BroBasket Review and Unboxing: Bros, You’re Gonna Dig This!

First Thoughts: Would I Order BroBasket Again?

Yes! I would order BroBasket again! Overall, I was thrilled with my experience with BroBasket and enjoyed learning about the deeper details of their company. The basket was organized and contained many intriguing items that men loved but could also extend to the ladies.

johnnie walker black label BroBasket Review
Johnnie Walker Black Label aged 12 years. Photo by Trevor Abbott

My favorite part about the service was the versatility and having a total relaxation and stress-relief kit for any time of year. I highly recommend this subscription because they have many other services, including corporate options, basket customization, various drinks, and even personalized engraving.

Whether you’re searching for a distinctive gift or simply curious about the latest trends in gift baskets online, I think BroBasket takes your gift-giving to the next level. So, let’s get into the unboxing!

BroBasket Pros & Cons


  • Pleasing Variety: BroBasket takes the art of gifting to the next level with an impressive array of items in each basket, from enchanting spirits to gourmet goodies, ensuring a delightful surprise in each delivery.
  • Festive Elegance: Unwrapping a BroBasket is like unveiling a celebration in a box!
  • Tailored Thoughtfulness: Personalization options allow you to craft a gift as unique as the individual receiving it, adding a personal touch that goes beyond the ordinary and makes the moment memorable.
  • Prestige in Every Sip or Bite: The carefully curated items in a Brobasket flow with quality and prestige, creating a remarkable sensory experience that enhances any occasion.


  • Not as budget-friendly: BroBasket is a bit of a splurge.
  • Primarily For Him: Although mainly designed with the gents in mind, Brobasket acknowledges the diverse needs of its clientele, offering options for the tastes of both men and women. Still, it’s not ideally geared toward women in general.
  • A Beautiful Mess: The packaging is a visual treat, but the presentation might result in a mess upon unboxing, creating an unexpected cleanup task for them or you.
  • Styled for Some, Not All: The careful arrangement might be an acquired taste. While some may appreciate the snug grouping of items, others might find it cluttered.
  • Cheers to Drink Enthusiasts: With a primary focus on alcohol offerings, Brobasket speaks loudest to those who appreciate a good solid drink, potentially leaving non-alcoholic people seeking alternative services.

My Experience With BroBasket

So, after trying BroBasket, I can confidently say you’ll love this. I mean, imagine having everything a genuine dude could want and more. My basket included various items, but the highlight was the delicious Johnnie Walker Black Label blended scotch whiskey bottle. I’m getting ahead of myself; let’s talk about the experience from start to finish.

First of all, make sure you’re at your home to sign for the package because it contains alcohol, and I learned this the hard way. It took a few tries to get in sync with the mail, but it’s worth it when you can finally sign for it.

After getting my package, I saw the box was solid and packed well, so nothing shifted around. There wasn’t any damage to the exterior, and everything was tidy when opening. I liked the way it was insulated and knew there was something special and worthwhile inside.

When I saw the basket, I had this excitement that I could only liken to my childhood when opening presents on Christmas morning. Of course, there wasn’t whiskey inside my stocking then, but I remember my family gifting each other alcohol and was always curious why their faces lit up more than usual. However, just a bottle of alcohol is boring compared to what can be accomplished with a gift from BroBasket.

The presentation was meticulously crafted and packed with consideration. I appreciated the overall quality of the items and enjoyed how they were stashed in a sturdy base with fancy stuffing, making it feel more luxurious and like a slick bro gift. Even though it got everywhere and was a pain to clean up, there’s something special about it, similar to that happy feeling of making a mess with confetti during celebrations.

Everything about this basket was superb, and I felt like my relaxing weekend was complete while enjoying each item to the fullest. You can even keep the sturdy base the items came in to store things like candy, more alcohol, or, in my case, a few shot glasses and whiskey stones. Dudes, take it from a true bro: this one is a keeper and will amaze anyone because it shows you went the extra mile.

What I Received from BroBasket

Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky

BroBasket Review johnnie walker black label scotch whisky-min
Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky. Photo by Trevor Abbott

To start the journey, I immediately noticed the sophisticated allure of this iconic whisky brand. With an impressive selection of single malts and grains, this renowned whisky blend exudes a delightfully complex flavor profile that I could sense with every sip. It had some fruitiness with undertones of vanilla & caramel, which was perfect with the chocolate bar.

This is the kind of drink you want to savor with small sips, and that’s precisely what I did over an hour or so. Like any spirit, it gave me a warm, pleasant feeling, but this drink was incredibly prestigious and a true whisky for a gentleman. Even the bottle had a logo, which I appreciated for its elegant design.

Whiskey Stones

BroBasket Review whiskey stones
Whiskey stones. Photo by Trevor Abbott

You should have seen the smile on my face when I finally got some whiskey stones with this basket. If you enjoy whiskey, these take things to the next level and tend to escape the mind of most average drinkers. It must be all the partying or something, but I’ve noticed many people don’t own them or are even aware they exist.

