My Full MunchPak Review: International Snacks at Your Door!

Whenever I get the craving to try something new, I visit a local Korean, Chinese, or Mexican market. I explore the various isles of unfamiliar foods and pick out something that looks interesting. 

Usually, I go for snacks because I never know if I will find my new favorite dull. Sometimes this can a hassle though, as many of these stores are out of the way of my daily routine.

What could make discovering unfamiliar treats and snacks easier? My first thought was a subscription box—I knew there were snack boxes galore, ranging from health foods to niche products, but was there one for diverse snacks?

Lo and behold there is! I stumbled across MunchPak and ordered one as soon as I could. Let us dive right into what this snack subscription service is all about!

The Company – Quick Overview

MunchPak is a company that sends international snacks, delights, and drinks right to your door! Explore the literal world of flavors without leaving the comfort of your home.

Types of Boxes and Plans

MunchPak offers three different tiers of boxes: the 5+ snack box, the 10+ snack box, and the 20+ snack box. They also provide three different delivery plans which include weekly delivery, two-week delivery, and monthly delivery.

In addition to these sizes and plans, you can select how often you want to pay for your box. You can choose between paying every month, every three months, every six months, and every 12 months. The price per delivery lowers slightly with each increased time frame.

For example, the monthly delivery costs $22.95 whereas the 12-month payment ends up costing $19.95per delivery. If you are a sucker for customization, MunchPak has you covered. You can choose from 15 different flavor selections and snack types to customize your box with options like spicy, chocolatey, meat, and candy to name a few.

You can either add or subtract a preference, so if you hate seafood but love candy, you can add the candy option and remove the seafood option. As fun as this sounds, these options are not for money savers, as they cost $1 per customization.

After customizing your box, you can even opt for them to include a drink in your box. They offer six different drink varieties such as coffee, tea, soda, water, juice, and energy drink. These add-ons cost an additional $5 per selected drink type.

If you intend only to get one MunchPak box, or gift a Munchpak box, you may consider splurging on these customization options and add-ons.

The Box

munchpack image

Unlike other subscription snack services, it seems that MunchPak is both a mystery without a theme and is not based upon user-selected snacks.

Some other services like Graze Box allow you to choose what snacks you wish to receive. Other services like Love with Food send you a box of random snacks, but they tend to put all the selected snacks under a theme, and every subscriber receives the same snacks.

MunchPak is different. As mentioned above you can select preferences for your box, but other than these vague flavor preferences, it seems that no two boxes are alike. From looking up a few quick videos online, it appears that snacks are selected randomly and sent out to subscribers.

As far as I can tell, there is no rhyme or reason to how the snacks are selected. For example, in my box, I got three products from Canada and two from Italy. This made half of my from only two countries.

The packaging of the box itself is very eye-catching and fun. The box is red and has a cute design on the outside consisting of stylized people from different countries eating different snacks.

Opening the box, you are greeted with a friendly card telling you who packed your box (in my case it was a man named Jason), a MunchPak sticker, and a MunchPak themed cover over the snacks.

Unpacking this box was like opening a gift almost. Jason packed all the larger things on top and placed the smaller things on the bottom. This paced out how I received the different snacks and made the box feel Trying other varieties of this candy would be interesting..

What Came in the Box

  • One 1.76ounce (50 gram) bag of Stark Smoki Snack.
  • One 1.23ounce (35 gram) bag of real Handcooked Crisps in Strong Cheese and Onion flavor.
  • 25 ounce (36 gram) bag of Covered Bridge Kettle Style Potato Chips in Sweet and Spicy Jalapeno flavor.
  • One 3.24ounce (92 gram) bag of Sonrics Rockaleta Lollipops with a bonus of 3 Gudu Pops in Fuego flavor.
  • One 1.75 ounces (50 gram) bag of Dorval Trading Co. Sour Power Straws in Pink Lemonade flavor.
  • One 1.06 ounce (30 gram) Honey Stringer Organic Waffle in Chocolate flavor.
  • One 0.49ounce (14 gram) Pulparindo Candy in Watermelon flavor.
  • 25 ounce (35gram) bag of Eiffel Bon Bons in Blue Raspberry flavor.
  • 50 ounce (100 gram) bag of Kras Kiki Jagoda Toffee in Strawberry flavor.
  • 98 ounce (28 gram) pack of 3 Mulino Bianco Cookies.
  • One 0.88 ounces (25 gram) Matilde VincenziMillefoglieD’Italia Mini Snack in Hazelnut flavor.

Individual Snack Review

Stark Smoki Snack

smoki stark
  •  Size: 1.76ounce= 50 grams
  • Calories:260 per serving (one bag)
  • Country of Origin: Serbia

Description from MunchPak: Salty and slightly sweet crunchy peanut flavored puffs.

Taste: Salty and sweet peanut flavor. Very savory and delicious.

Texture: Crispy and crunchy, while being puffy and airy. Similar in texture to puffed cheese snacks.

Review: I enjoyed these. They are salty, crunchy and delicious. These remind me of chips, but with a peanut flavored twist. If I were more into peanuts, I could see myself eating these all the time. I may get these in the future as an occasional, unique snack.

