The Full Vinebox Review: Is This Good Value Every Month?

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The Vinebox subscription might be one of the smarter and most convenient wine subscriptions on the internet. Vinebox is a monthly wine subscription that is delivered to your door and offers you three nicely packaged wines to taste.

The purpose of this wine subscription service is to allow customers to try different wines without having to be stuck with an entire bottle – perfect for those who are just testing the wine tasting waters and who don’t want to spoil an entire wine bottle if they don’t like the flavor of it.

If you end up liking the wines in your subscription you can then buy more of the product knowing how good it is before making the investment.

Although Vinebox is a brilliant idea and a convenient subscription, there were a few hitches with the subscription. Of course, nothing is perfect but for the price of the subscription – $29 every month – I was surprised how little wine Vinebox actually offered.

The website does state that each glass tube is not a full glass of wine, however, the tube only gives you a few sips of wine which were even less than what a tasting room or flight would offer anywhere else.

If you live in an area where there are no wineries close by or you’re not into venturing out, then Vinebox might be your best option to try out some new wines. But don’t expect to be fully satisfied with a quarter of a glass of wine.


  • Stellar packaging and presentation
  • The box is multipurpose for storing odds and ends
  • A good amount to start with if you’re not a wine drinker


  • Not much information on the wines received
  • Cards with quotes don’t really match the product theme
  • A very small amount of wine
  • Expensive for the amount of wine given

Out of all the subscriptions I’ve tried, Vinebox had the nicest packaging and presentation. It was sleek, sophisticated, and surprisingly simple. Each tasting came in a tube that held around 100ML and was boxed in a black box with white writing.

The box can actually be useful once the wine is gone for a craft project or even used on a bookshelf since it has t a magnetic-like closure keeping it closed tightly whenever it’s not open.

Inside the subscription box was a small envelope with three cards, each card had a quote on it. I found this a little random as one card was a quote from Ryan Gosling about feeling romantic when he’s cooked a meal and someone rubs his belly.

I’m not sure how that had anything to do with the wine information located on the backside but it was definitely quirky and eccentric, two things I didn’t expect this box would be. Each tube came with a card giving information about the wine.

Nothing out of the ordinary or over the top, just a simple overview of what to expect from the wine regarding taste.

Unlike other subscriptions, Vinebox doesn’t allow you to choose your own wine- it’s chosen for you. I happened to choose the “adventurous” option and was a little disappointed in how unadventurous the wines were. There were no bold tastes, especially with the one white wine they offered.

There was nothing that jumped out or really interested me in buying more or other products from their site.

Keep in mind that Vinebox’s glass tubes only hold a quarter of a stemmed glass of wine, enough for a few hearty sips at best. And if you are a wine drinker you’re probably used to a heavy hand when pouring and drinking at least a half of glass, so don’t let the package fool you.

There is definitely not that much product in them, even less than what a restaurant would pour you for about the same price.

The Wines:

Spätlese Trocken – this was a 2015 Riesling wine sample from German. I expected a little more from the only white wine of the bunch. The information card that came in the box stated this wine was on the sweeter side and was a “knife-edge balance of crisp and fruity,” however, I wouldn’t describe it like that.

As a white wine lover, it was sweet at first but was a bit dry for my taste preference and had a bitter after taste. I don’t think I’d ever try it again outside of Vinebox. Vinebox suggested this wine be paired with hot Thai food such as pad Thai but I don’t think that any food would enhance the boring and bitter taste of this wine.

Cuvée Du Pure Léonce this 2015 Cabernet from France wasn’t too bad. Vinebox noted this red wine as “Raspberry compote with a green streak.” I’m not sure where they come up with these sayings but I definitely didn’t taste raspberry or anything that resembled a “green streak.”

Vinebox suggested the wine be paired with a “traditional Thanksgiving fair” or hearty food such as roasted meats. I found that this wine wasn’t particularly strong like other reds can be and that it didn’t have a very sharp aftertaste which, in my opinion, is a good thing.

There was no bitter after taste, the wine tasted smoother with each sip, and there was a hint of cherry flavor. Out of all the wines in the box, I think this was the one that stood out most and I would be open to drinking it again.

Castlemaure ’Cuvee No. 3’ – this red wine was pretty pleasant. Labeled as a Grenache from France it was a bit fruitier than the Cuvée and had a very faint spice to it. Vinebox stated it is a wine that has hints of blackberries, spice, and licorice.

For someone who despises licorice I really couldn’t taste any hint at all. It’s labeled as the “Go-to red for every occasion,” and I can agree with that stateent. It would be good paired with pasta or even a pizza. I might try this wine again in the future depending on the price.

