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12 Best Yarn Subscription Box Services [2021]: Perfect For Knitting and Crochet

As an avid crafter, I am constantly in search of high-quality yarn-based subscription boxes. I have experience dabbling in both knitting and crocheting, so when I look for new projects, I focus on the quality and color of the yarn. The type of fiber craft that comes in the box is less important to me personally.

After much trial and error, I have finally gathered all of the yarn subscription boxes that I have either tried or want to try. Each company I include in this comprehensive list had at least one aspect that interested me.

Save time when searching for your next yarn subscription box and browse my exhaustive list of unique recommendations! Let’s jump right in!


When I started my search, KnitCrate was the first service I found. It has an impressive number of reviews and seems to be the top result on Google. There are four types of subscription plans available. Right away, I noticed that each box allows for both crochet or knitting options. This is perfect for people who like to do both.

Knit & Crochet Monthly Club

Box Contents: A knitting pattern, a crochet pattern, yarn, and some brand-specific bonuses.

Features: Every box includes 100 STASH points which equal $5 in their online store in addition to promo codes. The yarn is in-house and premium. One highlight that is unique to KnitCrate is that you can preview the upcoming yarn selection for all their subscription options.

Monthly Plan Options: A month-to-month plan is $29.99 a box, a six-month plan is $28.99 per box, and a 12-month plan is $27.99 a box.

Potential Cons: They do not mention how many skeins come in the box or what types of patterns to expect. Shipping costs are $7.95 per box, tipping the overall price of this service to ~$30 a month.

Sock Knit & Crochet Monthly Club

Box Contents: Yarn, a crochet pattern, a knitting pattern, and brand-specific bonuses.

Features: Same brand-specific content as above.

Monthly Plan Options: The monthly is $24.99, the six-month $23.99, and the 12-month is $22.99 per box.

Potential Cons: It is unclear if enough skeins come in the box to finish a pair of socks. Shipping is $6.95 for this project.

Mrs. Crosby Travels the World Quarterly Club

Box Contents: Yarn, curated extras, crochet and knitting patterns, and special discounts.

Features: The yarn for this subscription is a Knitcrate exclusive. The collaboration with Mrs. Crosby adds a fun and unique storytelling element to each box.

Monthly Plan Options: This offering is shipping quarterly, so once every three months. Each box costs $69.99.

Potential Cons: It is currently sold out, but there is a waitlist option.

Malabrigo Quarterly Club

Box Contents: Includes unspecified amounts of yarn and patterns.

Features: The yarn is premium and the patterns are exclusives.

Monthly Plan Options: This is another quarterly subscription and runs $49.99 per box.

Potential Cons: Like the Mrs. Crosby option, this one is also sold out. You can put your name on a waitlist for future updates. It is unclear how much yarn or patterns are included in this option.

Little Skein

These beautiful hand-dyed yarns are creatively inspired by classic, heartwarming books. If you are seeking a cozy collection of soft fiber for your next project, this is the service for you.

The Beatrix Box

Box Contents: A knitting pattern, two skeins of yarn, and a fun surprise.

Features: Patterns are designer-made. Each surprise is from an artist. The yarn is hand-dyed. This adorable box is themed after the author of Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter. Shipping in the United States is free. The color palette is revealed a month before the box ships, and you can select your colors.

Monthly Plan Options: This is a quarterly-style box. The price per box is $32.40.

Potential Cons: Sign-up is currently closed but will open again in April.

Kindred Spirit Yarn Club

Box Contents: One skein of yarn and an optional mini skein in each box.

Features: You can select to add a mini skein to your order for an additional $9. Like the Beatrix box, this one includes free shipping. Every color is hand-dyed and the colors are inspired by the book Anne of Green Gables.

Monthly Plan Options: This box has an unusual schedule and ships every two months for a total of six skeins per year. It costs $28 for one skein and $37 for one regular skein and one mini skein.

Potential Cons: To get multiple skeins, you must have multiple subscriptions active at the same time.

