Home Chef vs Blue Apron: Find the Best Meal Delivery Provider!

If you were looking for the ultimate showdown between Home Chef vs Blue Apron, this is the review you’ve been looking for. In today’s Home Chef vs Blue Apron review, I’m unboxing and preparing a month’s worth of meals from both home chef and blue apron.

Home Chef and Blue Apron are both popular meal subscription plans, but I really wanted to see if there’s a big difference between these two meal service providers. So, in today’s review of Home Chef vs Blue Apron meal subscription,  I looked at the pricing, quality of the food, ease of meal recipes, and food allergy friendliness. So, if you’re looking for an unbiased, unfiltered, honest review- you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started!

Home Chef

The first meal subscription service that I started with Home Chef. Home Chef gives users the option to purchase meals for two people or four people at once an offer a weekly meal rotation, so you don’t really have to worry about getting at this same repeated meal in every box. Home Chef automatically assigns meals based on the personal taste preference profile that you fill out when you first go to sign up, but I did really as that Home Chef gave me the option to go in and customize my meal selections.

I found that there was actually a surprisingly large selection for each week of the home Chef meals, as there is about 15 different selections that I could choose from for each week. however, the three of those options were lunch choices and two of those options were an add-on, which was usually some sort of smoothie or protein shake.

As somebody with food sensitivities, I found it very helpful that Home Chef asked about my food allergies when I was first filling out my personal taste profile. Home Chef asked if there were any meat that they should avoid sending out my box which included fish, shellfish, and pork. Home Chef includes recipes that are vegetarian, recipes that don’t contain any nuts, Smoothie recipes, wheat-free recipes, seafood free recipes, carb conscious recipes, calorie-conscious recipes, and milk recipes. In the personal taste profile that I filled out with Home Chef, I requested that I didn’t want any pork and that I wanted their carb conscious meal plan.

I filled out my home Chef profile and I requested that I have meals and for two people in each box. This was the very first box that I received from Home Chef. The morning that I was set to receive my box,  I received an email when Home Chef with shipping my box so via FedEx. I also received an email from home Chef when my box was delivered.

I really love the packaging that Home Chef sent out with my shipment. I feel like everything was really well packaged, as I wasn’t really worried about anything going bad during shipment. All of my shipments came with this foam padding wrap in plastic. The reason why I love this so much is that not only did this keep everything nice and cold, but I loved how the inside of the plastic is made from recycled cotton. The exterior of the plastic wrapped recycled cotton gave me instructions on how to recycle everything it was used for insulation, which made me feel a lot less guilty but all of the waste inside of my box.

In addition to the plastic-wrapped recycled cotton insulation, Home Chef also included these it reusable cooling packs inside of my box to make sure that the proteins work at frozen and the veggies were kept cold. Even when my package was left outside all day in the hot sun, I didn’t have any problems with anything being spoiled or even anything feeling warm. I even accidentally left a package outside for 24 hours and everything was still frozen and by the time I realized that I had forgotten outside.

This is the first box that I received from Home Chef and I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised to see that all the ingredients that I needed for each individual recipe with separated by the bag. These bags are the kind of bags that you buy grapes in so they weren’t incredibly sturdy however I didn’t have any problems with anything leaking or falling out of the bags.

Now that we finished unboxing my first Home Chef box, let’s get started talking about everything that I was able to make throughout my month’s subscription of Home Chef.

The part that I was the least excited about with Home Chef with how much extra plastic is that I felt like went to waste.  Not only with the chicken wrapped individually, but all other proteins we’ve been through together in one bag, and while I understand that this was to help avoid possible leakage in cross-contamination, I do feel like there’s a lot of excess packaging that went to waste especially after eating these meals for a month straight.

In my first shipment from home Chef, I received a binder for me to put all of my recipe note cards in. In comparison to Blue Apron, I thought that the reminder that Home Chef included was very thoughtful, but it was really nice not to have a bunch of random recipes no cards laying around in a messy pile in my kitchen.