Real Handcooked Crisps in Strong Cheese and Onion flavor

real hand cooked cheese and onion
  •  Size: 1.23ounce= 35 grams
  • Calories:506 per 100 grams, 177 per bag
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Description from MunchPak: Crunchy and zesty cheese and onion flavored chips.

Taste: Faint onion taste with a very subtle cheese flavor underneath. Not sure if I taste cheese because the package suggests there is cheese in them, or I am tasting the cheese. They mostly taste like a plain potato chip with a bit of onion. Savory. Similar in flavor to other sour cream and onion chips.

Texture: Crispy and thin. Standard kettle cooked potato chip texture.

Review: When the package says strong cheese and onion, I expect strong cheese and onion. That said, these fell flat for me. They were underflavored, boring, and tasted almost like plain potato chips with a very faint hint of onion. I would love if these had more flavor. Very underwhelming and disappointing snack.

Covered Bridge Kettle Style Potato Chips in Sweet and Spicy Jalapeno flavor

potato chips
  • Size:1.25 ounce = 36 gram
  • Calories: 170 per serving (one bag)
  • Country of Origin: Canada

Description from MunchPak: Crunchy kettle-style chips flavored like jalapenos with a sweet kick.

Taste: Sweet and salty with light spice.

Texture: Crunchy and thick, like standard thick cut kettle cooked chips.

Review: Unique flavor. I’m not sure how I feel about them overall. I enjoy the flavor and find it satisfying, but I get tired of it rather quickly. I cannot see myself eating many of these in one sitting. They may grow on me if I ate enough of continually.

SonricsRockaleta Lollipops with a bonus of 3 Gudupops in Fuego flavor

  • Size: 3.24ounce= 92 gram
  • Country of Origin: Mexico

Description from MunchPak: A bag of layered spicy lollipops with chewy gum in the center.

RockaletaCalories: 90 per serving (one lollipop)

Rockaleta Taste: Sweet and salty. Not traditional sweetness associated with candy, but like a richer more flavorful one. Gets gradually spicier. Many different colored layers reveal themselves as you work through the lollipop. Each one has a different flavor that is spicy and sweet.

RockaletaTexture: Hard like a standard lollipop. Gum is odd, crumbly and chewy but then gets very rubbery. After a short amount of time, the gum is so rubbery it is off-putting.

Gudupop Fuego Calories:28 per serving (one lollipop)

Gudupop FuegoTaste: Slightly sweet with a very faint spice. This is not a flavor I am familiar with, so I cannot identify it. Unique experience. Maybe tamarind flavored?

Gudupop Fuego Texture: Starts out firm but gets crumbly and soft the longer you suck on it.

Review: These were one of my least favorite snacks/candies from this box. I am not a fan of lollipops in general, especially very big ones, and the odd flavors sealed the deal for me.

Spice in candy is weird and can be good, but when the experience of a Rockaleta lasts for 30-50 minutes, I get tired of it rather quickly. There are four different colored layers: red green, yellow, and orange.

The layers get crumbly and do not melt like usual hard candy which is a bit off-putting. The Gudupop was not much better as it had a similar taste. It lasted a lot shorter than the Rockaleta, so I’m counting that as a plus. I would not choose to eat these again, and the leftover candies are going to friends.

Dorval Trading Co. Sour Power Straws in Pink Lemonade flavor

pink lemonade
  • Size: 1.75 ounces (50 gram)
  • Calories:175 per 9 pieces (one package)
  • Country of Origin: Netherlands

Description from MunchPak: Chewy and sour gummy candy straws with pink lemonade flavor.

Taste: Nice sour bite in the beginning due to the powder coating, followed immediately by sharp, sweet pink lemonade flavor.

Texture: Chewy and stretchy. The kind of candy that gets stuck in your molars.

Review: Delicious! I love these candies. The flavor is very powerful, enjoyable, and clear. The sour powder is just the cherry on top, giving my mouth a full and fun flavor experience. These remind me of sour punch straws, but with a much better flavor.

Honey Stringer Organic Waffle in Chocolate flavor

honey waffle with chocolate
  • Size: 1.06 ounce (30 gram)
  • Calories: 160 per waffle (one per package)
  • Country of Origin: Canada

Description from MunchPak: Organic chewy double flavored waffle.

Taste: Mild and sweet chocolate flavor, taste is reminiscent of a graham cracker.

Texture: Very crumbly and dry.

Review: Not a bad snack, but not something I would choose to experience again. It is rather boring, and the chocolate flavor is nontraditional, which makes the experience odd. I also am not a fan of the texture as it is crumbly and chewy and just has a generally strange mouth feel.

Pulparindo Candy in Watermelon flavor

pulparindo munchpak
  • Size: 0.49ounce (14 gram)
  • Calories: 0 per serving (one candy)
  • Country of Origin: Mexico

Description from MunchPak: Salty, sweet, and spicy watermelon flavored tamarind candy.

Taste: A rollercoaster of flavors. Starts off with watermelon, moves into salty, then spicy creeps up at the end.

