold Brew club concentrat
Cold Brew Club’s concentrate can be mixed with water or milk | Photo by Lauren Vigdor

I like Cold Brew Club because it’s a simple product that doesn’t need any additives.

The coffee is smooth and slightly sweet and has a lovely milk chocolate and caramel flavor to it. I preferred it on its own, but it was also delicious with a splash of chai-flavored oat milk creamer—I was surprised at how well the coffee flavors still came through with such a strongly spiced creamer. 

Key Features

  • Only sell 3L “bib in box” of cold brew concentrate (makes about 38 cups of coffee).
  • $50.15 plus $5 shipping for a subscription, $59 plus $5 shipping for a single box. 
  • Ships everywhere in the United States. 
  • Delivery every two, four, or eight weeks. 


  • The box is full of concentrate, not ready-to-drink cold brew, so you get a lot of coffee with a minimal footprint, which is great if you’re short on fridge space. 
  • It’s an affordable way to have your everyday coffee on hand. 
  • It’s delicious and slightly sweet tasting, even with no added sweetener or dairy.
  • Everything is minimally packaged in recyclable cardboard and paper.
cold brew club
Photo by Lauren Vigdor
cold brew club
I loved Cold Brew Club’s minimal packaging | Photo by Lauren Vigdor


  • If you’re looking for variety, this isn’t the subscription for you.

Grady’s Cold Brew

Depending on where you live, you may have seen Grady’s Cold Brew on the shelves of your grocery store. I know I’ve seen their distinctive packaging in Whole Foods, Target, and ShopRite.

They’ve been around for over a decade, brewing and shipping out of The Bronx in New York. 

I like Grady’s because they offer a few different convenient ways to enjoy their cold brew.

They sell large, bag-in-box concentrate, smaller bottles of concentrate, single-serve ready-to-drink cold brew bottles, and their “bean bags,” which work like giant tea bags of cold brew.

You drop the large sachet of coffee into a container or cold water, wait at least 12 hours, fish it out (I like to use tongs to gently grab the bag without ripping it or getting my hands dirty), and you’ve got a fresh batch of cold brew concentrate without any straining or messy grounds. 

One thing that’s different about Grady’s Cold Brew is that they make New Orleans-style cold brew, which is coffee brewed with spices and chicory, the root of the endive plant.

It’s the same style as Cafe Du Monde, the famous coffee that’s sold in the iconic New Orleans cafe and comes in an orange can.

Chicory has historically been brewed as a substitute for coffee or as a way to stretch beans, which at times were expensive or hard to come by.

I think that the chicory adds a natural, sugar-free sweetness to the coffee and complements the added spices.

Still, if you’ve never had New Orleans-style coffee before, I suggest ordering a small amount to taste before committing to a larger subscription because it does have a distinct flavor. 

Key Features

  • New Orleans-style coffee with chicory (mocha and French vanilla available as well).  
  • Choose from bottled concentrate, bean bags to brew at home, cold brew on tap, and single-serve bottles. 
  • Save 10% with subscriptions. 
  • Free shipping on brew-at-home product orders over $49. 
  • Ships everywhere in the US, but shipping for bottled products can be expensive if you’re outside the NYC area. 
  • Available in many major grocery stores.
  • Delivery every four, eight, or 12 weeks. 


  • Grady’s bean bags are such a simple way to brew coffee at home—I love that you don’t need to strain anything. 
  • The chicory adds natural sweetness. 
  • They offer $6 flat-rate local delivery to customers in the New York area. (Your eligibility for local delivery is determined when you check out). 
  • I like that they offer their original roast as well as flavors like French vanilla and cocoa mocha. 


  • Not everyone likes the flavor of New Orleans-style coffee with chicory. 
  • The bean bags only make three servings of coffee per bag. You can always brew multiple bags at once, but that doesn’t seem like enough to me! 
  • If you’re not in the New York area, shipping on concentrate and other liquid products can be costly. 

La Colombe

la colombe

La Colombe is one of my favorite coffee roasters. I used to live across the street from their flagship store in Philadelphia, and everything they serve is impeccable. I blame them for my addiction to cold brew mixed with lemonade (seriously—try it). 

In addition to having dozens of coffee shops across the country, you can find their products in a ton of grocery stores, buy it from their massive online shop, and order select items for subscription. 

They have gallon-sized bib in a box “coffee on tap” fridge packs available for subscription, including a slightly sweetened variety. You can also subscribe to 12 or 24 packs of their canned single-origin cold brew and bottles of their cold brew concentrate.

They have a few different roasts of cold brew available, and although not all of them are available for subscription at all times (though they are almost always available in the online store for a one-time purchase). 

In addition to cold brew, La Colombe also sells subscriptions to their canned draft lattes (in various flavors with either milk or oat milk) and whole bean or ground coffee.

Everything you can subscribe to is also available in their online shop, where they also sell smaller batch and seasonal items.