Darn Good Yarn

This company touts its box as the only eco-friendly yarn subscription box. They source their products ethically and sustainably. If that resonates with you as a renewable and eco-friendly conscious crafter, this is the box for you!

Box Contents: A knit and crochet pattern, a skein of yarn, and a special mystery gift in your monthly box.

Features: The yarn is eco-friendly and handmade in India. In addition to being handmade, it is also created from recycled or natural fibers. You unlock access to an exclusive Facebook group.

Monthly Plan Options: It is per month and costs $20 per box. If you prepay $120 for the yearly plan, you will save 50%.

Potential Cons: There is no disclosure of the shipping cost up front, and they only mention “discounted shipping.”


Created by the famous DIY author and crafter Vickie Howell, this trendy service aims to excite yarn lovers and build an interactive community. If you are a fan of Vickie’s or are looking for a fun knit and crochet box, this may be the subscription for you!

Box Contents: A “bite-sized” amount of yarn, two patterns for the same style project one for knitting and one for crocheting, and two surprise specialty items.

Features: When you order a box, you unlock access to her Facebook group which has video tutorials and interviews on it. The patterns are exclusive to her brand.

Monthly Plan Options: If you are looking to sample this box, the price is $35 a month for the one-time purchase. However, the more boxes you prepay for, the more savings you get. The three-month plan will run $103, the six-month will be $203, and the 12-month is $400 and includes a free box.

Potential Cons: The website does not indicate how much yarn is included. She does encourage buying yarn locally, so it is safe to say the box does not come with enough yarn for the project.


PostStitch is a collaborative knitting box venture founded by a mother and daughter duo. For years they sent each other yarn-inspired boxes and decided to share their idea with the world in 2014. If you are looking to add to your yarn hoard and collect cool notions, this is the box for you.


Box Contents: This box comes in three sizes: lite, middle, and big. Each option adds more supplies. The lite box comes with one to two skeins of yarn and a printed knitting pattern, the middie includes some additional notions, and the big option includes knitting needles.

Features: You should select which box size based on what items you have available at home, i.e. knitting needles. All members get 15% off from their online store.

Monthly Plan Options: Each size offers a month-to-month, a three-month, and a six-month prepay. The lite is $40 a month, $115 for the three-month, and $225 for the six-month while the middie is $50 per month, $145 for the three-month, and $285 for the six-month. Finally, the big box comes in at $60 a month, $175 for three, and $345 for the six.

Potential Cons: There is not a 12-month prepay available.


Box Contents: A printed sock pattern, one to two skeins of sock weight yarn, and occasional notions.

Features: Same as above.

Monthly Plan Options: There are no tier options for this box, it is just the single style that is available. Choosing the month-to-month option costs $40 per box, the three-month prepay is $115, and the six-month prepay is $225.

Potential Cons: For this box, it does not indicate the difficulty level of the pattern.

Yarn Bits Shop

Yarn Bits Shop is one of those companies that offers a wide selection of boxes to choose from. You can select from their four different services based on your crochet skill level.

Yarn Bits Box

Box Contents: Five mini skeins of yarn at 20 grams each, an exclusive sticker, and a small project pattern.

Features: This is great for people of all skill levels. Every box unlocks 20% off their shop, video guides, and access to their stitches library. Additionally, the more of the subscriptions you sign up for, the more savings you get, i.e. for two box types you save 5%, for three you save 7%.

Monthly Plan Options: You can either choose the month-to-month option at $15 or the 12-month prepay for $165 where you also get a free 13th box.

Potential Cons: It is difficult to find information on the company. There is an issue with their website that adds a random three-month prepay option to your cart rather than the one-month option.

Quick Projects Box

Box Contents: An unclear number of projects, five skeins of mini yarn at 20 grams each, an exclusive sticker, and a hook.

Features: This relaxing project is aimed at beginners.

Monthly Plan Options: Like the previous option you can select the monthly or the 12-month subscription options. The single box is $25 a month and the yearlong plan is $275 and includes a free 13th box.

Potential Cons: Same as above.

Crochet Mastery

Box Contents: Challenging patterns, three to five skeins of yarn, a hook, and handmade stitch markers.

