The Ozone Sock Review – Will You Love It?

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Ozone Socks is a company that makes high-quality designer socks with fun, unique patterns. The company offers a subscription service for both men and women. The subscription comes in a 6 month or 12-month option.

The cost is $75 for a 6-month subscription or $150 for 12 months, and both options come with a bonus pair of socks for you to enjoy. Ozone subscriptions aren’t automatically renewed at the end, which I think is great because I always hate getting charged when I forget about things like that.

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While looking through the retail section on the Ozone website, I got pretty stoked about this company. Their designs were just cooler than what I’ve received from other sock subscription services. That’s merely my point of view, but I did notice that there was something more artistic and exciting about the Ozone designs.

I loved the on-trend animal prints and lush florals that looked like they could have inspired by a vintage botany textbook. A lot of novelty socks have a juvenile vibe, but these were beautiful.

Some companies are a bit more cheeky, so if that is your thing then Ozone might not be your favorite, but they might be becoming mine. I was honestly tempted to buy a few of the most beautiful pairs I saw online, but I figured it would be fun to see what I get with this subscription service!

The company also offers a lot of variety for women when it comes to sock types. They have knee high socks and over the knee styles that looked really cute. I was happy to learn that the sock of the month subscription for women sends out a sampling of both of those styles as well as the crew length socks. The subscription for men includes crew length socks only.

I placed my order and anxiously awaited my very first pair of Ozone Socks. I didn’t have to wait very long because the shipping was super quick. I received my Ozone shipment just a few days later. I tore open the package and instantly loved what I found inside.

Ozone Delivery: What I got!

Ozone Socks delivery

The socks that I got were tan with black details woven into them. The design made me think of the typical pattern you see on a bandana, but it was slightly different than that. It was a folksy sort of floral pattern, but at the same time, the neutral color palette made them almost remind me of an animal print. They made me think of giraffes. I thought that they were gorgeous. Despite their busy pattern they were really subtle because of the color scheme. I looked for them on the retail section of the site and found out that they’re called the Lace Mosaic Sock and are available for $19.99.

Once I saw the name I realized that the front part of the design does look like a mosaic tile, so I guess that was the inspiration. It reinforced my thought that Ozone designs are a touch more artistic than a lot of the other novelty sock companies out there. I mean, their tagline is “The art of socks” and I think that they are elevating sock design to an actual art form!

I tried on the socks, which are made of a mostly cotton blend with a small percentage of nylon and spandex. The socks are made in France and felt super high quality when it comes to the fabric. They have a fitted, sleek vibe and aren’t at all fuzzy or bulky. It was a cool, fall day when I got these socks and they definitely kept my feet warm, but they were breathable and not overly hot on my foot, so I think that they’re suitable for all kinds of weather. They were snug enough to hug my foot, but they were a little bit loose at the toes.

I have rather small feet, so I’ve encountered this problem before when it comes to one size fits all products. However, I tried them on with shoes and took a stroll, and they didn’t feel bunchy or uncomfortable at all.  For people with larger feet or ankles, I think that these socks had a decent amount of stretch that would make them great at accommodating bigger sizes.

Ozone Socks 2

All in all, these socks were a big win for me! My only wish was that Ozone offered subscriptions that included multiple pairs of socks. It’s killing me a little bit that I have to wait to see if I receive some of my favorite patterns from their retail section, like the Amanita Muscaria Sock which is covered in colorful, mushrooms that look straight out of a fairy tale.

Ozone also does offer more colorful, funky designs like their NYC Map Sock or T-Rex Dinosaur Sock, so if you like sillier socks, they do have some designs that fit the bill. They really have something for everyone, and I can’t wait to see what I get next month.

Pro- Gorgeous, cozy, artsy socks!

Con- Having to wait an entire month for my next pair!

Overall Assessment of Ozone Sock of the Month Club


  • Some of the coolest sock patterns I’ve ever seen in a subscription service!
  • High-quality fabric
  • Great fit for most
  • A fun way to add a pop of fun to your outfit
  • Makes an excellent gift
  • Doesn’t automatically renew, so you don’t have to set any reminders for yourself!
  • Offers a nice variety for female subscribers when it comes to sock styles


  • I wish that they had an option to receive more socks per shipment
  • If you favor silly patterns and cartoon characters, then Ozone might not be your pick
  • I would have liked specific sizing options for petite feet

Ozone Sock of the Month Club Alternatives to Consider- What else is similar?


There’s no shortage of sock subscription services on the market today. They seem to have been so popular for quite a while now, and there’s no sign that they’ll be falling out of favor any time soon. They can be a really fun way to add visual interest to a boring outfit or work uniform, so I think that’s why people gravitate toward them. It’s neat how each of these companies that are doing the same thing (sending you socks every month), manage to do it a little bit differently!

I have tried Foot Cardigan and really enjoyed that company. One thing that set them apart is that they include a no-show sock option. I was really into the idea of funky, colorful socks that I only I knew that I was wearing. They offer subscriptions for men, women, and children for a price of $12-14 per month. They also provide sock styles that you can flaunt, of course! They ask subscribers a bit about their preferred styles, so you are sure to get something that works for you.

Sock Fancy is another sock subscription service company with a price of $19 for two pairs of socks per month. I enjoyed my Sock Fancy subscription, but I did think their socks ran a little bit on the larger side. One pair that I got had a pretty botanical pattern that puts me in mind of my Ozone faves.

Sock Panda is yet another sock subscription service company with two socks per month for $19 option. One thing that set them apart is that they have a charitable aspect where they donate a pair of socks for every pair that’s sold. That really won me over, along with their cutesy designs and more specific sizing options that accommodate the entire family including kids and teens.

Final Word on Ozone Sock of the Month Club

I am pleased with my Ozone experience so far, and I look forward to all of the months and socks that are to come! I love the pair of socks that I received in my first shipment. They are the type of socks that go well with whatever I happen to be wearing. That was a refreshing change from some of the subscription service socks that I’ve gotten in the past. It can be hard to make neon colors and silly emojis work with certain outfits! That’s not a problem with Ozone.

I like the idea of a company that elevates novelty socks to an art form, and I think that Ozone has actually done that. Take a look through their offerings because they are so creative and beautiful.

Because these socks are so pretty and subtle, I think that Ozone Sock of the Month Club would make an even better gift than your typical subscription sock service. Nothing is polarizing about their beautiful designs while a lot of the funkier socks that other services send out can be hit or miss. Ozone seems like a safe and universally likable option to me. I know that I would love to get this service as a present. It was a great present to give myself.

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