I also really enjoyed how detailed the recipe note cards from Home Chere were. Not only did these note cards include a picture and written tutorial on how to prepare each dish, but it also included a prep and cook time, a cook within time, a difficulty level measurement, and a spice level measurement for each recipe. In addition, it also included a nutritional breakdown on each individual card and allergy warning to let people know that the recipe was possibly processed in a facility that contains common allergens.

Hawaiian BBQ chicken thigh pizza with pineapple and cheddar jack cheese

The first meal that I cooked from my home Chef subscription was the Hawaiian BBQ chicken thigh pizza with pineapple and cheddar jack cheese. I was honestly surprised to see that this is one of the first options that I received in my Home Chef box, considering that I selected to receive low carb menu options in my home Chef service. For the first week I did go ahead and skip out on personalized in my box, they wanted to see the options Home Chef is going to pick out for me based upon my personal taste profile.

As a part of my personal lifestyle, I choose to eat under 20 grams of carbs every day. The Hawaiian BBQ chicken thigh Pizza had a total of 922 calories and 96 grams of carbs for one pizza, which was a serving size.  I was really shocked to see that even though I have selected low-carb option off of Home Chef that I was sent to the high carb option that I didn’t really feel fit in with my personal lifestyle choices. However, I was very excited to be introduced to a new flavor profile that I had never really experimented with before.

I live in a suburban area that’s not really considered to be anywhere close to a big city, so there aren’t very many unique or exotic flavor profiles from restaurants around where I live. So, while I didn’t feel like this meal fit in with the lifestyle choices that I filled out in my personal taste profile, I was super stoked to try out something completely different than anything I had ever tried before.

Just as an example how most of my meals came packaged in my Home Chef subscription, you can see that each individual ingredient that was needed in the creation of the Hawaiian pineapple barbecue chicken pizza came individually wrapped. I did really like how there’s a plastic reusable screw-top jar used to package the pineapple chunks, as that was a piece of this box that I was able to reuse and not have to throw away, therefore creating less waste. But, that was the only thing that I was able to reuse from this meal, which means there’s a lot of plastic that I was throwing away.

I was also very surprised to see that there wasn’t some special barbecue sauce included with this recipe, and it was Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce which is something that I could buy the grocery store. From one point of view, I can understand how that could be encouraging, as most of these ingredients are things that you can find at your regular grocery store even at a local Walmart. This made me feel like even though I was paying for a meal from Home Chef, I was also receiving a lesson on how to build this by myself without having to pay for it again.

New England-style fish cakes with Romaine and tomato salad

The one thing that I do wish Home Chef gave users the option to do on their flavor profile was to list other foods that they had sensitivities or allergies too. I have a sensitivity to tomatoes, so while I did make the salad the way Home Chef intended me to do so, I couldn’t eat the tomatoes. That left me with having to throw away food and I feel like a lot of food could be prevented from going to waste if Home Chef had any more and detailed Personal Taste profile.

New England-style fish cakes with Romaine and tomato salad had 514 calories and 21 grams of carbs for a serving. The fish cakes weren’t very different from anything that I’ve ever made by myself, although I did enjoy the dressing that home chef included with the romaine and tomato salad.

I know that I did what I could about Home Chef is that the majority of the recipes require olive oil to fix up and access to an oven. I don’t think the Home Chef would be very beneficial to you if you live in a small apartment or even in a dorm room, where you don’t have access to an oven to be able to bake things. The majority of the recipe that required the use of an oven at least once, so I don’t really think that you’d be able to cook a lot of the foods that you received if you didn’t have access to an oven.

