Chewy Goody Box Review: Different from Other Subscription Boxes

Chewy subscription services make getting your pet what it needs easy. With auto-ship, you can get food, treats, and potty supplies sent to you on your chosen schedule without lifting a finger. It only makes sense that Chewy would have a subscription box full of fun, curated goodies as well, right?

While Chewy does have fun, curated Goody Boxes, they are a bit different from other pet subscription boxes. I’ll review exactly what a Chewy Goody Box is and how it may be better for your lifestyle.

Goody Box | Chewy

Goody Boxes are specially curated pet gift boxes with a selection of five or more premium products that are handpicked for your dog or cat. There is a dog box filled with full-size dog treats and dog toys, along with other nifty items all picked by dog lovers for the perfect dog gift box.

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Should You Try a Chewy Goody Box Up Front

The nice thing about Chewy Goody Boxes is that it is not a subscription service. You can order them whenever you want and don’t have to worry about canceling a subscription.

They are also a great deal, with more items at a lower cost than any other pet subscription box I’ve seen. The only pets I don’t recommend a Goody Box for are tough chewers. The plush toys did not last but five minutes with my insane dogs.


  • You order Goody Boxes as you need them.
  • You get a good discount on the items in your box.
  • Shipping is really fast. (I got mine within three days)
  • There’s a wide range of boxes you can choose from with varying items.
  • All the treats sent are more natural, with minimal processed ingredients.
  • My picky dog loves the treats.
  • The items in these boxes are all highly rated and not just overstocked, pawned-off items.


  • You can’t auto-ship goody boxes
  • Nearly all the toys are plush toys, which my dogs immediately tear apart.

What are Chewy Goody Boxes?

Chewy Goody Box Review

Chewy Goody Boxes are curated boxes of toys and treats made for your pet. They have quite a few options you can choose from, depending on what you want in your box, what type of pet it’s for, and the size of your pet.

Is Chewy Box a Subscription?

Chewy Goody Boxes are not a subscription. You can order as many boxes as you want whenever you want. Chewy does have options for automatic shipments of certain items, like food and treats, making them resemble a subscription. However, this is not an option for the Goody Boxes.

You would think it would be beneficial to the customer and Chewy to allow auto-shipments of the Goody Boxes. So, I’m a little upset that they don’t offer this option. However, it is nice to be able to shop through their selection of curated boxes and pick the one I like best.

What Comes in Each Box

Each box is specially made for either your dog or cat. They include up to eight items inside the box that could be toys, treats, and sometimes accessories.

The Goody Boxes are made to a theme, such as their birthday, an upcoming holiday, or Disney. Chewy also separates boxes according to the age and size of your pet. They have puppy and kitten boxes, boxes for X-small to small dogs, small to medium dogs, and medium to large dogs.

The puppy Goody Boxes are unique, with toys made for teething and items that help with potty training. Chewy thought about every scenario when they made these boxes.

How Much Chewy Goody Boxes Cost

Because Chewy Goody Boxes are bought individually, prices vary depending on the box. A box can cost anywhere from $15.99 to $29.99. Items are generally worth between $5 and $13 each.

With each box having five to eight items, you’re saving quite a bit of money with one of these boxes. Generally, the savings add up to about 20% to 55% off per box.

Chewy offers free shipping on orders over $49. Unless you purchase two of these boxes or something else, you won’t get free shipping. Shipping added another $4.95 to my order.

My Experience with the Chewy Goody Box

Before we dive into the Goody Box unboxing, let me introduce my fur babies. I have two large dogs, Daphne and Cassie. Daphne is my larger dog, a great dane, while Cassie is a cattle dog mix. They are both high-energy for middle-aged dogs and need all the toys they can get.

Daphne is also a picky eater. I don’t usually deviate from the treats I know she likes, so it will be interesting to see if she is interested in the treats in their box.

Goody Box | Chewy

Goody Boxes are specially curated pet gift boxes with a selection of five or more premium products that are handpicked for your dog or cat. There is a dog box filled with full-size dog treats and dog toys, along with other nifty items all picked by dog lovers for the perfect dog gift box.

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The Chewy Goody Boxes aren’t really advertised on the Chewy homepage. You can find them under the “Chewy Picks” tab or click the link HERE.

From there, I clicked on the “Shop Dog” button and looked through everything they had to offer. You can further filter through the boxes in the left-hand sidebar, choosing your pet’s life stage, breed size, flavors they prefer, and more.

chewy goody boxes ordering
Photo by Haley Parker

There are currently quite a few themes and options, including a Halloween box, holiday boxes, Disney boxes, back-to-school boxes, and birthday boxes.

I chose the Adventure box for medium to large dogs, and it saved me 50% total on the items. This box felt the most appropriate for my pups since they both lived in a campervan for a couple of years, traveling the country. I also saw this box had a teddy bear, and Cassie is obsessed with bear toys.


My Chewy Goody Box came surprisingly fast. I live in the middle of nowhere, so packages typically take longer to get to me. This one got delivered to my door in three days.

The Goody Box was within another shipping box with packing paper to keep the pretty designs from becoming damaged. My box has cute designs all over it that resemble an adventure theme.

chewy goody boxes unboxing
Photo by Haley Parker

There was a small card inside my box telling me how Chewy picked everything. The back of the card had a recipe on it for how to make your own dog treats. I’m not much of a baker, so I’m not sure I’ll be trying it, but it could be a lot of fun for someone who enjoys baking with their pups!