Features: These projects are geared toward the more ambitious intermediate and advanced crafters. The patterns take a few days to complete.

Monthly Plan Options: Shifting from a monthly delivery option, this subscription is bi-monthly so you will get six boxes in a year. Paying bi-monthly costs $50 per box while paying annually costs $270.

Potential Cons: Same as above.

Blanket Box

Box Contents: Unique blanket patterns, a hook, a bag, and about 2,000-3,000 meters of yarn.

Features: The patterns in this box are for beginner to intermediate skill levels. They have a Blanket Box+ option that includes 1,000 meters of extra yarn for the project which adds $20 per box.

Monthly Plan Options: This box is shipped quarterly. Quarter-to-quarter, it will run you $110 a box whereas paying for the annual option costs $400.

Potential Cons: Same as above.

Leither Collection Deluxe Box

At first glance, the Leither Collection appears to offer four different types of boxes, but each box is just the original with optional inclusions.

Box Contents: The original box includes one skein of Merino yarn and two crochet patterns. From here you can select from the other boxes to further customize (all the boxes include the two patterns). Option two includes a crochet hook and the single skein of yarn, option three has two skeins rather than one, and option four has two skeins and a crochet hook.

Features: You can customize exactly what you want each month by selecting the corresponding option from the four that are available. All boxes include free shipping in the United States and access to video tutorials.

Monthly Plan Options: The single skein is $23 a month or $253 yearly, the double skein is $40 a month or $440 yearly, the single skein with a crochet hook is $45 a month or $495 a year, and the double skein with a crochet hook is $62 a month or $682 a year.

Potential Cons: There isn’t any information about the company, which I always find odd. It appears to be a small business, but no information confirms this on the website.

Crochet Surprise Box

Crochet Surprise is a good option for beginners or people looking to get into crocheting. Since they offer a one-time purchase box, there is no obligation.

Box Contents: Some yarn, a pattern, an undisclosed amount of tea, and access to bonus content.

Features: You can view previous boxes. With your first project, you unlock the prior 12-months of patterns and videos. Additionally, each box gives you access to the Facebook group and includes partner discounts.

Monthly Plan Options: They offer both a one-time gift and a subscription option. The one-time box costs $29.95 while subscribing yearly costs $359.40 which saves $24.

Potential Cons: They do include acrylic yarns. It is hard to find any information about the company besides their box service, so it feels a bit corporate.

Carnival of Color by Row One Yarn

Row One Yarn is a business founded on a passion for quality yarn. They work with local dyers who only use natural and high-quality fibers. If you are in the market for new yarn providers, this is the perfect subscription.

Box Contents: Ten different colored skeins of fingering yarn that totals 100 grams.

Features: Free shipping in the United States. Each month features a new source of yarn, so you are introduced to different producers.

Monthly Plan Options: They offer a monthly option for $36.

Potential Cons: There are no patterns included. All the skeins are different colors which can affect project cohesion for some.

The Fiber of the Month Club by Paradise Fibers

Paradise Fibers is a fiber artist’s dream. They have all the tools imaginable for knitting, crocheting, weaving, and felting! This service is ideal for the multifaceted crafter that likes to explore their creative options.

Box Contents: You will receive a hand-selected fiber, a project idea, a newsletter, and some assorted goodies.

Features: Shipping is free on the subscription box only.

Monthly Plan Options: It is a month-to-month service and costs $34.99 a box per month.

Potential Cons: There is limited availability. Their checkout feature has an error that does not charge you shipping so you are contacted by a customer service representative at a later date to pay to ship.

Jimmy Beans Wool

This combination yarn shop and subscription box provider is run by Laura Zander and her husband. Specializing in both the online and retail space, this company has grown to 75 employees. If you are looking for a company that has multiple project options, Jimmy Beans Wool is the perfect fit!

Jimmy’s Shawl Club

Box Contents: A knit and crochet pattern, some yarn, and a shawl closure.

Features: The patterns are designed in-house.