Tortilla chicken with elote style acorn squash

Acorn squash isn’t something that I’ve ever seen in a grocery store around me, so I was so stoked that how much I concluded this in one of my Bacchus. The tortilla chicken with elote style squash and 34 grams of carbs per serving.  I was so excited to be able to try an acorn squash elote style and that’s also something that I’ve always wanted to try out, so I was really excited to be introduced or two a new food in a way that I’ve never had prepared before. A chicken in this recipe was gonna be tender just as amazing as the first chicken dish that I add with home Chef. I really sleep quality of armies was absolutely outstanding and wasn’t something that I was expecting to receive in their subscription at all.

Not to mention that it was absolutely beautiful, which made it super great for Instagram pictures!

Chili lime salmon with roasted chayote squash and mojo de ajo

When I saw that Home Chef was sending the chili lime salmon dish in my box, I was so excited because I had never even thought of parents chili lime flavor with salmon. Salmon is something that I eat at least two or three times a week, as it’s one of my favorite foods, and it makes a super healthy protein for the lifestyle that I’m following.

The chili lime salmon with roasted chayote squash had 575 calories in 25 G of carbs per serving. I have also never tried chayote squash or mojo de Ajo oh, so this entire dish was really like a brand new experience for me.

This wasn’t spicy at all, which is the opposite of what I was expecting it to be. But after I read through the Recipe no card that I’m just done with this meal, I saw that home Chat Heads labeled this recipe is not spicy. I’m normally someone who has a very low tolerance to heat in spicy food, so foods that other people find spicy, I normally find to be on the spice your side. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I agreed with home Chef rating of this food, even though it had chili in it! Let’s see this is the adobo no

Acapulco fajita beef skillet with pico de gallo

Whenever I make fajitas, I always think to pair it up in a salad or with a low-carb tortilla wrap. I’ve never thought of making a beef skillet, so the application of this recipe was a twist on a meal that I’m already very familiar with.

I loved how many vegetables Home Chef included in this beef skillet; this meal used a poblano pepper, red onion, red bell pepper, and yellow squash! One serving size of this beef skillet had 581 calories and 29 grams of carbs, so while this meal was still higher in carbs, the variety of vegetables is what contributed to the higher carb content.

I also loved that I was able to cook everything that was needed for this recipe in one pan. Not only was it super tasty, but the cleanup afterward was easy!

Hot honey salmon with zucchini and tomatoes

I feel like Home Chef used tomatoes in the majority of their recipes, so I do feel like there was a lot of food that went to waste that didn’t need to be wasted. I strongly hope that Home Chef expands their food sensitivity and allergy questionnaire for other people who are in a similar situation as I am.

Hot honey salmon was another dish that I was excited to see in my box, as it was a unique flavor profile that I’d never had the chance to try. With 471 calories and 17 grams of carbs per a serving, I was excited to finally be able to try a dish that I could eat without having to go over my daily macros for my low-carb diet. This recipe did require the use of an oven and a stove top, which used a lot of dishes and left a lot to clean up after I fixed everything up.

However, I love salmon and I thoroughly enjoyed this dish!

Prosciutto and fig mini flatbreads with mozzarella

I was really disappointed when I saw that Home Chef included this recipe in my box, as prosciutto is a pork product, which I’m very allergic to. In my personal taste profile, I had selected that Home Chef to not include any pork in my box, so having paid for a meal that I couldn’t eat was very frustrating.

However, my fiance said that he was expecting for the prosciutto and fig mini flatbreads to have an overpowering sweet taste (because of the figs). He was surprised by how balanced the taste of the flatbreads was. He also said that he enjoyed the moisture in the flatbreads and that they weren’t excessively dry.

Just in case you were curious, the prosciutto and fig mini flatbreads had 608 calories and 66 grams of carbs per serving, which made this a very high carb meal.

Boom boom fried fish tacos with diced pineapple and bok choy

I’m a seafood fanatic, so I usually cook up fish tacos at least once every two weeks (with low-carb tortillas). I was super pumped when I pulled out the ingredients to make these boom boom fried fish tacos with diced pineapple and bok choy. My local Walmart doesn’t have a huge veggie selection, so this was my first experience trying bok choy.