Inside the box, everything is wrapped in Chewy tissue paper, which keeps everything from moving around too much during transit. Each toy is individually wrapped in plastic, ensuring that they are safe to go in your dog’s mouth right away.

Thank goodness, because once Cassie and Daphne realized what this box was full of, they freaked out and had to have everything inside it immediately.

Testing Out Everything

I got five items in my box, including:

  • American Journey Oven Baked Peanut Butter Dog treats
  • Soft Baked Mutt Mallows dog treats
  • Frisco Road Trip Camera plush squeaky toy
  • Frisco Plush Bear squeaky toy
  • Frisco Camping Lantern plush squeaky toy
chewy goody boxes testing out
Photo by Haley Parker

The online box shows the box including two rawhide bones instead of the Mutt Mallows, but in the fine print, it says, “Treat may vary.” This could be disappointing to dog owners who want something for their dog to chew on. However, my picky dog isn’t a massive fan of rawhide and loved the Mutt Mallows.

mutt mallows chewy goody box
Photo by Haley Parker

Cassie and Daphne enjoyed the American Journey peanut butter treats, too, but didn’t seem as excited about them as the Mutt Mallows. I don’t know what it is, but dogs get way more excited by soft food and treats. Both treats are wheat, corn, and soy-free with ingredients that I can actually understand.

chewy goody boxes review
Photo by Haley Parker

All of the toys in this box are plush toys with two of them having ropes attached as well. I do wish they had more of a selection of hard toys for large dogs in their Goody Box line-up because my dogs are the type to destroy plush toys in a matter of minutes.

Cassie and Daphne’s favorite toy is the bear, although they chewed a hole into it within the first five minutes. They like to hold opposite legs of it and play tug with it.

chewy plush toys
Photo by Haley Parker

All of the plush toys have squeakers in them, which add an extra bit of excitement for my pups. However, they’ve already ripped one of the squeakers out of the toy. These toys may last a while for some dogs but stood no chance to my heathens.

chewy plush toy
Photo by Haley Parker

Other Pet Boxes Like Chewy Goody Box

Subscription services for pets are nearly as standard as subscription services for humans nowadays. Each one has its own perks and aspects that make them unique. Below are a few others you can try out for something different.

Bark Box

bark box review

Bark Box is one of the most popular pet subscription services out there and is most similar to Chewy Goody Boxes. It is a subscription service that sends you two toys and two treats every month. They also have a box for “Super Chewers,” which gives you toys better suited for dogs that are tough on their toys. This service costs $35 per month.

Nom Nom

nom nom review

Nom Nom sends you fresh dog food every month. Veterinarian nutritionists make each recipe without fillers and chemicals, and it is some of the freshest food you can serve your dog. Your first order is half off when you subscribe, and you can choose to have half meals that you mix with kibble or full meals sent.

Pet Treater

pet treater review

Pet Treater has the most affordable subscription boxes for dogs and cats. Their basic pack is $15 per month and has three to four items, including toys, treats, and other pet goodies. You can also choose to have a bag full of just treats or toys or a deluxe pack with five to eight items.

Chewy Goody Box FAQ’s

Question: Is Chewy Cheaper than Petsmart?

Answer: Chewy and Petsmart are similarly priced. Sometimes, there will be cyber deals that make Chewy cheaper, but full-priced items are around the same price. One particular deal you can find on Chewy is their Goody Boxes, which save you 20% to 55% on the included items. You also save more on Chewy by auto-shipping your dog food regularly.

Question: Does Chewy have a Cat Subscription Box?

Answer: Chewy has a Goody Box for cats. While Goody Boxes aren’t a subscription, they are similar to other pet subscription boxes in that it’s full of treats and toys for your cat. There are also specific boxes for kittens.

Question: How Long Does it Take to Get a Chewy Box?

Answer: My Chewy box came within three days. If you purchase $49 worth of items from Chewy, you will get free one to three-day shipping. The Chewy Goody Boxes do not auto-ship like other subscription services. You can order them whenever you want a new box.

Are Chewy Goody Boxes Worth It?

Chewy Goody Boxes are great for people who only want a box on special occasions. You can’t auto-ship these boxes like you can with other items on Chewy, so they make excellent gift boxes for your pet on holidays or birthdays.

They also have random-themed boxes, like Disney and back-to-school, if you want to get your pet a box simply because you love them!

I wish Chewy had options for tough chewers in their boxes. I saw one box with a rubber bone toy that looked like it may be okay for my crazy dog. However, there is a warning in the description of these boxes stating that the toys are not for tough chewers.

It would also be nice for them to add an auto-ship option for the Goody Boxes to make them more like a subscription. They already have the option for other items, so you would think it would be an easy option to add to the Goody Boxes.

However, I do not need a new Goody Box for my dog every month. For me, it is better that I can purchase a Goody Box whenever I want. Plus, I love how much of a deal you are getting on these boxes. You get way more in one box for a lower cost than any other box I’ve seen.

Goody Box | Chewy

Goody Boxes are specially curated pet gift boxes with a selection of five or more premium products that are handpicked for your dog or cat. There is a dog box filled with full-size dog treats and dog toys, along with other nifty items all picked by dog lovers for the perfect dog gift box.

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