I’m now a proud owner of some high-quality aesthetic whiskey stones. They bring new meaning to “whiskey on the rocks” without diluting your drink with melting ice. It keeps everything pure and untainted with a smooth, chilled beverage you can drink with style.

A High-Quality Taste of Havana Cigar

taste of havana cuban cigar BroBasket Review
Taste of Havana cuban cigar. Photo by Trevor Abbott

The cigar was a high-quality brand with a pleasant smell and flavor. It was incredibly satiating with the whiskey. Every bro knows that’s the golden combination, and it doesn’t get more manly than that. I tasted Havana with this perfectly rolled masterpiece that complimented the whiskey and gave me an even buzz that was just right. It even came with a cigar cutter for the optimal experience, sparing no expense and giving you the necessary tools.

Whiskey Glass

whiskey glass BroBasket Review
Whiskey glass. Photo by Trevor Abbott

The standard whiskey glass was nice and sturdy; the stones worked well when tested later. It has a simple design with no added details, and I consider it an entry-level glass. Still, it’s very kind of them to include it because you need it to test out your accompanying whiskey stones. Overall, it was easy to swirl around the whiskey and clean afterward. It added a nice touch and gave a feeling of completion instead of including whiskey with no vessel to drink from.

Reed Diffuser Sticks

reed diffuser sticks BroBasket Review
Dilo Reed Diffuser amber + oakmoss. Photo by Trevor Abbott

This basket came with a reed diffuser, and I wasn’t sure what I was looking at during my first impression. However, I quickly realized the joy of this item and its ability to infuse your space with a wonderful smell. It uplifted the atmosphere and gave me a sense of calm and peace after a tough day.

It’s a stylish way to make your home or office smell wonderful, and this was a particularly manly scent. It was perfect for me because my apartment doesn’t allow for open-flame candles, and this made everything smell wonderful without any fire hazards. It added a luxurious feeling to enjoying my glass of whiskey, and my senses were stimulated positively.

Sturdy Base

sturdy base BroBasket Review
Items came in such a sturdy basket. Photo by Trevor Abbott

I was impressed with the sturdy basket all the items came in because it was very hard plastic and incredibly roomy. It allowed me to store my items without worrying about it breaking. Now I use it for other various items related to drinking, but it can be used for anything so there’s no need to throw it away! It had a nice coloration, and you could tell they put thought into even the base of their basket so everything fit properly without worry.

Ghirardelli Sea Salt Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar

BroBasket Review ghirardelli sea salt caramel milk chocolate bar
Ghirardelli Sea Salt Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar. Photo by Trevor Abbott

The cherry on top of this experience was the delectable caramel chocolate bar that helped curve the dryness after smoking the cigar. Being a chocolatier, I ate the whole thing in one sitting, and it was the perfect addition. It brought out the flavors of the whiskey and cigar even more and helped to deal with the aftertaste and cottonmouth associated with smoking. You can’t beat Ghirhadelli, and it’s conveniently my favorite chocolate brand on the market!

Key Features of BroBasket

Versatile Baskets & Gifts For Any Occasion Or Anyone

Don’t let the name fool you. There are many options for both men and women here; it’s marketed more towards men. BroBasket shines with its ability to provide a well-rounded experience for any particular person in your life. These are some epic baskets to show him or her that you care from the heart. Even though I didn’t receive it from a particular person, I still got that feeling of joy from ordering it myself, which says a lot.

Below, you will find the various special events they provide, and rest assured you’ll have the right one for when that fun time arrives. I know I scramble around to find the perfect gift combination and sometimes try to make baskets that are not the best, so finding a service like this is a lifesaver for an easy fix regarding gift baskets. You can get one tailored for:

  • Holiday spirit
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas
  • Fathers/Mother’s Day
  • Easter
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Cinco De Mayo
  • Love
  • Corporate
  • Sympathy
  • Milestones
  • Customized occasions

A Variety Of Alcohol Sampling & Drink Options

If you want to dive deeper into their alcohol sampling, they open the door to a world of possibilities for a well-rounded experience. I was shocked when I researched how many sampling options they had. If you enjoy alcohol, then this is a perfect way to get a taste of the good life with various options to enjoy.

It’s made to get a taste of the best and refine your taste for a genuinely luxury-tasting experience. BroBasket knows its drinks, reflected in its alcohol sampling and drink options. You can either sample different types of liquor or purchase individual bottles if you find one particularly enjoyable. Here are the various sampling options you have to choose from:

  • The Ultimate Whiskey Sampler
  • A Bite Of Bourbon
  • The Vodka Sampler Gift Basket
  • Cali Craft Sampler Gift Basket
  • Margarita Brobox

Corporate Personalization & Engraving

If you need a convenient corporate gift basket, then BroBasket has you covered with impressive options to meet your short or long-term needs. No matter the accomplishment or celebratory occasion, you can get a basket that will make your employees or executives feel valued for a well-done job. Personalization is a huge factor in corporate gifts, and here, you can make it happen to award anyone with the right one to suit their needs.