At 881 calories and 71 grams of carbs per serving, but this dish was so delicious, every single calorie was worth it. To make it lower carb, I made my boom boom friend ‘taco’ without the taco shells and without the pineapple chunks to make it lower carb 

However, I did try a bite of my fiance’s completed boom boom fish taco and it was absolutely fantastic. I was a little blown away at how scrumptious this was, especially because of the balance between the boom boom sauce and the pineapples. I would highly recommend trying out this meal if you’re looking for a lightweight summer dinner that’s jam-packed with flavor!

French onion chicken with arugula salad and white balsamic vinaigrette

Trying was an arugula salad was a new experience for me, but this meal was another dish that included tomatoes that I wasn’t able to use. French onion chicken was a staple meal in my childhood, so I was excited to see if Home Chef was going to include a twist on this classic meal.

All of the meats that I received in my Home Chef were super tender and this meal was no different. My knife cut through the french onion chicken with ease and it was like the chicken literally melted in my mouth. If nothing else, I’m so grateful that Home Chef provided me with the highest quality of meats that I’ve ever had in my life.

Caprese burger with Italian seasoned potatoes

The last meal that I tried from Home Chef was this caprese burger with Italian seasoned potatoes. As a self-proclaimed hamburger fanatic, I was so pumped to taste the quality of the hamburger meat that Home Chef sent me.

This burger 1,004 calories per a serving and 82 grams of carbs, but I was able to cut back on the carbs (and calories) in this meal by leaving off the burger bun and not eating any of the fries. My fiance said that the fries were well-seasoned and reminded him of something that he’d eat at Red Robin or Ruby Tuesday’s.

The hamburger patty itself was so juicy and tender. I’ve been to many restaurants and I don’t think I’ve ever had a burger as tender as the one that I tried from Home Chef. I’d happily pay $15 for this meal, so considering that the serving was only $9.95, I thought that the pricing of this meal was a steal!

Now let’s see what Blue Apron has in store!

Blue Apron

Blue Apron wasn’t packaged as well as Home Chef was. Everything came shipped in a plastic insulated bag and there was only one ice pack to keep everything cool. I realized that I had to be on a much tighter schedule when I was receiving my Blue Apron shipments because I knew that I couldn’t leave my package out in the sun or warm weather without risking the spoilage of the contents in my box.

I also didn’t like how the vegetables weren’t protected by anything, as there were several times that I received vegetables in my box that were bruised or damaged. However, I also don’t feel like this caused any less plastic to go to waste. There were items inside of each of the individual meal bags that were wrapped up excessively, which added to the overall waste of plastic.

I also felt like Blue Apron was much more disorganized than Home Chef was. Blue Apron included recipe extras in their boxes but didn’t put these items inside of the meal bags that they had put together. For instance, I had a random can of beans included in a box that I wasn’t sure which recipe to use with (until I looked at my recipe card).

I did feel like this made the entire meal planning process a little more stressful, as there were several times where I wasn’t sure which separate ingredients that I needed to use in each recipe.

Here’s an example of one of the recipe bags. On the bottom of the bag, you can find the name of the meal.

Just to touch note on the ‘damaged vegetables’ that I was talking about earlier, here’s an up-close shot of what I was talking about.

The recipe cards that Blue Apron included were different than what I received from Home Chef. The recipe cards from Blue Apron included a little summary of the meal that we received, pictures of the ingredients that we needed to make the recipe, and pictures of the final product.

Blue Apron didn’t include nutritional information or possible food allergens on their note cards. The nutritional information was found on a separate card that listed the nutritional information of three separate recipes (some of the information you received was for food you didn’t get inside of your box).

The back of the recipe note cards included a picture tutorial as well as written directions on how to prepare your dish. Let’s take a look at the meals that Blue Apron sent me!

