Daily Harvest Alternatives & Competitors [Worth Switching]

 I love the easier, on-the-go solution that Daily Harvest solves for me. But it’s not without some drawbacks.

Daily Harvest definitely hit the sweet spot with a new kind of meal delivery service. While smoothies are their calling card, Daily Harvest also offers wholesome grain bowls, and now various bakes, scoops and healthy snacks. 

My main concern with Daily Harvest – and from what we hear from other subscribers – is generally COST and SELECTION.

With inflation at all time highs, Daily Harvest isn’t a minor expense. With smoothie and bowl prices ranging from $8.50 – $13 per item for example, it’s a little better than eating out or ordering takeout delivered, but not by much. 

If you are a power user, ordering in a bulk is a great solution, but let’s be honest…. We all have a few of our least favorite items sitting at the bottom of our freezer.

So what are some other healthy eating Daily Harvest alternative services that offer a similar type of quality, with some different advantages?

#1 Splendid SpoonBest Overall Alternative to Daily Harvest

Splendid Spoon Summary: Highly sustainable ingredients and packaging, easy to drink smoothie bottles (no prep) that taste just as fresh, filter by allergens, avoidances, benefits or dietary needs. 

Splendid Spoon Advantages

  • All drinks are 100% plant-based, Non-GMO, and Gluten-Free
  • All packaging is completely sustainable
  • Can easily sort selections by dietary needs, such as high fiber, low carb, low sodium, etc… (great for implementing Doctor recommendations I’ve found)
  • Can also sort by ingredients you want to avoid, such as bananas, soy, tree nuts, caffeine, etc…
  • Also provides whole food options, including a full meal delivery service, noodle bowls, soups, and grain bowls (ready to heat & eat)
  • I really loved their smoothies personally, and found very, very few negative experiences in my research online & on social media
  • Highly customizable plans & easy to adjust, with as few as 7 meals (smoothies count) per week
  • Smoothies come ready to drink (not ready to blend like Daily Harvest), so prep time is basically 0

Splendid Spoon Disadvantages

  • The food items can be more expensive compared to Daily Harvest (by about $1-3 each)
  • Customer support is great, but just fewer ways to get in contact compared to Daily Harvest
  • If ordering fewer than 10 items, Splendid Spoon shipping is a bit more expensive at $12.99 vs $7.99 for Daily Harvest (but over 10 is free)

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#2: Evive: Better Straight Smoothie Alternative

Evive Summary: If you only find yourself interested in or drinking the Daily Harvest smoothies, consider switching to Evive. They offer more smoothie options, more customizable plans, and all for less than the cost of a Daily Harvest smoothie.

Evive Advantages

  • Just focused on the smoothies (more focus = better product, cheaper)
  • More varieties of smoothies and flavors compared to the Daily Harvest smoothie offerings
  • Smoothies come ready made in cubes and come with custom shake blender for simple shake and serve
  • They’ve also recently launched SOUPS which is a similarly quick prep meal solution
  • More environmentally friendly (no disposable cups like Daily Harvest)
  • Evive cubes are space conscious (ideal for smaller apartments or living situations), taking up less space than Daily Harvest frozen smoothies

Evive Disadvantages

  • No bowls or ancillary snacks to add-on
  • Less time in market compared to Daily Harvest (shorter track record)
  • Slightly more complicated prep (cubes need to shaken vs coming in frozen cups)

#3 Revive Superfoods: Less Expensive Alternative

Summary: Revive Superfoods is probably the most similar to Daily Harvest, but generally is more affordable when comparing most categories.

Revive Superfoods Advantages

  • Prices come in 5-10% cheaper or more compared to Daily Harvest (e.g. Smoothies are $7.99 vs $8.49 for Daily Harvest)
  • Balanced profile of easy to prep and eat options like smoothies, acai bowls, grain bowls, soups, and oats
  • Excellent customer service, money back if there’s any issues
  • All plant based superfoods
  • Generally 30-40% first-time order discounts (check here for latest)

Revive Superfoods Disadvantages

  • Less overall variety in each category compared to Daily Harvest
  • Missing some categories like Bites, Flatbreads, Lattes, compared to Daily Harvest

#4 Kencko: Best Shelf Stable Alternative (no need to freeze)

Kencko Summary: Kencko  is a newly entrant into the market but stands out with it’s shelf stable packets. If freezer space OR convenience is a key concern, Kencko is a great option to switch it up from Daily Harvest. 

