Crowd Cow vs Snake River Farms Compared

Comparing Crowd Cow vs Snake River Farms is like comparing two of the best heavyweight champions in the world. The only difference is, instead of boxing, Crowd Cow and Snake River Farms are the two heavyweight champions in the world of premium meat.

Only one can be the winner, right?

Absolutely right! Don’t get me wrong; I think Snake River Farms and Crowd Cow each have their own unique benefits that appeal to specific people. But I don’t think both companies are the best fit for everyone.

I’ve tried both Crowd Cow and Snake River Farms. I’ve had great experiences with both companies, but I definitely think that there’s one company that stands out as the champion over the other. I’m a full-fledged subscription box addict with more than a decade of experience ordering everything I can in a subscription box. I’ve worked with some of the biggest name brands in the subscription industry, but my experience with Crowd Cow and Snake River Farms has been all for pleasure.

So, which company do I think is the best? Well, that’s what I’m here to share with you!

TL;DR: Crowd Cow is my top choice of the two! For my family, Crowd Cow is the company we depend on to keep our freezer full. Snake River Farms is great for special occasions, but I use Crowd Cow for our daily dinners.

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Main Differences between Crowd Cow vs Snake River Farms

  • Crowd Cow has a lot of affordable pricing, whereas Snake River Farms has some of the most expensive pricing in the industry.
  • Crowd Cow offers a wide variety of options, whereas Snake River Farms focuses more on high-end meats, like kurobuta pork.
  • Crowd Cow’s main focus is transparency with where they get their foods and how their farmers treat their cows, whereas Snake River Farms is focused on producing.
  • Crowd Cow doesn’t have a cut or style of meat that they specialize in, whereas Snake River Farms is known for specializing in American Wagyu beef.
  • Snake River Farms sources all of their Waygu from their own ranches, whereas Crowd Cow works with ranchers and farmers.
  • Crowd Cow offers American and Japanese wagyu beef, whereas Snake River Farms only offers American Wagyu.

All about Crowd Cow

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I know Crowd Cow isn’t as popular as Snake River Farms, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t as good. Crowd Cow is the real deal. Basically, Crowd Cow’s whole focus is to provide sustainably raised high-quality meat that comes from small family-owned ranchers and Farms all across the United States.

That means you’re getting the opportunity to support local economies and local businesses. This also means that you won’t have to worry about feeding your family hormone-raised meat, which adds a whole other level of “feel good” to the meats you get from Crowd Cow.

Whenever I think about Crowd Cow, I basically think of them as the cowboys of the meat industry. The whole purpose of Crowd Cow is to raise up and deliver the best Meats United States Farmers have to offer.

There is a pretty big selection of meats offered by crowd cow, making it easy for you to regularly switch out proteins in the meals you’re feeding your family. With a lot of other companies similar to Crowd Cow and Snake River Farms, the company tends to just focus on serving one type of protein. Over time, the subscription can get boring and lose its sparkle. But that’s another reason I think Crowd Cow is so amazing; they have a huge variety of sustainable protein options, so it’s hard for you to get bored.

What makes ordering from Crowd Cow so special for me is the opportunity to look at all of the partners that Crowd Cow works with. You can go on the Crowd Cow website and have the opportunity to shop by a farm or by ranch. Plus, Crowd Cow offers a good chunk of information about the practices and other important details about each of the ranches and Farmers they partner with.


With the massive selection that Crowd Cow offers, it can get a little overwhelming trying to sort through all of the options. I remember the first time that I ordered from Crowd Cow, and I got overly excited, so I spent a good chunk of time shopping around to look at all of the different options they had available. At the same time, Crowd Cow doesn’t have as much of a high-end selection as Snake River Farms does offer wagyu beef.

However, Crowd Cow has a bigger wagyu selection compared to Snake River farms. This is because Crowd Cow offers American Wagyu and Japanese Wagyu. You have the opportunity to choose from a variety of tenderness levels, including a couple of cuts of A5 Japanese Wagyu.

As you look through the website, you’ll likely realize that there is probably more of a selection on Crowd cow than you would find in the normal grocery store that you shop at. There are so many wonderful options to choose from, so as you stay signed up for crowd cow, I would recommend it you try at least one new item a week.

I didn’t really think that there was going to be that much of a difference and quality for simple things like Italian sausage and boneless pork chops, but believe me, there is, and I just discovered this after trying these options from Crowd Cow.

I always loved telling anyone who’s interested in trying exotic meats about Crowd Cow too. They offer an awesome list of unique proteins like bison and lamb.