Nashville style hot chicken with maple kale and mashed sweet potatoes

The fried chicken was another childhood favorite, but I’ve never had the privilege of trying Nashville style hot chicken. Sweet mashed potatoes are a Thanksgiving favorite of mine, but pairing everything together with maple kale was a twist that I wasn’t expecting.

The chicken in this dish was surprisingly tender, which exciting because I wasn’t expecting to receive high-quality meats in either meal subscription box. However, the quality of the chicken was absolutely amazing! I thought that it was very interesting the Blue Apron had me top my dish off with pickle chips, and as someone who doesn’t take time to ‘top off’ my dishes, I thought the added pickle chips really helped this dish to stand out!

Smoky ancho baked chicken with spiced rice and black beans

There was one comfort zone that Blue Apron consistently took me out of during my month subscription- using apple cider vinegar while cooking rice. It’s not something that I had ever tried before, but it’s also something that I haven’t used outside of cooking with Blue Apron.

This recipe required the use of a stove top and an oven, so I feel that Blue Apron wouldn’t be the best subscription to go with if you don’t have access to an oven at all. Maybe if you’re stopping off at your parent’s house a couple of times a week, you could totally use the Blue Apron or Home Chef subscription if you cook all of your meals (that require an oven) there.

The smoky ancho baked chicken was fantastic- it was tender, juicy, and full of flavor. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the spiced rice and black beans because the taste of warmed apple cider vinegar was very strong. But, the melted cheese on the smoky ancho chicken was phenomenal!

Cajun style pork roast with red rice and beans 

When I filled out my Blue Apron taste profile, I asked Blue Apron to not send me any pork products (due to my pork allergy). The second meal that I received in my first box was the cajun style pork roast with red rice and beans. Not only did I end up paying for a meal that I wasn’t able to eat, but I also felt like the red rice and beans were very repetitive in this box. 

While I understand that I could’ve gone in and selected other meals, I wanted to see what types of meals Blue Apron pre-selected for me without my interference. However, I was able to appreciate that Blue Apron used a unique sauce on top of this dish, which wasn’t a common trend with my Home Chef meals.

Creamy tomato and mushroom gnocchi with pecorino

The third meal in my first box from Blue Apron included tomato, which made me feel like the majority of my first box was a pretty big flop. Blue Apron doesn’t currently offer any specific dietary meal plans, so I wasn’t able to select a low-carb meal plan.

My fiance said that the creamy tomato and mushroom gnocchi was the perfect balance of savory and creamy. He was worried that the garlic was going to be too heavy in this dish (I’m a lover of all things garlic, but he isn’t), but he said that it was the tomato, mushroom, and garlic all blended together exceptionally well.

New Orleans inspired chicken Po’ boy with roasted potato wedges and spiced mayo

Spicy mayo is my favorite condiments, but on a New Orleans inspired chicken Po’ boy? You betcha I’m all in. Paired with the roasted potato wedges, this was the perfect Friday-night comfort food that I was able to fix from the comfort of my own home!

I did really like that Blue Apron didn’t send out a pre-made spicy mayo for me to include with the chicken Po’ boy, but actually had me make up my own spicy mayo. Now it’s something that I’ve whipped up a big batch of to use on more of my favorite dishes!

Curry chicken pitas with cucumber yogurt and sweet chili slaw

It’s been a really long time since I’ve had chicken curry, but pairing it with a cucumber yogurt sauce and sweet chili slaw isn’t something that I’d ever would have thought of doing. I do feel like I got a lot of spicy seasonings and foods in my Home Chef subscription, so it was a nice change of pace to get this savory curry chicken in my Blue Apron box.

I did love the curry chicken, the cucumber yogurt, and sweet chili slaw, but I did find that all three of these things combined on one plate was overwhelming. However, I loved that I tried something familiar and something new with this dish, which is what I was really hoping to be able to experiment with through these meal subscription services!

