Sakara vs Daily Harvest: Deciding Which Is The Right Choice For You! 

There are many reasons to consider trying an organic meal delivery service in today’s fast-paced world that leaves little room for the nutrients your body needs to function.

Following a vegan lifestyle can be very challenging, and people often regress into old habits because they can’t maintain a consistent flow of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables from a trustworthy source. Making this simple adjustment is one of the keys to wellness.

Studies have linked that incorporating healthful plants into your diet can reduce the risk of countless diseases and premature death while uplifting the mind to its maximum potential and reducing overall weight for a healthier you.

It might be daunting where to start with the plethora of meal delivery services, but Sakara & Daily Harvest are two great places to start your journey toward a more healthful future!

So what distinguishes these two companies, and how do they differ? Well, I’m your reliable expert here to shed light on the issue and give you an overview of what they’re all about while comparing them so you can make an easy decision. You may try over the other or decide to taste them both.

Either way, you’re adding a powerhouse of nutrients into your diet with reliable satiating and revitalizing ingredients. Let’s munch on the details together so you can confidently purchase either service!

Bottom Line Up Front

Sakara & Daily Harvest are organic meal delivery services emphasizing sustainable, trustworthy plants as a staple for your diet with subscription options. They make it much easier to maintain a healthier diet with various features, such as quality ingredients that keep your body in shape for the challenges ahead.

Daily Harvest is a frozen plant-based meal service, and Sakara is not. They have distinct qualities that make them viable for different lifestyles, depending on your preferences. Three alternative meal delivery services are Fresh n’ Lean, Sunbasket, & Green Chef.

Main Differences

  • Daily Harvest has abundant nutritional information for its meals, whereas Sakara does not.
  • Sakara is an elite service that’s highly expensive, whereas Daily Harvest is more affordable.
  • Sakara offers you advanced nutritional coaching to enhance wellness, whereas Daily Harvest doesn’t.
  • Daily Harvest allows you to select meals in their plans, whereas Sakara has no flexibility regarding what you get.
  • Daily Harvest offers an a la carte experience with no rotation, whereas Sakara has a weekly menu that does rotate.

Sakara Key Features

sakara unboxing


If your budget is tight, this is one of the prominent drawbacks to shopping with Sakara online because each meal will be around $26 on average, including the initial subscription discount. That’s the equivalent of about three standard meals, and there isn’t much flexibility when selecting weekly meals.

Expect to pay more at around $35 after receiving the discount because it’s only once, and you will generally feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth with Sakara.

However, the food may be worth it to some because it’s highly trustworthy and delicious, emphasizing nurturing your spirit. They are still unlike any other meal delivery service, reflecting the higher price tag.

Preparation Of Meals

Regarding preparation for Sakara meals, most lunches contain greens and salad-type ingredients that don’t require heating. Some of their dinner meals will require you to heat them for around a minute, but the overall preparation time and effort are minimal.

You won’t have to worry about breaking your back in the kitchen when ordering from Sakara, as they provide you with a seamless preparation experience that saves time and energy with delicious results.

Quality Of Ingredients

Sakara provides remarkably fresh ingredients, although you may have difficulty finding exactly where they are all sourced. Still, they are committed to quality and promise that all meals are gluten-free with no refined sugar. They are also a non-GMO organic company that is free from dairy.

The food is noticeably fresh and is never frozen, so you can have confidence that what you’re consuming is top-notch to optimize your health and keep you functioning. There is a clear emphasis on enriching plant-based ingredients without sacrificing the flavor. Their sauces liven each dish and keep you craving more plants daily!

Ordering Process

Sakara is easy to order online with an intuitive interface for ordering your meals. You can select the desired number and choose any add-ons to spice up each meal easily. Their ordering selection allows you to choose from either a monthly subscription or a one-time sampling of their meals to see if they’re a good fit.

Of course, you can expect to pay more for new orders, and the subscription prices are also pretty steep. Still, they have an organized process that makes ordering your meals easier than going to the grocery store and trying to find individual ingredients. You order your meals, and they arrive packaged perfectly.

Overall Taste

When you hear gluten-free and dairy-free, this might trigger an eyebrow to raise regarding flavor. We all know that the worst things taste the best, and any attempt to get rid of them usually has a price regarding the taste.

Despite this, Sakara has surprised many people with its delicious flavor, bringing plants to life and allowing you to experience a healthy plant-rich diet without tasting unsavory.

Their baked good are exquisite, and all the meals are satiating with unique sauces that will enable you to experience a burst of flavor. The only problem is that it’s short-lived as the portions are small. If you have a voracious appetite, you’ll be craving more and hungry very quickly after finishing a Sakara meal, but it will still taste incredible. 


Although Sakara practices sustainability clearly through their assertion on their website, the details are somewhat hazy when you dig further to discover the specifics. All the meals you receive are conveniently packaged in recycled containers so that you can enjoy a more sustainable service without guilt regarding the environmental impact.

