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Best ButcherBox Sales and Promotions

Best ButcherBox Sales and Promotions

Looking for the best ButcherBox deals so you don’t pay full price? You’ve come to the right place.

ButcherBox frequently runs promos, BUT they tend to change and vary depending on if you are 1) a new customer or 2) and existing customer. 

I created this page because I was personally having a hard time keeping track of it all. Definitely check back frequently as ButcherBox sales rotate seasonally AND monthly. 

Active Best ButcherBox Deals

Here’s a list of the currently active ButcherBox deals:

  • $25 Off Coupon: New customers get $25 off their first box using code FB25 from 4/24-4/30 in this April exclusive offer.
  • Free Ground Beef for a Year (New Signup): Valid on new signup, likely expiring at the end of calendar year 2023, or while supplies last. Deal is for 2lbs. of ground beef with every order.

These deals are valid on ANY of the core ButcherBox subscription offerings, regardless of what type of box you select. 

Expired ButcherBox Deals

ButcherBox For Life Deals

This type of deal is available exclusively for existing ButcherBox members. The specific categories might vary based on when you first signed up, or what’s current being rotated on promo. 

Some examples of past ButcherBox “For Life” deals include:

  • Ground Beef for Life
  • Bacon for Life
  • Wings for Life

Typically these are offered on sign-up and do not include high-end cuts like prime rib (sorry folks). What this means is that on each regularly subscribed order, you receive a complimentary order of your “For Life” product. 

Please note, if you cancel your membership at any point, you effectively “give up” your lifetime deal and cannot access it upon reactivation of your membership. 

ButcherBox Free for a Year Deals

Similar to the “For Life” deals, ButcherBox also offers sign-up promotions for a full year (typically 12 monthly order cycles).

Some examples of current and past “Free for a Year” deals include:

Can You Stack ButcherBox Promotions?

The short answer is “No”, you can’t stack multiple discounts or promotions on top of each other. 

When Do ButcherBox Promotions Expire?

For ButcherBox new member promotions, the offer generally is “until supplies last” or the promo period is ended. 

For ButcherBox existing members, promotions are almost exclusively only available on your NEXT order, although you may see some repeat deals over your lifetime as a member. 

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ButcherBox delivers 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, humanely raised pork, and wild-caught seafood directly to your door. Get 2 packs of ground beef FREE in each order for a year.

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