My shipment from crowd cow always gets delivered super fast. I’ve never had any issues with lost packages. I really love how sustainable Crowd Cow makes their shipping experience.

My biggest complaint after trying the majority of meat subscription boxes is that most of them use a crap ton of plastic. However, I didn’t have a massive amount of waste left over after opening up my Crowd Cow subscription box.

Meat Quality

I can definitely tell by the quality of the meat offered by Crowd Cow that the cows have been treated well and raised humanely. There’s truly a taste difference in every bite, and if you don’t believe me, I will implore you to try to see for yourself.

There’s a lot more flavor inside every bite, and the cuts that I’ve tried from crowd cow are a lot juicier. No matter how you cook the meat, there’s a taste quality that speaks to all of the care that goes into raising the animals.

Whether you’re a true meat lover or you’re a busy parent looking for a way to make grocery shopping easier, you’re going to fall in love with the fresh flavor you can taste inside of Crowd Cow’s meats. These are the meats I put on my dinner table to impress my friends, even before I begin to tell them about all of the amazing things Crowd Cow does to raise animals!

Overall Experience

From my very first time trying Crowd Cow, I was impressed with this brand. There are not a lot of subscription boxes out there that promote sustainability and transparency as much as well as Crowd Cow does.

I love the customer ability offered by Crowd Cow because they make it easy for you to choose a whole subscription box worth of options or choose from a select variety of cuts and farms that you’re interested in. Having the ability to know exactly where my meat was coming from and exactly how the cows were raised and treated before they were slaughtered really makes a huge difference for me.

The entire ordering process was a breeze, and getting a box delivered to the front door that I could use to feed my family for weeks on end took so much pressure off of my shoulders. It makes me feel even better knowing that I have a freezer full of delicious meat that is some of the best-tasting I’ve ever had before.

I do not have to sacrifice quality by skipping out on going to the grocery store and choosing to get an affordable box of meats delivered to my front door. I personally prefer doing this ever going to the grocery store because the difference in quality is life-changing.

When I order from Crowd Cow, I feel good knowing that I’m getting outstanding quality meat to feed my family from a company that treats animals with care and respect. It feels even better knowing that I’m supporting a company that works hard to support local small farmers throughout the entire United States. Plus, my taste buds and tummy are always happy after I’ve had meat from Crowd Cow.

Pros and Cons

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  • Great selection of different meats and unique proteins
  • I love how committed Crowd Cow continues to stay to transparency, as a whole new level of trust in this company
  • Crowd Cow is very open and honest about how much they support local farmers
  • Fast and accurate shipping
  • On average very affordable, especially when compared to big-name grocery stores


  • The pricing for some of their meats isn’t as affordable as traditional grocery stores
  • You can only find crowd cow Meats available online
  • Sometimes some of the meats that you depend on in your regular shipments are out of stock because of limited availability

All about Snake River Farms

snake river

Snake River Farms identifies itself as the pioneer of wagyu breeding in America, and I don’t have any reason to argue against that. I can definitely tell by the quality and taste of their American Wagyu steaks that they have years of experience and dedication in the industry.

Per Snake River Farms, this company is responsible for the development of all the American Wagyu crossbreeds we have in the United States today. I’m not a huge Wagyu science and history buff, so I’m not entirely sure about all of the breeding history that goes into it, but the quality of their meat doesn’t make me second-guess this.

Plus, Snake River Farms offers more than just American Wagyu beef. They also work with a couple of other high-quality cuts of meat, like Kurobuta pork. All of the cattle that Snake River Farms raise are grass-fed and free-range; these cows are pretty luscious life as they roam across the meadows of the Snake River Farms ranch.


Snake River Farms‘ website is pretty easy to use. They have a couple of subsections that you can go and look into, but the main two parts of their website are their Kurabuta pork and American Waygu. As you go through the two main parts, you have the opportunity to choose from different cuts of meat.

For example, when shopping through the American Wagyu beef section, you can choose between steaks, roasts, burgers and dogs, butcher cuts, brisket, their dry-aged selection, and even a surf and turf section.

Snake River Farms highlights information about the sales that they have going on, so it’s easy for you to find ways to save a couple of extra bucks. I think that ordering from Snake River Farms is super easy, and the checkout process is seamless. I’ve never had any complications or confusion while shopping and ordering from Snake River farms.


I haven’t had any issues with shipments from Snake River Farms in terms of how long it will take to get to my house. They’re shipping information is pretty accurate and updated. I’ve never had any problems with pieces missing from my order or things not staying properly refrigerated in shipment. However, I’m not a huge fan of the materials that Snake River Farms uses to ship out their orders.