As a wine enthusiast, I’ve been to wineries as there are many in my area, and I’ve tried flights with much more taste for less than half the price of this subscription. I did love the convenience but the overall taste was subpar.

Out of all the subscription boxes, I think Vinebox was the most stressful box to receive. Anyone who orders something in the mail is going to be excited and check for their package, however, I found Vinebox as more of a hassle than a convenience when it came to delivery.

Vinebox ships with FedEx and I realize they can’t totally control what happens with shipping, but somehow after I purchased Vinebox my number (I definitely didn’t sign up for this) was given to FedEx and FedEx would text me about my package.

I didn’t mind that at all but what I did mind was that through FedEx Vinebox requires that someone with valid ID over twenty-one sign for the package.

FedEx had sent me a text message two days before the package arrived stating this and then gave me an estimated date and time when the package would arrive so I could make accommodations.

That was all well and good but when FedEx didn’t arrive on the day and time they had said they would, the date kept getting pushed back. They ended up arriving early in the morning during the week and luckily someone was home to sign for it.

If I would have missed the drop off, I could only imagine I would have had to pick it up from a FedEx center.

This is a very big inconvenience because the whole point of ordering the subscription is so you don’t have to leave the comforts of your home to try new wine. The nearest FedEx location is about 20 minutes, one way, from my home so that would have been a very big con.

Luckily, this didn’t happen to me but it is something to consider when ordering this subscription if you’re not comfortable with alcohol being shipped to your job or if you don’t have anyone who can sign for the package. Other than that setback, Vinebox is a pretty convenient subscription.

Other Subscriptions in the Wine Industry – Alternatives to Vinebox

Surprisingly, Vinebox is the only subscription box of its kind in the U.S. The UK has some cool wine by the glass boxes such as Vinoa, however, they don’t ship to the U.S. yet. So, if you’re interested in trying out another wine subscription somewhat similar to Vinebox you’re in luck.

Wine Down – every month you’ll receive in a wine box a hand-selected pairing of a full bottle of wine, cheese, charcuterie, and artisan crackers delivered to your door with a cheese and wine pairing sheet for $49.

It’s perfect for those who don’t want to be overwhelmed with several bottles of wine, for those who enjoy snacking when sipping, and for those who want to try a different limited-production California wine every month.

Plonk Wine Club – a subscription that you can control. When signing up, you get to choose how many bottles you want, when you want them (every month, three months, six months, or twelve), and what wines you like.

Plonk Wine Club will then hand-pick wines that best fit your preferences. A great part of this subscription is these wines are located throughout the world and they’re all organic. The subscription costs $49 per shipment and they offer free shipping.

Glassful – another unique wine subscription based solely on price tiers. You can pick your price point: The Great Box priced at $54 which includes three bottles at $15 each; The Fantastic Box for $69 including three bottles at $20 each; and The Statement box which costs $100 with three bottles priced at $30 each.

Each box includes free shipping, a choice between red, white, or a mix of wines, specialty wrapped bottles, a personalized note to the recipient, and a special surprise. Glassful is for every wine lover – whether it’s a gift for yourself or a gift for someone else.

You can keep the gift of wine coming every month straight to your door for yourself or choose a one-time gift option and send it to someone of your choosing.

FAQs About Vinebox

Is Advent 12 nights of wine worth the try?

Advent 12 nights is a calendar specifically designed for wine lovers who want to try new tasting notes and includes 24 wines packed in 2 fancy boxes. While the appearance of this wine subscription bundle is excellent, I think $220 is definitely not worth it.

Can I send Vinebox as a gift?

Yes, of course. Vinebox offers fancy packages that you can gift to someone special to you, and you can even do this once, in case this is a one time occasion only.

Does Vinebox offers international shipping?

Unfortunately, no. Vinebox only ships in the United States but in limited states as well, so if you are planning on signing in, its best to check the delivery areas.

Final Take on Vinebox

I was a little disappointed that Vinebox didn’t include any Rosé in the subscription I received, however, I did notice on their website they had a separate box with just Rosé wines for $49 (shipping included).

This box gives you six wine selection flavors to try, so you can split the wine box with a friend and save on costs or just have six tastings to yourself. I think this was a smart move for those who love Rosé and for those who’d like to try a medley.

It is a bit on the pricey side, but again, if you don’t live near a winery, you enjoy the convenience, or would just like to try wines that you might not otherwise have a chance to, it’s a good subscription to dip your feet into the wine waters.

Vinebox Review

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