They claim they are “committed to making the right choices for the health of our clients and the environment.” However, little information is beyond that, leaving you to question various specifics and take them at their word. Still, they’re a trustworthy company that operates with integrity regarding the environment, and that’s admirable.

Customization Options

Customization options across meals are non-existent with Sakara, and what you get is not up to you. Your only power is how many meals you can receive every week. You can also choose between breakfast, lunch & dinner, but you have no idea what you’ll be getting outside of that.

This can be seen as a positive because it’s like a surprise, but for picky eaters, this might be a problem if you want more control over what’s on your plate. This is especially true considering the price you’re paying for each meal. Still, with each order, they keep it fresh with exciting add-ons like herbal teas and other surprising healthful goodies.

sakara meal kit review

Sakara Pros & Cons


  • Suitable for the vegan lifestyle
  • Organically sourced from trustworthy farms with sustainable farming practices.
  • Ships across the USA
  • A variety of subscription plans to choose from
  • The option to try the service without subscribing


  • The programs are very pricey and will be expensive in the long term
  • The inability to change up your meals according to your preferences
  • The serving sizes are relatively small and do not have enough calories for a highly active individual
  • Some of the meals might look strange, but they all taste great.

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Daily Harvest Key Features

daily harvest meal kit


Given that no specific weekly meal plans exist, your final price with Daily Harvest will vary because of their a la carte menu. Still, you can average it to around $10 per meal when it’s all said and done. This is a moderate price for a meal service and is far more budget-friendly than Sakara.

However, remember that portion size matters, and Daily Harvest has been reported to have complaints regarding meal size for the price. In other words, you might be disappointed if you’re used to mom’s homestyle cooking with large portions.

Preparation Of Meals

Daily Harvest has its ups and downs regarding the ease of preparation between meals. Some meals will be easier than others to prepare and might cause a mess in your kitchen. For example, if you order the ingredients for smoothies, you’ll need a blender, which can make cleanup a drag.

Despite this, it’s still faster than spending much time at the store, which adds up over time when shopping for ingredients and preparing them at home. Overall, preparation isn’t too bad, but it will have its moments of frustration, according to many customer experiences.

Quality Of Ingredients

What can you expect from a frozen meal delivery service? Well, not much, if I’m being honest, because freezing anything naturally makes it less fresh. With the right amount of spices added, the taste becomes acceptable for the price and condition of the food when you receive it frozen.

It’s as good as it gets for this price, and the smoothies are impressive and taste great. Even the highest quality ingredients will suffer when frozen like this, but that’s the price you pay when selecting this service at a lower price point.

Ordering Process

The a la carte menu from Daily Harvest is exciting and gives you a sense of selection when choosing meals. You can order nine, fourteen, or twenty-four meals delivered to your door with hasty customer service. The higher you go with your plan, the more savings are possible.

As you would expect from most online meal delivery services, the process is straightforward. You set up an account and select your meal plans for your personalized order.

Overall Taste

Although you won’t have to pay as much for Daily Harvest, this means you’ll be experiencing a somewhat diminished flavor profile with lackluster flatbreads and oat bowls that leave much to be desired. You could argue that you’re paying for the convenience, but you will most likely be met with less-than-expected results when ordering from them.

Still, it’s viable if you’re looking for a middle-of-the-road service that gives you acceptable tastes. You can enhance each dish with additional store spices in the sometimes bland flavors. It’s not the worst food on the planet, but it will leave you craving more of a kick.


Daily Harvest is undoubtedly sustainably sourced, and you can take confidence in their farming practices. Each meal you receive has limited waste because they are conscientious about the environment. This in itself is a reason to give them a chance. They utilize dry ice in their packaging to reduce any waste.

Daily Harvest has a convenient recycling guide on its website to encourage sustainable practices. Here, you can discover the best ways to dispose of every item with integrity and sustainability. They have an admirable goal to utilize only 100% compostable & recycled materials in their packaging so you can rest easy.

Customization Options

There are no set plans available with Daily Harvest, but you choose your meals based on their a la carte system, including bowls, smoothies, & various meals. If you have some dietary restrictions, it’s easy to filter through the meals and construct an appropriate plan for your needs.

These include factors that can be filtered, such as allergens, meal type, diet, likes, & dislikes. This ensures that you get a more tailored experience regarding meal selection than Sakara. Daily Harvest might be a better fit if you like having more customization and control over your meals.

Daily Harvest Pros & Cons


  • Highly nutrient-dense food to enrich health
  • Extremely high fiber content to aid in digestion
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • You can change your delivery schedule and even skip a week if desired
  • Your account can be managed easily overall through the website or application


  • Frozen food isn’t the best tasting
  • Not suitable for those with higher protein needs
  • Some of the meals will be very low in calories
  • You may need to spice up the flavors with your ingredients
  • Smaller portion sizes won’t be filling for all individuals

Which Is The Better Choice?

This will depend on your preferences and what you aspire to achieve with your meal delivery service. If you’re looking for a more prestigious, high-end service that will taste great no matter what and impress you, Sakara is the right option if you have the money.

