Good Ranchers Review

Boy, oh boy, are there a LOT of meal delivery subscription services on the market. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been online to shop around to find a meal subscription service to add to my life. I hadn’t realized how many options have become available and how many services are totally NOT worth your money.

But, here I am with a Good Rancher subscription box sitting on my counter. Now, you may be wondering, “Alizabeth, out of all of the subscription boxes you’ve looked at, why try the Good Ranchers box?”

I’ll tell you why.

Because I like simple.

I don’t want bells. I don’t want whistles. I don’t want fancy packaging. I don’t want to pay for fancy packaging I’m just going to throw away. I don’t want filler.

I want simple.  

And while I love packages showing up on my doorstep, I don’t want to deal with a lot of hassle when it comes to my food shopping journey. Without any further hesitation, let’s jump right into my personal experience and opinion on what the Good Rancher subscription box is all about! 

My bottom line up front: I LOVED this box. If you’re looking for a lot of high-quality meat for a little bit of money, check out the Good Rancher. It really helped to make my entire grocery shopping experience so much easier! 

What Are Good Ranchers? 

good ranchers

Good Ranchers box offers a simple way to buy high-quality meat for your family. Plus, you’re giving back to your community when you order yourself the Good Rancher box (or three). When you order a box from the Good Rancher, you’re supporting local ranchers. 

The Good Rancher gets all of their meat from independent farms and ranches all around America. And as a born-and-raised American, I love this core value the Good Rancher holds. Plus, the quality of their meat is outstanding. In addition, every box you order helps the Good Rancher deliver meals to local families that are in need. 

Plus, the backstory behind Good Ranchers is adorable. Basically, the company started back in 1949 and was located in a small town. There were two people who worked hard to get their company off of the ground. Now, the grandchild of these two people runs the company. But, the standards and the principles behind why the subscription box started and haven’t changed today. 

What Are The Different Good Ranchers Boxes? 

good rancher boxes

There are several boxes that Good Ranchers offers. So if you don’t love the one I’m reviewing in this article, know that there are other options you can choose from. Let’s take a look at all of the boxes they offer:

Ranchers Classic: 

This box contains 32 meals with a combo of both chicken and beef. Inside of this box, you’ll find: 

  • 6 hand-trimmed filets (6 oz each)
  • 6 gourmet steakburgers (5 oz each)
  • 8 better than ‘organic’ pre-seasoned chicken breast (5 oz each)
  • 8 Better than ‘organic’ chicken breast (5 oz each)
  • 2 porterhouse t-bones or bone-in NY strips (17 oz each) 

Family Feast Bundle: 

Inside of this box, you’ll get 67 meals. You’ll find: 

  • 2 porterhouse t-bones or bone-in NY strips (17 oz each) 
  • 8 better than organic chipotle bourbon chicken breasts (5 oz each)
  • 8 better than organic sun-dried tomato chicken breasts (5 oz each)
  • 8 better than organic lemon pepper chicken breasts (5 oz each)
  • 8 better than organic chorizo fajita chicken breasts (5 oz each)
  • 8 better than organic plain chicken breasts (5 oz each) 
  • 6 gourmet steakburgers (5 oz each)
  • 7 top sirloin steaks (5 oz each)
  • 3 NY strips (10 oz each) 

Better Than Organic Chicken Bundle: 

You’ll get 32 meals out of this box. All of the chicken inside of the organic chicken bundle is free-range. You’ll receive: 

  • 8 better than organic sun-dried tomato chicken breasts (5 oz each)
  • 8 better than organic lemon pepper chicken breasts (5 oz each)
  • 8 better than organic chorizo fajita chicken breasts (5 oz each)
  • 8 better than organic plain chicken breasts (5 oz each) 

Prime Seafood Bundle:

Here’s the variety you’ll find: 

  • 2 rainbow trout, boneless and skin on (8 oz each) 
  • 4 Atlantic salmon filets, boneless and skin on (8 oz each) 
  • 4 pounds of de-veined and peeled organic shrimp
  • 4 pacific snapper, boneless (8 oz each) 

The Cowboy

Inside of this box, you’ll find 35 meals. You’ll receive: 

