I Tried Universal Yums, But Was It Worth The Money?

Snack subscriptions are the best boxes.

I mean, who doesn’t like snacks?

That’s why I’m so excited for the chance to show you all what I got in my Universal Yums box.

I consider myself to be a very adventurous eater. There is nothing on this earth that I will not try at least once. I’ve tried a lot of foods, and I’m always looking to switch my pallet up, which is why I was so excited to have the opportunity to review Universal Yums.

Universal Yums was founded in 2014, and it’s a subscription box that delivers snacks to your doorstep every month. The snacks in each month’s box belong to a specific country and provide information to help us learn about the culture of that country.

Is Universal Yum’s Worth it?

I haven't been impressed with many snack boxes, but Universal Yums has cracked the code. Genuinely surprising snacks, new flavors, extremely high quality. No duds. The best snack box I've tried!

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Are you interested in learning what I received in my very first at Universal Yums box? Boy, do I have a super exciting review for you today. Keep reading to learn more!

universal yums

About the Subscription

For you to get the box delivered to your doorstep, there are two different subscription options that you can choose from. The Yum Yum box is $25 a month, while the Yum‘s box is $14 a month. If you live in the United States, you get free shipping.

Plus, Universal Yums also ships to Canada, Israel, and the UK.

Universal Yums says that you can expect to get a mix of sweet, spicy, salty, fruity, and other flavors in your box. Universal Yums claims to only send authentic snacks from the future country in each box.

Okay, enough about the subscription. Let’s see what I got inside of my first box.

universal yums box Universal Yums Universal Yums

Reviewing Universal Yums

The box that I received at my door was a super cute package. With blue candies and snacks all over the outside of the box, there’s a sticker that sealed the exterior of my box it said ‘the Emerald of the equator.’ Now, this is embarrassing, but I have absolutely no geographical knowledge.

So when I saw the stickers at the Emerald of the equator, I had no idea what country can be featured in this box.

Thankfully, there is a map on the inside of the box when I first opened it up it said Indonesia.

There’s a bunch of cool facts that educated me about Indonesia, such as famous landmarks, what countries surrounded Indonesia, and other fun information.

On the back of my map, I found a puzzle, which I honestly didn’t complete because I was so excited to get to the snacks.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it when snack subscription boxes send out a little magazine with your order. I love learning about the snacks that I’m being sent, as it helps to give me an understanding of what the snack is is since some of the snacks do have a foreign language written on them.

Is Universal Yum’s Worth it?

I haven't been impressed with many snack boxes, but Universal Yums has cracked the code. Genuinely surprising snacks, new flavors, extremely high quality. No duds. The best snack box I've tried!

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Sometimes, when I eat candy, I don’t recognize the flavor profile of what I’m eating. The Universal Yums magazine that was sent out with my Indonesia box helped me to understand exactly what I was eating. Plus, there was a little fun information, such as where the ingredients were sourced to make the snacks I was eating.

Universal Yums Universal Yums

The first snack that I tried with this layer cake had a cream filling. I love how bright green the packaging was, but I had no idea what ‘panda’ flavor was.

While I can’t say that exactly know what the flavor of this layer cake was, I can save it had a very light vanilla taste. I love how airy and light the actual cake was and that the overall profile of this layer cake wasn’t too sweet.

I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with these crackers. I have never in my life tried black pepper crackers, as grocery stores around where I live aren’t too adventurous when it comes to sucking unique flavored foods. These crackers were the perfect combination of crunchy and lightly spicy.

They weren’t greasy like potato chips are, although I wouldn’t feel comfortable dipping into anything because of how delicate the actual crackers were. However, I felt like these were delicious just by themselves and would 10 out of 10 purchase these again.

Universal Yums Universal Yums

I can now officially say I tried a grilled beef-flavored snack! These TickTac snacks were unlike anything that I’ve ever tried before and had a savory taste of grilled beef. They didn’t taste anything like beef jerky, which is the only thing that I could think to compare against.

However, they did remind me of chicken stock flavored crackers, but just in a beef version. I love the texture of these little tapioca snacks, although I wouldn’t say that I would get these again because I just wasn’t nearly in love with them as I was with the crackers.

jumbo cheese and cheese

I’m a self-proclaimed cheese addict. Like, cheese and sushi are the best things in the world, in my opinion. However, this cheese and cheese jumbo wafer role was unexpectedly amazing.

I will admit that I was caught off guard because the waiver roll was sweet, but it was like a sweet and salty combination with the flavor of the cheese.

The actual taste of the cheese itself was extraordinarily delicate, and as soon as I bit into this, it completely fell apart. However, I do appreciate the unique experience that this cheese roll gave me.

jumbo cheese and cheese coffee joy

I was shocked to see a coffee cracker in my Indonesian snack box. I would never have thought of this would be a snack that the people of Indonesia enjoy, but this coffee biscuit certainly paired exceptionally well with a cappuccino.

The taste of this coffee biscuit was very mellow and didn’t have an acidic aftertaste. I have a light sweet flavor and the perfect amount of crunch to have me enjoy it with a cup of coffee. I wouldn’t say that this was a favorite, but I didn’t hate it. It just really caught me off guard seeing this in my Indonesia box. With the writing on the packaging, I would have assumed I would’ve gotten this in an Italian box. 

mayora coffee joy yupi

These noodles were so fun. I love how Universal Yums always has a fantastic combination of fun candies and snacks that make me feel both mature and child-like at the same time as I’m unboxing their subscription.