Kencko Advantages

  • Shelf stable for 3-6 months, no more clogging up your freezer with unused kits
  • Offers a shaker bottle and process similar to Evive for on the go prep
  • Super easy to bring on the go, you don’t need a cooler, freezer, or worry about how long it’s been out
  • USDA and EU certified organic (EU has higher standards IMO)
  • Interesting product category of nutritional gumdrops for a quick on-the-go immediate boost (this isn’t something I’ve seen elsewhere)
  • At $2.49 per packet (just add water), this is a LOT more affordable than the $8.49 Daily Harvest smoothies (but also almost a whole different category and experience)
  • Built-in nutrition coaching and advice

Kencko Disadvantages

  • The little powder packets might be unappealing to some expecting a “fresher” experience
  • Almost exclusively focused on smoothies (also offer soups and gumdrops)
  • A bit less smoothie selection compared to Daily Harvest

#5 Purple Carrot: Best Full Prepared Meals Alternative

Summary: Purple Carrot got it’s start as a true meal delivery service, specializing in tasty vegan meal options. A great alternative to Daily Harvest if you are looking for more substantial options with similarly high quality ingredients and a plant based focus.

Purple Carrot Advantages

  • Better full meal replacement options, ideal for dinners where Daily Harvest comes up short (but similar to the harvest bowl options)
  • 100% vegan, organic, and non-GMO meals
  • Offers a wide array of prep options from frozen ready to heat, prepared meals (not frozen), low prep, or full meal kits to follow from start to finish
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients & eco-friendly
  • Offers more introductory special offers and discounts (see the latest here)

Purple Carrot Disadvantages

  • As a full meal plan, Purple Carrot comes in at about $15 per meal (shipping included), more expensive than Daily Harvest’s $7 per serving (but, admittedly, it’s hard to compare MEALs for smoothies / cups / bowls). 
  • Although the vegan meals are delicious, they are 100% vegan so fans of dairy and meat might be disappointed
  • Doesn’t offer any smoothies, just focusing on the ready to eat meal kit market

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#6 The Frozen Garden: Better Breakfast Options

Summary: If breakfast is your most important meal, The Frozen Garden is a great substitute for Daily Harvest meals with a similar product lineup with a more flexible pricing model and locally supported agriculture.

The Frozen Garden Advantages

  • Offers smoothies, garden bowls, and overnight oats as their core offerings
  • No subscription required, pay for only what you want, when you want it
  • Supports local farmers from a handful of listed local agricultural communities
  • Generally comparable or slightly less expensive per serving compared to Daily Harvest
  • Dozens more varieties of smoothies and product variety within categories compared to Daily Harvest
  • Offers Keto friendly specific options
  • Verified woman-owned small business

The Frozen Garden Disadvantages

  • Less track record and brand recognition (will they stick around?)
  • Fewer promotional pricing deals and discounts
  • In my experience shipping & processing can take 1-3 days longer than Daily Harvest (likely due to the smaller scale of their operation)

#7 Pitaya Foods: Just Super Fruits

Pitaya Foods Summary: Rather than try to be everything for everyone, Pitaya just focused on superfood drinks specifically from fruits. Their convenient smoothie packs are easy to mix and store (Daily Harvest takes up a lot of space!).

Pitaya Foods Advantages

  • Space conscious packaged purees, unlike Daily Harvest which tends to take up a lot of freezer space
  • Also offers frozen smoothies “bites” for on-the-go nutritional boosts
  • Much less expensive per serving compared to Daily Harvest smoothies ($7.99 per back, each bag has 4 smoothie packs)
  • All organic, vegan and non-GMO purees
  • Packets and packaging are 100% recyclable

Pitaya Foods Disadvantages

  • Not as well known as Daily Harvest, shorter track record (will they stick around?)
  • Exclusively focused on smoothies, no additional products beyond smoothies & smoothie bites (yet)
  • Not nearly has exciting as Daily Harvest smoothies (a smoothie pack vs complete frozen smoothie is underwhelming)

Honorable Mentions

I don’t think these are quick as relevant for most people as the recommendations above, but there are some specific cases where the following subscriptions make sense:

  • Sakara Life: This is a new one that our team recently tested and found to be a great prepared meal option for smaller sittings (think salads, bowls, etc..). It’s is a bit more expensive though. Further Read: Sakara vs Daily Harvest.
  • Green Chef: If you are looking to upgrade to an actual meal kit service that’s reasonable in price, Green Chef is a great option as they use organic produce and accommodate many diets and dietary restrictions (gluten free, vegan, paleo, etc…).
  • Thistle: For a similar ethos to Daily Harvest, but a focus on more greens and sustainable high-quality produce, Thistle is one of the best new healthy meal plans our team has tested. Further Read: Thistle vs Daily Harvest.
  • Hungryroot: This is a great option for those looking to be exposed to healthy grocery store brands AND how to incorporate them into meals. Further Read: Daily Harvest vs Hungryroot.

Final Bite: So Which Daily Harvest Substitute is Best for You?

As you can see, there are plenty of Daily Harvest competitors to choose from. That said, it’s still a bit overwhelming as there are so many GOOD options.

If you are thinking about cancelling Daily Harvest (or already have), here’s a cheat sheet for specific options to match with a use case that may be important to you:

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