FootCardigan vs SockFancy: Let’s Open the Sock Boxes!

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Foot Cardigan and Sock Fancy are both very similar subscription services that bring fun, bold sock right to your door every month when you sign up for their services.

They help subscribers build their sock wardrobe so that they can jazz up boring outfits or work uniforms. Both services offer subscribers the opportunity to express themselves uniquely by making their socks into a fashion statement. If silly and patterned socks are your thing, you will probably love both of these services, but read on for the details of my experiences with both companies.

Let’s get inside the boxes!


Both of these subscription services are rather affordable. Foot Cardigan will cost you $12 for a one pair subscription, while Sock Fancy costs $11 per month for one pair.

Sock Fancy does include more subscription options for multiples, where you can get as many as 6 pairs each month for $57. That way, you do find some savings if you buy more socks. Meanwhile, Foot Cardigan only offers single pair subscriptions for adult subscribers.

However, Foot Cardigan does offer membership perks that Sock Fancy does not. Subscribers receive an automatic 20% off of any socks that they purchase on top of their monthly shipment which provides some tremendous potential savings if you decide to do some shopping.

Winner– Sock Fancy

Customer Service

customer service

Both of these services were super simple to sign up for and easy to cancel as well.

I found that Foot Cardigan had high-speed and courteous customer service when I accidentally order the wrong size socks. They fixed the problem literally within minutes after I emailed them.

Sock Fancy and Foot Cardigan both allow subscribers to switch out socks if they dislike the pair that they receive. Honestly, it’s hard to pick a winner when both companies go out of their way to make the customer experience a great one.

Winner– Tie

Quality Of The Socks

quality of the socks

Both of these services have excellent products that impressed me when I received my shipments.

I would say the socks themselves are pretty similar when it comes to the quality of the material. They both featured really cute designs as well.

When it comes to picking favorites, I do think that it comes down to personal taste. I liked the subtle geometric design that I got from Foot Cardigan, though I also enjoyed the nature-inspired prints that I received from Sock Fancy, but I’ll get into the details a little bit later.

When I weighed it out, it was starting to look like Sock Fancy, and Foot Cardigan might tie again when it comes to sock quality.

Winner– Tie

Subscription Options

sock fancy vs foot cardigan

This is where the two services differ in a big way.

Foot Cardigan makes socks for the entire family, and I absolutely love that about them. They offer subscriptions for children that cost $12 for 2 pairs of socks per month.

Foot Cardigan also gives plenty of options to their adult subscribers. For $14 per month, you can upgrade to a Premium subscription. You still get one pair of socks per month, but they are made of a more delicate and quality fabric blend.

I thought that the regular subscription sent out great quality socks, so I can only imagine how awesome the Premium ones must be!

Foot Cardigan also has a No Show sock subscription as a potential choice, which is what I chose when I signed up for the service.

I wear no-show socks with low top sneakers all the time, and I loved the idea of having some fun designs hidden away beneath my boring, white Keds! I think that plenty of potential subscribers who aren’t sure about rocking wild patterns will love this option as much as I did.

Sock Fancy does have more choices when it comes to the number of socks that can be included in a subscription plan, which I wish that Foot Cardigan did as well. Still, I think Foot Cardigan has more options.

Winner– Foot Cardigan

What I Got


I picked the two sock subscription from Sock Fancy. The first pair that I received had a beautiful autumn leave pattern on a heather grey background.

The leaves were in rust orange, mustard yellow and bright blue with dark brown details. I thought that the colors were fun and bold, but not too intense. The socks felt a little bit seasonal to me, but fall is one of my favorite seasons, so I’m not complaining.

The second pair of Sock Fancy socks that I got were a pretty botanical pattern, but they came in a bright lemon yellow color that I didn’t love. These would have been my favorite socks if they were in a different color palette, but I ended up getting used to the jarring color after awhile.

The socks themselves looked like they were high quality and the print was woven in and not printed on the sock. They were mid-calf height on my 5 foot 3-inch frame, and so cozy.

I think these would look cute peeking out at the ankle under a pair of pants. The sock was a bit big on my foot even though they are meant to fit shoe sizes ranging from 5-11. I am a size 7 in shoes, and I think that these would be pretty large on someone who wears a size 5 if they are roomy on me.

The heel of the sock was riding up the back of my ankle a bit. Despite being a little bit big, they were super comfortable once I had them on.

Sock Fancy also included a few little extra items in their shipment, like stickers and a high-quality pin with a foot in a funky sock. They weren’t beneficial items to me, but it was nice to get an extra surprise.

foot cardigan

With Foot Cardigan, I opted for the No Show subscription, and I was just so into the fact that they had that style! The socks that I received were a very cool pair with a geometric design on them.

They were decorated with thin, grey stripes that crisscrossed in vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions in a way that they were woven through each other.

The background color was a crisp white. A pretty, bold, blue served as a detail color at the toe and heel. The color was also at the rim along the top where the foot goes in.

The little pop of color looked perfect with the neutral geometric design. They didn’t show at all with low top sneakers, though they would probably show with a ballet flat.

I was also impressed with the fit and with their ability to stay put. There was no slipping because the socks that I received from Foot Cardigan were snug enough to hug my foot.

They had a lot of stretches so I think they would fit well for those with larger feet as well. They also had a small rubberized rim inside to help them stay in place, but I couldn’t feel the thing at all. I only realized that it was there when I inspected the socks later.

The material that they were made out of was high quality as well. They were cozy, yet breathable enough for the summer months. I also liked that the pattern was woven into the socks, not printed on them.

Winner– Foot Cardigan

Overall Assessment Of Sock Fancy And Foot Cardigan

foot cardigan vs sock fancy


  • Excellent customer service
  • High-Quality materials
  • Super cute designs
  • A fun way to make a boring outfit exciting if you opt for a subscription with tall socks!
  • Makes a nice gift


  • The fit might be off for some
  • Some of the patterns might be too wild for your taste.

Final Word On Foot Cardigan and Sock Fancy

final words foot cardigan vs sock fancy

I had great experiences with both Sock Fancy and Foot Cardigan. I think that both companies have excellent customer service and super cute designs that make their high-quality socks something worth collecting. I would happily give subscriptions to either of these services as gifts because I know they have great products.

I do have a bit of a preference towards Foot Cardigan though. For me, it was mostly because the fit suited my foot size much better than Sock Fancy.

I also happened to like the design that I got from Foot Cardigan better than the designs that I received from Sock Fancy. However, I do know that this is just a matter of taste and also of chance. If I keep with these services, I am sure that there will be months that I like my Sock Fancy socks better.

I also really enjoyed the No Show option, and I liked that they have a subscription for kids as well. Though I was wishing that Foot Cardigan followed Sock Fancy’s lead and offered subscriptions with multiple socks so that I could have even more new pairs to love!

All things considered, neither service is perfect, but both had great aspects to them. I absolutely enjoyed both subscriptions and would recommend that you give them a try.

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