Key Features

  • Different roasts and formats of cold brew available, including dark, medium, and light roasts, slightly-sweetened cold brew, “on tap” fridge packs, concentrate, and single-serve cans. 
  • Cold brew subscriptions start at $28 (for concentrate), coffee subscriptions start at $14 (for whole or ground beans). 
  • Ships to the United States (including territories) and Canada. 
  • Delivery every one, two, three, or four weeks. 
  • Prepay for three, six, or 12 shipments for an extra 5% off. 


  • They have different roasts of cold brew available. 
  • You can subscribe to the cold brew on tap, single-serve cans of cold brew, cold brew concentrate, and other non-cold-brew coffee items like canned lattes and coffee beans. 


  • There are some things available for one-time purchase that aren’t available for subscription, usually due to seasonality or availability. 

Wandering Bear

wandering bear

You might recognize Wandering Bear from their social media ads, which seem to have taken over the internet. They’re a boxed cold brew subscription service that specializes in different flavored cold brews.

In addition to straight black and decaf cold brew, they have around half a dozen different flavored coffees like hazelnut, mocha, dirty vanilla chai, and seasonal varieties like peppermint mocha and pumpkin spice.

All of their coffee is 100% organic, and all of it is sugar and dairy free (even the flavored coffees). 

You can subscribe to their 96 oz cold brew on tap cartons, cases of 32 oz cartons, or cases of single-serve cartons.

Subscribing saves you around 10% over buying the item as a one-time purchase, and they offer additional savings if you bundle multiple items. 

Key Features

  • Six to 12 different flavors available. 
  • Cold brew on tap, 32 oz cartons, and single-serve cartons available. 
  • Subscriptions start at around $36 for a cold brew on tap box or $43.19 for 12 single-serve cartons. Subscribing saves you around 10%.
  • Monthly delivery. 


  • I love that they have around half a dozen to a dozen flavors to choose from at any time. 
  • You can subscribe to large fridge packs, smaller cartons, and single-serving cartons. 
  • You can subscribe to variety packs of the cartons and single-serve cartons—great for someone who likes to mix it up. 
  • I love that everything is packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable cartons.


  • They don’t sell any cold brew concentrate, which makes it slightly harder to do my trick where I use a shot of concentrate as a replacement for a shot of espresso in certain drinks. 

My Bev Box

my bevbox

If you know you want to try a cold brew subscription, but you’re not brand loyal and would prefer to try a variety of coffees, My Bev Box is perfect for you.

Every month they’ll ship five different single-serving canned coffees to you. One thing to note, however, is that the coffees are not exclusively cold brew.

Many of them are, and it seems you’re almost guaranteed to get a few each month, but you’ll also get canned lattes and even the occasional canned tea and juice products. 

Key Features

  • Five canned coffees (or other beverages) shipped every month. 
  • $20 per month or $199 per year (equals around $16.50 per month). 
  • Selection is pre-determined by My Bev Box and isn’t customizable. 
  • If you order more than one box in the same month, they will contain the same selection. 


  • You’ll get to try a variety of different coffees and lattes. 
  • It’s a great way to find your new favorite coffee. 
  • It makes an excellent gift. 


  • Every once in a while, they might sub in a canned tea or juice beverage in place on one of the coffees. I actually think that’s kind of cool, though, since I love trying new things! 
  • This isn’t a great (or cost-effective) subscription to replace your daily coffee since you’ll only get five servings per month. 


Question: Is Cold Brew Cheaper than Iced Coffee? 

Answer: Cold brew actually tends to be more expensive than iced coffee, especially in coffee shops, because it takes a lot of time to make.

When thinking about cost, remember that the cold brew sold as a subscription or in stores might be a concentrate, so you’ll get more coffee out of that box or bottle than you may initially think. 

Question: Is Cold Brew Stronger Than Iced Coffee? 

Answer: The strength of coffee depends on many factors, including the beans, where they were grown, how they were processed, and how the coffee was brewed.

In general, cold brew tends to be bolder-tasting and more caffeinated than regular iced coffee. 

Question: Do you Have to Drink Cold Brew Cold? 

Answer: No, you don’t have to drink cold brew cold! Cold brew makes excellent and easy iced coffee, but you can always warm your cold brew in the microwave or on the stove for bold, low-acid hot coffee.

I like to top a shot of cold brew concentrate with steamed milk for a quick latte. 

Final Thoughts

A cold brew subscription is an excellent way to save you time and energy when preparing your coffee.

It’s also a great way to save money for those of us who, try as we might, just can’t make our homemade coffee taste as good as the stuff from our local coffee shops.

Whichever cold brew subscription you choose will ultimately come down to what you want your coffee to taste like (flavored, slightly sweet, or a variety of flavors) and how you’d like it to be packaged (individual servings, concentrate, or brew-at-home).

I happen to be fond of La Colombe, but you might want to try something with different flavor options, like Wandering Bear, or something easy to make yourself, like Grady’s. And, you can’t go wrong with Cold Brew Club, which delivers a fantastic, flavorful cold brew every time!

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