Calabrian shrimp and orzo with zucchini

The Calabrian shrimp and orzo with zucchini was the most exciting dish that I got in my Blue Apron box. There were several meals that I receive that were already very familiar to my palette and I was expecting the Calabrian shrimp to be on the same page as the other recipes that I’ve tried from Blue Apron.

The Calabrian shrimp and orzo with zucchini was a heavenly balance of creamy, spicy, and refreshingly tangy. The quality of the shrimp was very comparable to the shrimp that I buy from a local seafood market, but my first bite of this dish was overwhelmingly wonderful. I’m not the biggest fan of rice, and this was my first experience with orzo rice, which I’ve totally fall in love with.

Calabrian shrimp with zucchini noodles have become a staple in my weekly summer diet. If you’re looking for a lightweight summer meal with a unique twist, I would highly recommend trying this one out!

Seared wild Alaskan Pollock with red rice and broccoli salad

The seared wild Alaskan pollock came with red rice, which seems to be a popular side dish that Blue Apron commonly sends out. I did really enjoy the Greek yogurt, caper, and garlic sauce that was used to top off the seared wild pollock. The sauce was very creamy, but the capers added a nice saltiness to the sauce that helped to break up the flavor.

Texas style chicken fried steaks and gravy with mashed potatoes

I love the homestyle cooking that Blue Apron sent out in my box, but the Texas-style chicken fried steaks and gravy with mashed potatoes was my favorite homestyle dish. Once again, the steak in this dish blew me away. It was so tender and juicy, but the breading on the exterior of the steak didn’t take away from the overall quality of the steak!

The mashed potatoes and the green beans didn’t have any unique seasonings and the quality wasn’t anything that was different than what I’ve had before. But, the Texas-style chicken fried steak was amazing!

Chicago inspired Italian beef sandwiches with roasted potato wedges

I’ve lived on the East Coast for my entire life, so I’ve only ever eaten Philly cheesesteaks. I’ve never been to Chicago, so it was exciting to find out that Blue Apron brought a taste of Chicago to my doorstep.

I enjoyed the weeknight hero spice blend seasoning that Blue Apron included for me to use on my potatoes, but I really enjoyed that this subscription also included sliced jalapeno peppers to put on the sandwich. While I’m not normally a huge spice-fan, I did feel like this steak sandwich needed the jalapenos to help break up the saltiness of the alju.

The steak slices were just as amazing as everything else has been, so it was really nice to see that the quality of the meat that I received throughout my subscription was consistent.

Vadouvan spiced tilapia with roasted vegetables and tomato chutney

I love trying new foods and new flavors, which is what I was really hoping to be able to experiment with through Home Chef and Blue Apron. Out of all of the dishes that I tried from both subscriptions, this was the only dish that I didn’t enjoy. However, I appreciated that Blue Apron sent me unique tastes that I had no previous interaction with. Not only do I feel like this helped to expand my palate, but it also introduced me to new staples in my meal planning.

I like curry chicken and curry fish, but I found the greek yogurt that was used in this dish was very sweet. It was a strange combination to be eating a sweet yogurt alongside a savory fish and Brussel sprouts. Blue Apron described the use of the greek yogurt in the dish to bring a ‘cooling’ effect, but I found that the sweetness in the yogurt was off-putting.

Seared chicken and spicy chipotle pan sauce with vegetable rice

This was the last dish that I tried from Blue Apron, which featured yet another rice base. The fiery chipotle chile sauce didn’t overpower this dish (thankfully), as it was balanced out with brown sugar. Paired with cremini mushrooms and sweet peppers, this entire dish was topped out with cotija cheese which I grated myself.

I did like how Blue Apron included whole ingredients in their box (for example, cotija cheese) for you to prepare by yourself. Home Chef included all of the ingredients that you needed for a dish in a bag, which resulted in Home Chef controlling the portion sizing of your dishes. However, Blue Apron literally sent out blocks of cheese for users to grate by themselves. I feel like this ‘extra’ step required on my behalf made me feel like the dish was handmade by me.