Otherwise, Daily Harvest is a more budget-friendly option with a more comprehensive selection and specific results. I would say Sakara is the way to go if you’re looking for something better but be prepared to pay a lot for the weekly meals. Daily Harvest might be a better option if you’re looking to save money and want an a-la-carte style.

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Other Alternatives To Consider

If you aren’t sold on either of these meal delivery services, don’t worry because there are loads of others to consider on the market today with their increasing popularity.

Here are three more to try if you want to branch out and discover new flavors with a different ordering process.

They generally operate the same way, but some subtle differences might make them more appealing than Sakara or Daily Harvest. Let’s take a look at some of these alternatives for your consideration.

Green Chef

green chef unboxing

Green Chef offers you recipes that professional chefs craft and they are trendy for their delicious flavors and organic, trustworthy ingredients. They are considered one of the tastiest meal services, with premium ingredients and organic produce that’s hard to match.

They have an extensive menu with items that will suit the needs of most individuals for the long term with reasonable pricing. Green Chef is also conscientious about sustainability and deeply concerned for the environment. The ingredients are pre-measured with convenient recipe cards to whip up something professional like it’s right out of the restaurant.

Why Go With Green Chef?

Green Chef is a meal kit service that delivers boxes filled with fresh ingredients on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis to make chef-curated meals. Diet and allergen friendly options, are one of the reasons I love Green Chef. Save big with $250 off and enjoy free shipping using code VENT250

Choose Your Plan
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Fresh n’ Lean

fresh n lean meal kit

Fresh n’ Lean is another alternative meal delivery service that utilizes real chefs to craft their ingredients into delicious meals that are hard to forget. They are more aimed at athletes seeking to stay lean and enjoy a more healthful experience with a high-protein diet.

Here, you can access meals that cater to various diet plans, such as paleo or keto, among many more. It’s more versatile when adhering to a particular lifestyle and will give you more flexibility if you want to change your eating habits. The meals are delicious and healthy, with a fresh, vacuum-sealed approach perfect for the fast-paced lifestyle.

Best Restriction Diet Friendly
Why Go With Fresh N’ Lean?

Fresh N' Lean offers organic, non-GMO ingredients available to suit a wide variety of leading restriction diets like Keto, Paleo, Whole30, Mediterranean Diet, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, and more. If you need a delicious meal prep service to fit your diet, Fresh N' Lean is the one.

Find Your Plan
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sunbasket review and alternatives

Sunbasket is another meal delivery service with fresh, organic, and delicious ingredients that are shipped to your door to be prepared for the freshest results. Although you must cook your meals like Green Chef, it might be more worth it to some if you don’t mind spending more time in the kitchen for a more appealing result.

The meals don’t take long to prepare and operate under sustainable practices. Sunbasket has been reported to have an excellent taste with supreme meals that will send your taste buds on a journey while encouraging wellness. You will indeed find a meal plan that will fit your schedule here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are Meal Delivery Service Kits Healthier Than Purchasing Ingredients from the Store?

Answer: One of the main draws of a meal delivery service is that you can take solace in what you put in your body. The ingredients are of higher quality and organically sourced with integrity so that you can enjoy each bite without worry.
Although ingredients from the store might taste alright, they often hide some dark realities, such as pesticides and harmful additives that silently wreak havoc on your health. You will notice the difference in health immediately when switching to an organic meal delivery service like Sakara or Daily Harvest.

Question: Why are These Services Expensive Sometimes, and is it Worth the Investment?

Answer: Generally speaking, you have to pay for quality, which goes for any product in life. That being said, it’s worth it to enrich your health if you aspire to longevity. Some services might not be worth the investment, so I have provided alternative solutions.
You must gauge the price and determine which meal delivery service is appropriate—some affordable options on the market and others that might take a bite out of your wallet. If you have a family with specific health needs, these services are worth trying, making life much easier.

Question: Is it Possible to Benefit from an Organic Meal Delivery Service Long-Term?

Answer: This will depend on the meal delivery service you choose, and you might get tired of their recipes and crave to return to a few classic dishes you miss from the store. There’s nothing wrong with switching back and forth to save money, and some people are intermittent buyers of meal delivery services like myself.
I’ll get a few months of a subscription service and then search for rare organic options from the store to save a few bucks. The reality is that your body will respond to utilizing higher-quality food for even a short time and will thank you with increased wellness no matter the frequency. However, consistency with organically sourced ingredients is ideal.

Conclusion: Sakara & Daily Harvest Are Both Great Choices!

Sakara and Daily Harvest are very different services, but you can’t go wrong when trying either for the first time. Sakara is fancier, with exquisite flavors and exciting twists you won’t find anywhere else.

Daily Harvest offers reasonably priced healthy food, but the taste might not be as refreshing as expected, considering they provide frozen options. You will have more personalization opportunities and the freedom to choose from them, but the quality won’t match Sakara.

As you can see, selecting each has positives and negatives, but it’s up to you to decide which suits your needs. Now that you have the information required, it’s time to give one or both a test to determine if they’re right for you. The best way is to get a first-hand experience because everyone’s taste is different!

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