These candy noodles with the candy fried egg were sour. They have a slightly gummy texture, so although they were gummy candy, they weren’t so tough that they were un-chewable.

candy noodles yum bag

This Universal Yums bag containing a selection of candies from Indonesia. There was only a small selection of sweets inside of this box, and they were really small so that they would have easily gotten lost in the box. I appreciate Universal Yums repackaging the smaller candies.

The first candy that I tried from Universal Yums was this two-in-one melon milk chewy candy. The flavor of this chew was melon and milk, which I interpreted as cantaloupe and cream.

I’m not a huge candy person, but the taste of this melon milk chew was very refreshing.

parago gulas

The next candy that I tried from this extraordinary bag was a Tamarind hard candy. Again, I don’t like candy, and I’m not a massive fan of tamarind. I didn’t enjoy this candy, but I did have enough to hand out to the rest of my family members.

The last thing that I received in my Universal Yums bag was a cola novelty gummy burger. I love little gummy candies, because I think they’re so fun to look at. I will admit I wasn’t thrilled that I received two types of gummy candies in a box, mainly because I’ve seen this cola burger here in the States.

cola burger yupi

The next thing that I pulled out of my Universal Yums box was this milk gummy‘s and an assortment of fruit flavors. I’ll admit, I’m a huge fan of savory snacks and I much rather receive tasty snacks than sweets in my subscription snack boxes.

However, this was the third type of gummy candy that I received in my Universal Yums box, and this isn’t something I feel that was that different from the snacks that I received in the United States.

I feel like there are so many more snacks to Indonesia has to offer, and I don’t feel like the assortment of gummy snacks that I received in my box was very representative of all the Indonesia has to offer.

These milky moos were creamy and gummy candy, with an assortment of fruit flavors that you can get here in the United States. I wasn’t impressed with this at all, but the rest of the box does get better.


White chocolate and coconut wafers are not anything that I’ve ever seen here in the United States before. I thought this combination sounded so delicious, and I wasn’t exactly sure why I hadn’t received anything like this previously and any other subscription box that I’ve tried. The entire wafer was covered in white chocolate and coconut, while the inside was just plain cream and wafer.

I love how delicate and crunchy this wafer was. This would also be something that I would go out of my way to purchase again.

jagung presto

Corn nuts or one of my favorite snacks to grab from the grocery store. However, garlic corn nuts are my newest obsession. Thanks to Universal Yums, this bag of corn nuts that I received with garlic seasoning has me 10/10 obsessed.

I’m someone who loves heavy garlic seasoning, and I really feel like this Presto corn delivered precisely that.

deka wafer roll

The last snack that I received in my Universal Yum subscription box with this chocolate banana wafer roll. I’m sad to say that I did not try this, as I’m allergic to bananas. However, I can appreciate the very fun packaging concepts on the front of this chocolate banana wafer on the box.

Pros of Universal Yums

Overall, I was very excited about the content that I received for my Universal Yums box. I do feel like I got introduced to new flavors and new types of snacks in my box I have yet to ever try before. I also feel like this subscription box was very affordable for the number of products that I received in my box.

I’ve tried many subscription boxes that are focused on snacks and food before, and I’ll admit that not a lot of them have won me over. I do have a few complaints about Universal Yums, but overall, this is the best snack subscription box I’ve ever tried before.

Not to mention, the customer service was lovely, and the shipping was super fast, but I just really enjoy the majority of the snacks that I received in this box.

Cons of Universal Yums

The biggest complaint that I have about Universal Yums is the complaint that I have with the majority of snacks subscription boxes. I wish the snack subscription boxes would ask if we have any allergies before sending us out a box.

While I understand that there are a lot of people with a lot of different allergies out there, I do feel like adding in an allergy selection list would help to make their subscription box a lot more inclusive.

I’m very allergic to pork, bananas, and a lot of other types of food that I won’t go on about because there are so many. While I’m very thankful that I didn’t receive any pork products in my box, I did receive one banana product that I wasn’t able to eat.

It’s frustrating paying for products that you’re not ready to consume because you have an allergy, which is why I think would be so amazing if universal Yum‘s offered an allergy list when you’re initially signing up.

I’m also a little bit frustrated, but I felt like I received the same types of candy in my Universal Yums box. I received three different types of gummy candies, and well the flavor profiles of them were the same, I do feel like I would have been excited by a wider variety of sweets or other types of snacks in my Universal Yums box.

Is Universal Yums worth the money?

Overall, I was very impressed with Universal Yums, and I would sign up for another subscription with them. I would love to try their smaller catch subscription box and see if they send out the same types of snacks in it or if they send out a completely different selection.

What do you think of the Universal Yum snack subscription box? Do you feel like there are any other subscription boxes out there that type what I received in my Universal Yums box? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does Universal Yums take to ship?

After purchasing the box, you can expect it to arrive around seven days after you’ve placed your order.

Can I give the Universal Yums Box as a Gift?

Universal Yums offers a great gift subscription option. Check their gift page and send a gift to your beloved one with a gift note in the first box (if you are sending it for more than a month)

How do I track my Universal Yums Box?

When you purchase this box, email with all the tracking information. By getting into your personal account portal on the official website, access the “Orders” tap, where you can check the tracking information as well.

Is Universal Yum’s Worth it?

I haven't been impressed with many snack boxes, but Universal Yums has cracked the code. Genuinely surprising snacks, new flavors, extremely high quality. No duds. The best snack box I've tried!

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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