So, after looking at a  month’s worth of meals from both meal subscription services, let’s break down the pros and cons of each service to see if one company provides a better fit for you.

Home Chef vs Blue Apron


Home Chef

Blue Apron

Price per serving



Free shipping

For orders over $45

For orders over $50

Nutritional needs meal options



Minimum order

1 meal / 2 plates

3 meals / 2 plates

Our rating



Home Chef

Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of Home Chef

Home Chef pros:

  • Offers meal plans based on nutritional needs, such as vegetarian, low carb, low calorie, etc.
  • Packaged their shipments incredibly well, making it safe to leave shipments out in the sun without worrying about the food spoiling.
  • All of the insulation that was included in each shipment was recyclable.
  • Sent out a binder to hold all of the recipes that subscribers received.
  • The quality of the meats that Home Chef sent out was phenomenal
  • Sent out a large variety of food and flavors. I didn’t feel like I was consistently getting the same foods or flavors over and over again.
  • Easy to follow instructions and the recipes were super easy to follow.
  • I loved that Home Chef offered a lot of one-pot meals, which made clean up super easy.
  • I really enjoyed the variety of vegetables that I got with my meals.
  • I felt like with Home Chef, I got restaurant quality meals without having to pay the price of a restaurant meal.

Home Chef cons:

  • While I selected Home Chef’s ‘low carb’ meal plan, the majority of the meals that I received were the very high carb.
  • Home Chef sent me foods that I requested them to not send, due to food allergy.
  • Didn’t offer an exhaustive questionnaire that allowed users to select all foods that they have allergy/sensitivity to
  • Had a lot of excessive plastic waste.
  • Some of the meals weren’t accessible to people who don’t have access to an oven.
  • A lot of olive oil was used so it would have been nice if Home Chef listed an alternative to olive oil for people who don’t enjoy the taste.

Blue Apron

Let’s discuss some of the main pros and cons of Blue Apron.

Blue Apron pros:

  • Recipe cards included pictures of the ingredients that you needed to be able to cook up, which I thought was very helpful in case you weren’t aware of what an ingredient looked like.
  • Introduced me to new flavor profiles that I had never tasted before.
  • The meat was very fresh and delicious.
  • Clear and easy-to-follow instructions.
  • I enjoyed the variety of sauces that I topped my meals off with. Not only was the tasty, but the dishes looked really pretty.

Blue Apron cons:

  • Wasn’t packaged as well as Home Chef was.
  • While I do feel like Blue Apron sent me flavors and meals that were more on the exotic side, there were many dishes that were paired with a form of rice.
  • Didn’t offer meal plans based upon nutritional needs.
  • Didn’t offer an exhaustive questionnaire that allowed users to select all foods that they have allergy/sensitivity to
  • Had a lot of excessive plastic waste.
  • Some of the meals weren’t accessible to people who don’t have access to an oven.
  • I wish the product had been protected better, as there were many vegetables that damaged.


And the winner is… Home Chef!

I feel like I got so much of better value out of Home Chef than I did with Blue Apron. Not only did Home Chef attempt to customize my boxes with my low carb lifestyle, but they also sent me out a variety of flavors and vegetables. Plus, Home Chef is technically cheaper (even though it’s only a couple of cents) than Blue Apron. While both subscription boxes sent out high-quality meats, I was so much more in love with the flavors I got in my Home Chef box.  Overall, I was much more impressed with my overall experience with Home Chef than I was with Blue Apron. I felt like care was put into my Home Chef subscription, instead of everything just being thrown into a box like it was with my Blue Apron subscription. Home Chef felt so much more personal than my Blue Apron subscription did and that’s what really made the difference between these two delicious meal subscriptions!

Which subscription do you feel holds a better value- Home Chef or Blue Apron?

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