Texture: Gritty, and crumbly.

Review: Whoa! This candy is something else. It has a lot going on and is a unique experience. The constantly shifting, barrage of competing flavors makes this snack an intense one. I am glad I got to go through such a fascinating roller coaster of taste, but I would not choose to repeat it.

Eiffel Bon Bons in Blue Raspberry flavor

eiffel bon bons
  • Size: 1.25 ounce (35 gram)
  • Calories: 140 per serving (one package)
  • Country of Origin: France

Description from MunchPak: Chewy blue raspberry flavored candies.

Taste: Traditional blue raspberry flavor, sweet and light. Sometimes it almost has a bubblegum flavor underneath the blue raspberry.

Texture: Chewy like a gumball before morphing into a taffy-like texture.

Review: Tasty and sweet with a classic flavor. I enjoyed these a lot and will probably be seeking out more in the future. They are a simple candy that is full of flavor. It would be interesting to try other varieties of this candy.

Kras Kiki Jagoda Toffee in Strawberry flavor

kiki strawberry
  • Size: 3.50 ounce (100 gram)
  • Calories: 100 per 5 pieces (4 servings per container)
  • Country of Origin: Croatia

Description from MunchPak: Chewy and sweet individually wrapped strawberry candies.

Taste: Gentle and sweet strawberry, reminiscent of strawberry milk.

Texture: Soft and taffy-like.

Review: A very classic candy, reminiscent of Starburst. I love how the strawberry flavor has a creamy, milky note underneath. Usually, these types of fruity candies are too much for me because they consist of one strong flavor. The additional creamy layer to these makes them stand out from other fruity candies I have tried in the past. I would grab these if I saw them in a store.

Mulino Bianco Cookies

  • Size: 0.98 ounce (28 gram)
  • Calories: 143 per pack (one pack = 3 cookies)
  • Country of Origin: Italy

Description from MunchPak: Sweet and crunchy butter cookies with hazelnut cream.

Taste: Cookie is rich and buttery, coats the mouth with the flavor. Hazelnut between the layers is a subtle, cholate that adds to the richness of the cookie.

Texture: Cookie is light and airy, very crumbly. Hazelnut center is smooth and soft.

Review: Very delicious cookie. I can see myself eating this regularly, especially with a nice black tea or a cup of milk. The tasty snack that would be good as a dessert after lunch, or to hide in your desk for a quick afternoon pick-me-up.

Matilde VincenziMillefoglieD’Italia Mini Snack in Hazelnut flavor

mini snack hazelnut
  • Size: 0.88 ounces (25 gram)
  • Calories: Unknown
  • Country of Origin: Italy

Description from MunchPak: Crunchy and flaky glazed pastry filled with sweet hazelnut cream.

Taste: Buttery, chocolatey, rich and delectable.

Texture: Crumbly, dry, flaky, light and airy. Like a puff pastry. Hazelnut cream is smooth.

Review: I love this snack. It is rich, indulgent and delightful. I would eat these all the time if I were to buy them. Great snack to pair with an afternoon tea. It is very messy to eat, so I would probably eat these at home as a light snack or a dessert.

The Fine Print – Price, Shipping, Deals, Shop



Since there are so many different customization options and add-ons, it is hard to calculate the exact price per snack. For my box, I received 11 products which roughly breaks down to about $2 per item which is not a bad deal.


Standard shipping is completely free. Not only is it free, but it arrives relatively quickly with a range of 4-8 days for delivery. They ship orders out within 72 hours of an order. This means that unlike other snack subscription box services, you do not have to wait for a designated shipping date.

I enjoyed this feature because I always hate ordering from a service mid-month and having to wait until the end or middle of the next month to receive my products. In my case, the box arrived very swiftly.


It should not be surprising that they have a shop as well! You can browse products via categories such as snacks, drinks, or countries. The snacks range in prices from $1 to $7.7

If you are hesitant about ordering a whole MunchPak box, you can browse their shop and select a few items that look interesting to you. You do not need a membership or subscription to purchase snacks from their shop. Keep in mind that you will have to pay shipping for your order, and shipping does increase based upon the size of your order.


You can sign up for their newsletter and get $5 off your first box. Other than this offer, signing up for the different payment options is another way to save money off your box purchases. They do not seem to offer many other deals.

Dare to Explore the Possibilities? – Final Thoughts

Considering you get a random selection of snacks per box, I would consider continuing my subscription in the future.

As MunchPak picks popular snacks from all around the world, over 50+ countries, I cannot imagine that they have repeat snacks very often. I bet that they have a humongous selection to choose from which makes the prospect of trying tons of new snacks very enticing.

I love the whole mystery aspect of the boxes. But keep in mind that if you avoid the customization options, you will probably get things you do not like and simply will not eat. In my case, I got three spicy products, two of which were candy. The spicy candy was not bad, but I did not finish the pack of Rockaleta’s I received.

I would recommend this subscription service to adventurous snackers. If you have a picky palate and do not like trying new things, then MunchPak is not for you. Have you tried MunchPak or another international snack box? Tell us about your experience in the comments down below!

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