I think the reusable thermal bag in every shipment that I receive is a little wasteful because I don’t have a need for as many bags as I’ve received from Snake River farms. I do like that they use a biodegradable insulation foam because at least this isn’t as wasteful as some other options provided by alternative meat subscription boxes. Also, the box Snake River Farms sends out is GORGEOUS. Even the box looks like it’s super expensive, which totally fits with the entire image of this brand.

snake river farm boxing

Meat Quality

The first time I cut into a steak from Snake Riber Farms was life-changing. I hadn’t yet seen fat run through filet mignon the way it did with the steak I tried from Snake River Farms. Do you know that saying that fat is flavor? Well, Snake River Farm proves that it’s true.

All of the extra marbling you get in American Wagyu really adds a whole new level of tenderness and juiciness that is only anything else I’ve ever had. I don’t think I’ve even had a steak out at a steakhouse that’s as delicious as the steak that I’ve tried from Snake River farms. There was a deeply rich and robust flavor that came with the inside of each bite of the meat that I tried from Snake River Farms.

I’ll admit, I was sad when my steak was all gone. I wish the size was bigger, but I think that’s just because of how addictively delicious it was.

Overall Experience

From the moment I first thank my teeth into the meat from Snake River farms, I knew I was in for a real treat. But, that’s the key word: treat. While the marbling in the Snake River Farms American Wagyu meat makes it incredible, the pricing of the meat from Snake River Farms isn’t sustainable for my family. I look forward to trying more variety from Snake River farms, but at this time, it’s really only a special occasion thing for my family.

What sets Snake River Farms apart for me is its quality control. I love how they are in control of the entire process of raising cows for wagyu beef, from the breeding all the way up to the distribution of the meat. It really does make a difference knowing that there is consistency that I have to look forward to in every bite and every stake that I try from Snake River farms.

I know this doesn’t make a huge difference for people who are ordering, but I also really love The Branding of Snake River Farms. It really feels high-end and like I’m a part of some Secret Club because of how bougie and luxurious it feels when I’m ordering from Snake River farms. I love the flavor and the attention to detail that Snake River Farms puts in every single order, but I don’t think that they are a brand that I would recommend for anyone looking to feed their family consistently.

snake river farm wagyu

Pros and Cons


  • One of the highest quality wagyu beef providers on the market
  • They control the entire process of raising a cow used for wagyu beef, so there’s incredible quality control
  • Snake River Farms makes their sales and discounts easy to find, so you can always find ways to save some money.
  • They kind of started American wagyu beef, so they’ve set the boundaries for quality and flavor for this selection of meat


  • Pretty expensive
  • They don’t offer Japanese Wagyu beef
  • There’s pretty limited availability on some cuts of meat

Other Alternatives to Consider


Question: Is Snake River Farms more expensive than Crowd Cow?

Answer: In a general sense, yes. Snake River Farms’ focus on American Wagyu beef means that their prices are generally higher due to the rarity and quality of the meat.

Question: Can you pick out your own cuts of meat from Crowd Cow?

Answer: Yes, Crowd Cow allows you to choose your own cuts of meat if you aren’t ready to dedicate yourself to a whole subscription box.

Question: How does Crowd Cow ship their meats?

Answer: Crowd Cow ships their meat directly to your doorstep in temperature-controlled packaging to ensure freshness. The packaging Crowd Cow uses eco-friendly packaging, so you don’t have to worry about a ton of waste when you order a subscription (which makes me feel so much better). They package everything up with dry ice to keep your order fresh and cold!

Choosing between Snake River Farms vs. Crowd Cow

crowd cow logo

Both Snake River Farms and Crowd Cow do a wonderful job of producing amazing meat. If we were just going on flavor alone, it would be really difficult to choose between Snake River Farms and crowd cow. However, Crowd Cow is my winner, and I’m proud of that choice.

While you are choosing your personal favorite brand really comes down to your budget, priorities, and personal preferences; I don’t think that you could go wrong with Crowd Cow. Both companies have a commitment to providing flavor and quality to their meats, and both companies show that wonderfully in their takes on wagyu beef.

I’m going with Crowd Cow because of the transparency and commitment to supporting independent Farmers throughout the United States. The wide variety of meats and cuts they offer make it much more family-friendly, in my opinion, and that’s another reason why I’m going with crowd cow. I would highly recommend you check out crowd cow before you take your next trip to the grocery store!

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