Monthly Plan Options: You can either select month-to-month at $15 or pay upfront with the 12-month $180 option.

Potential Cons: It does not specify if the included yarn is enough to finish the project, so you may have to buy more from the website. There are not many pictures of the yarn.

Jimmy’s Blanket Club

Box Contents: One skein of Malabrigo yarn, a pattern card for crocheting, a pattern card for knitting, and a stitch marker.

Features: Same as above.

Monthly Plan Options: Like the shawl option above, they offer either monthly or yearly subscriptions. It breaks down to $22 per package or $264 for the year.

Potential Cons: The website is cute but feels uninspired. It is unclear if they sell additional skeins required for their projects in their online store.

Jimmy’s Accessory Club

Box Contents: A knitting and crochet pattern, the yarn needed to complete the whole project, and a notion.

Features: The included colors are gender-neutral shades.

Monthly Plan Options: Select from the $20 a month or the $240 a year packages.

Potential Cons: This option is currently waitlisted.


This box is from a high-end sustainably focused company. Every factor of the business is geared towards a renewable option. If you are looking for a clean and aesthetic subscription service, this is the box for you!

Box Contents: Yarn, a pattern, and a special surprise.

Features: They offer two levels for their boxes. Level one has color options for soil and stone while level two has the selections for April Showers and May Flowers. The themes change seasonally. As a member, you get 5% off all future orders.

Monthly Plan Options: This is a quarterly box, so it ships four times a year rather than monthly. The price per box at level one is $50 plus $12 shipping while level two is $95 a box with $12 shipping.

Potential Cons: This service is closed to new subscribers for now. There are not a lot of pictures available to see previous yarn colors. The yarn comes in single-colored skeins.

Spunky Eclectic

This company is run by a single woman named Amy King. She operates this online store in addition to a store location. If you are looking for multicolored and fun fiber for projects, this is the subscription box for you!

The Spunky Fiber Club

Box Contents: Hand-painted fiber.

Features: The box comes with about four ounces of fiber. Shipping is included for free. Only members have access to special yarns.

Monthly Plan Options: There is only the month-to-month option for $22.

Potential Cons: The website is a bit clunky and unclear at times.

The Spunky Yarn Club

Box Contents: Colorful yarn.

Features: The box comes with enough yarn to knit a pair of socks. Members have access to limited club fibers.

Monthly Plan Options: Like the fiber club, there is only the month-to-month option for $26.

Potential Cons: In addition to a user-unfriendly website, there are no included patterns in either option.


Question: Which art subscription box is the best?

Answer: That all depends on what kind of art or craft you are looking for!

Question: How can I get free yarn?

Answer: If you need additional yarn for your subscription box project, try asking your crafter friends if they have any leftovers. Worst case scenario is you may need to buy more from the website you ordered the box from.

Question: Why is yarn so expensive?

Answer: Most high-cost yarns are made from natural materials and dyed in small batches. The intensive process of collecting, cleaning, spinning, and dying the yarn raises the price.

Question: Where can I buy yarn cheap?

Answer: Local craft stores are good resources for cheaper yarn. If you are really in a pinch, thrift stores sometimes have yarn in-stock.

Question: How can you tell the quality of yarn?

Answer: New yarn comes with labels that will indicate the fiber type, if it is a blend of multiple fibers, and where it is from. Premium yarn is usually made from naturally occurring fibers like wool or cotton and is produced in smaller batches.

Have you tried any of these yarn subscription boxes? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments down below!


Whew, what a list! I hope this exhaustive dive helps you find the best yarn subscription box for your monthly crafting needs! Even after all my research, I enjoy the boxes that have a story or theme for their colors as well as the ones that provide both knitting and crocheting patterns. When they offer a semi-interactive theming element, my inspiration for potential projects flows much freer than when I am just provided colors without context.

That said, my top five favorites from this list are the Mrs. Crosby collaboration with Knitcrate, the options from quince&co, both boxes from Little Skein, and Carnival of Color by Row One Yarn. These all have at least one unique feature that appeals to the crafter in me. I’d love to hear about your experience with any of these services!

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