There’s nothing like a stiff drink after a hard work day, and it’s well-earned. BroBasket is perfect for any company and can customize your needs to suit any brand’s appearance. The most popular corporate option they offer is the California Wine & Coffee Gift Basket. However, they are all suitable for showing appreciation to staff and bosses alike.

Customization Available To Create The Perfect Basket!

At first, I thought this gift basket service was mainly for the bros, but I was proven wrong after looking at their selection. You can customize each basket with the items that your loved ones will genuinely enjoy instead of worrying about things they may not. That’s always a concern when it comes to gift baskets.

Here, you can get rid of the stress associated with ordering a standard basket and hand-pick the different alcohols, snacks, & items that will be packed in your special personalized gift. They make it easier for you to customize your gift basket, and here are the core steps to bring it to life before your eyes for the perfect result they’ll love!

  • Select your fancy container type & consider the size.
  • Choose from various liquors according to your tastes
  • Select non-alcoholic swag and other items, such as glasses
  • Select your package theme and what other personalized items to include

Alternatives To Consider

If you are looking for some BroBasket alternatives, here are some that I strongly recommend:

Spirited Gifts

Spirited Gifts is like BroBasket, where you can get an assortment of liquors and engraved bottles for a personalized touch. They also allow you to include photos or personalized messages that might add more to the mix if you want to go the extra mile.

Here, you can find rare collectible bottles and brands perfect for the avid alcohol enthusiast who appreciates the greater depths of the craft. With over 145 items to choose from, you’ll undoubtedly have a great alternative to BroBasket here with a service that meets the needs of an expert drinker.

Give Them Beer

Look no further than Give Them Beer to discover some of the best craft beers on the market and gift baskets that shine for the serious beer enthusiast. If you’re shopping more for beer lovers, this might be a wise alternative to consider before deciding because they have 150 craft beers to choose from. Talk about a challenging yet exciting decision.

If you know their taste, you can see if they have anything along those lines, which may be a better option. Of course, they also have many types of spirits and liquors. The beer here is from the top-rated breweries worldwide, so you can confidently say it will be a slam dunk for any guy.

Manly Man Co

Manly, Man Co offers some interesting items you won’t find in other places, such as bouquets made of beef jerky. That’s a creative and unexpected gift he won’t see coming. A bacon bouquet has a nice ring and will surely floor any meat lover. They have an assortment of drinks available and even meat-scented wrapping paper!

If you’re looking for something outside the box to surprise and wow a man, this is the place to consider over BroBasket. I mean, edible greeting cards don’t get much cooler than that. This would be a great place to visit for anniversary gifts for any man because they give personalized options with various products and gift sets.

brobasket review greeting card
Photo by Trevor Abbott

Should You Try BroBasket?

From my perspective, BroBasket is a stellar service that met my manly needs, and it was a fun experience to unwrap the goodies inside. Each item was put to use, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. The items were packed well with integrity and were high-quality. The price was relatively high, which might be a factor for you when deciding, but they execute things well, and overall, it’s reasonable for the gifting experience.

I may have changed some items for my basket, but that’s not a problem because they have customization options to give you full confidence in your gift. BroBasket is worth a shot, but it may not be something you get every single time for someone. Still, I was satisfied with the basket as a whole and was impressed with the packing and quality of the items received.

Trying new services is essential to gain perspective and experience, but BroBasket is a worthy choice on your journey that will give excellent results as a gift or personal treat for any dude or dudette!

smoking the cigar brobasket review
Photo by Trevor Abbott

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can you customize baskets when using Brobasket?

Answer: Fortunately, you can customize your basket when ordering from Brobasket. You can customize every item in the basket to create a unique finished product tailored to yourself or an individual. This is ideal to forge a truly unique experience for your family and friends based on their preferences. It’s also convenient to keep out certain items you know won’t be helpful to some. For example, you may want to omit the cigar if the recipient doesn’t smoke and replace it with a delicious chocolate bar.

Question: Is Brobasket suitable for bestowing corporate or personalized gifts?

Answer: You will be able to explore a wide range of corporate options and personalized gifts to treat your office or individuals based on their accomplishments or for special occasions. Celebrating with your company is much more meaningful when you can engrave a product and make for a perfect gift. It’s ideal for expressing your company’s style and merchandise, and they will conveniently store extras for future events for recurring rewards.

Question: What happens if my basket arrives late or is damaged during shipping?

Answer:  As you probably know, shipping can be problematic no matter what a company promises. They are committed to giving you a practical shipping process at all costs, but sometimes, life happens that is outside their control. Therefore, you won’t be refunded if your basket arrives later. However, if your basket is damaged, you can return it for a refund or replacement by snapping a photo of the item and sending it to [email protected]

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