Scentbird Review (2019 UPDATE)

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Scentbird is a perfume subscription service that helps members find their signature fragrance without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home.  They offer options for both men and women so that anyone can join.

For $14.95 per month, you can have a 30-day sample of a designer fragrance delivered right to your door.  For $25 per month, you can upgrade your account to receive two scents per month. Also, for $35 you can try three fragrances. I decided to stick with just so that I could check out Scentbird for this review.

In fact, I was really excited to try Scentbird, because they have a great variety of indie fragrances that can be hard to find in big retail chain stores. I quickly put a few scents by Juliette Has A Gun into my queue. I had never been able to find this brand in stores in my area, but I had read some great reviews online and really wanted to give those scents a try.

However, $135 a bottle seemed like an expensive risk to take with the chance that I wouldn’t like it! A subscription like Scentbird is the perfect way to give a pricy perfume a try in a more affordable way. I was into the idea of sampling without a significant commitment. They had multiple offerings from this brand as well as several others that I would love to sample.

scentbird perfume

If you don’t have a particular fragrance in mind as I did, Scentbird also allows subscribers to seek out their ideal perfume by narrowing down their selections based on fragrance notes like jasmine or musk.  That way you are almost sure to find something that you like.

Their easy to use website has plenty of fragrance note options.  You can also sift through perfumes by brand names.  They have plenty of picks that are more familiar than the one I chose, like Prada and Michael Kors for example.  It seems like they have something for everyone.  New subscribers get to fill their queue with the ones that they would like to try, so you know what you are getting each month.

I have tried similar services before, and my main criticism was that fragrance samples are readily available for free at most department stores and cosmetic shops. Also, I had trouble spending $14.95 on something that is such a typical freebie in the beauty industry.

I literally have a drawer full of the little vials that come along with every order that I place from Sephora or Ulta. However, since I had added some hard to find boutique perfumes to my queue, I felt a lot differently about Scentbird than I had about similar subscription services. I think that they have extra value because they have some harder to find items.

While I was anxiously awaiting my first fragrance sample, I received a text message update about my order status.  Some people might find it to be useful information, but I prefer limited contact from subscription services, so I made a mental note to unsubscribe to any texts and spam in the future.  The upside is that Scentbird has helpful customer service that is easy to reach.  It is simple enough to unsubscribe, but I figured that it was worth mentioning.

My order arrived a few weeks later, and I was really excited to sample my fragrance, which is called Not A Perfume by Juliette Has A Gun.  Like other fragrance sample subscription services that I have tried before, this scent came in an elegant, plain atomizer with the subscription service’s logo and branding. It was of excellent quality and worked very well, giving a nice even spray on the first pump.

At first sniff, Not A Perfume was a fresh yet woodsy smell. I love the idea of an unfussy non-perfume perfume which is what Juliette Has A Gun was going for with this fragrance. According to my opinion, this type of minimalist fragrance style is trending lately. The trend includes perfumes such as the new Glossier fragrance, You and the famous Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules.

juliette has a gun

I was expecting Not A Perfume to be a pure fragrance that was similar to the ones that I just mentioned with a clean musky scent that was meant to smell like you aren’t wearing perfume at all.  This was a bit different though. On me, it was slightly masculine but very sheer and fresh.

It kind of reminded me of borrowing a sweater from your boyfriend with a faded hint of cologne.  It was the perfect cozy fall/winter scent, though it is light enough to wear whenever you would like.  I’m sure that it wouldn’t overwhelm you in the warmer months the way that some perfumes can. One thing that I really liked is that this fragrance feels very office appropriate because it’s light and sheer.

I feel like it doesn’t come on too strong, though it does have decent staying power.  It’s a pleasant daytime fragrance.  I also think that it is indeed neutral when it comes to age and would work equally well on an older or younger woman.  It just might be the perfect perfume.

I’m absolutely in love the sample that I received from Scentbird. I know that I will be so sad when my 30 day supply runs out! In fact, I will take the next 30 days to decide whether or not I really need to buy Not A Perfume to add to my fragrance collection. I might just do it, though I am tempted to work my way through all of the Juliette Has A Gun perfumes to see if they’re all this wonderful. It looks like Scentbird really is helping me to find my signature scent.

Pro- Scentbird really helped me hone in on my new signature scent!

Con- I know that this process could be hit-or-miss, so you might not have the luck that I did with your first month’s scent!

Overall Assessment of Scentbird


  • Great for people who are looking to change up their fragrance.
  • A fun way to avoid busy shops and pushy salespeople.
  • Try high-end fragrances that come right to your door.
  • Browse their easy to use website that filters your choices.
  • Great customer service.
  • Take your time deciding about the perfume with a 30 day supply.
  • High-quality packaging.
  • Excellent selection of hard to find collections.
  • Makes a great gift.


  • Perfume samples are easily found for free or sniffed in person at shops.
  • Picking out fragrances online can be difficult so you might dislike what you get.
  • I would prefer a variety of smaller samples over one large sample because I know what I like rather quickly.

Scentbird Alternatives to Consider- What Else Is Similar

Scentbox is another monthly service that sends out a 30 day supply of a high-end fragrance of your choice for $13.95 for one perfume. I have tried this service before and found it to be pretty similar to Scentbird.  I plan to compare the two in an upcoming post! You can read my full Scentbox review for further detail.

Another similar service is Olfactif.  This subscription box sends out collections of three fragrance samples.  Each sample contains between ten and twenty chances to try the scent.  Each collection is $20.  I really like the idea of receiving a variety, so I would love to try Olfactif. I like the idea of receiving a variety of samples instead of just one because I usually know how I feel about perfume right away!

scentbird perfume

Final Word on Scentbird

I was delighted with this service because I got so lucky in finding a perfume that I truly love. I see the benefit of a subscription service like this one because perfumes can be expensive and this allowed me to try the scent extensively before deciding whether or not I would commit to my Juliette Has A Gun fragrance.

If you are looking to change up your signature scent this can be a great way to find the right one for you. It’s a great way to do so without having to brave the sprays of salespeople in a mall or be at the mercy of whatever current sample that a cosmetics store is trying to push.

This service is fantastic if you don’t want to rush your decision when it comes to buying perfume. It could also be a great way to give the gift of perfume without having to figure out the hard part!  It makes giving a fragrance more casual because you don’t have to know the recipient’s personal taste and there’s no risk that they end up stuck with a bottle of something that they hate.

However, I am not without criticism when it comes to Scentbird and similar services.

It can be hard to part with $14.95 for something that is readily available for free! That makes it extra disappointing if you don’t have the good luck that I had. This because you might end up with a jumbo sample of a perfume that you instantly dislike. I guess that’s just the risk that you take with Scentbird, and it’s part of the journey of finding your signature scent!

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