  • 5 Black Angus top sirloin steaks (5 oz each)
  • 3 Black Angus NY Strips (3 oz each) 
  • 6 grass-fed American Wagyu burgers (5.33 oz each) 
  • 4 Black Angus bone-in ribeyes (16 oz each) 

The Cattleman

Inside of this box, you’ll receive 35 meals. You’ll get: 

  • 6 hand-trimmed filets (6 oz each) 
  • 6 signature steakburgers (5 oz each) 
  • 7 top sirloin steaks (5 oz each)
  • 3 NY strips (10 oz each) 
  • 3 t-bones or bone-in NY strips (17 oz)

My Good Ranchers Experience

unboxing good ranchers

I was able to order the Rancher’s Classic box, so I had a combo of beef and chicken inside of my box. After looking at the prices and seeing how affordable this box was, I was so excited for it to show up on my doorstep!

The Unboxing

When I got my box, I thought that all of the food would be frozen inside of one giant styrofoam box. However, when I opened my box up, I was very surprised to see that there were more boxes! Each type of meat I received was packaged inside of its own little box.

And then inside of each little box was all of the meat, individually wrapped in plastic (with the portions wrapped separately). I was nervous when I was unboxing all of this because I didn’t think I had enough space in my freezer. Thankfully, I was able to move some things around, and I was all good to go! 


I was excited to see that I had gotten chicken breast with a marinade. I was so impressed with the quality of the chicken! With how cheap it was, I didn’t really have high hopes. However, the chicken (plain and marinated) was tender and succulent. I’m normally not a big fan of marinades, but I loved the chili lime flavor I got in mine. I used it to make tacos and white chicken chili! 

The side of the burgers I got was amazing; perfect for grilling at home. I do wish there was some more clarification on the burgers because I was anticipated it to be legitimate chopped steak. However, it wasn’t. 

For the beef and the steak, there was amazing marbling to the meat. I could taste the difference in the grass-fed meat (because that’s not something I normally buy). However, I normally buy steaks that are a bit bigger than this, so I did notice a difference in the sizing. Yet, I really enjoyed the pre-portioned out sizing of the meat. It truly helped with portion control, and as someone who is trying to lose weight, this was amazing to have! 

My Final Thoughts on Good Ranchers

I absolutely LOVED my Good Ranchers box. All of the meat inside of my box USDA Choice and better. So, if you’re looking to save money on your grocery trip without having to sacrifice quality, I would highly suggest Good Ranchers. You don’t have to commit to a subscription either; you can purchase a one-time box (which is what I did).

Plus, I loved that I didn’t just get plain chicken inside of my box. I loved that I got chicken that was marinated, so it gave me the chance to experiment with flavors that I wouldn’t normally do. So instead of having plain chicken some nights (don’t get me wrong, I use seasoning), I got to spice things up and try a flavor I don’t normally cook with. 

I also loved that everything was pre-portioned out. I do wish that there wasn’t so much plastic going to waste. But, I loved that everything was portioned out, so I didn’t have to worry about taking too much meat out of the freezer and cooking too much for dinner. 

What’s the Process for The Good Ranchers? 


The Good Ranchers don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach with their meat. All of the meat they deliver to their customers comes from local farms that were carefully selected. 

Where Do Good Ranchers Get Their Meat? 

Good Ranchers partners with local farmers and ranchers all around the USA, but mainly in the heartland of America. All of the beef products they use in their boxes are grain-finished AND grass-fed. This basically means that the cows have a completely vegetarian diet, which contributes to the tenderness of the meat you get in your box.

Are Good Ranchers legit, or Are They a Scam? 

Good Ranchers is a legit company. But, it’s totally understandable that you’re feeling skeptical about this company. They’re able to offer such amazing prices o their meats because they don’t deal with a middle man. Instead of trying to sell you their meat in the grocery store, you can buy your meat directly from them. That drastically cuts down on their prices because they don’t have to pay to advertise their products to get your attention over their competition. Plus, they don’t have to pay the middle man (grocery stores). 

In addition, they don’t have to worry about paying a bunch of employees because they don’t have physical store locations. Instead, they just worry about having a location to ship all of their packages from. This also drastically cuts down on their operational costs.

Are Good Ranchers Worth it?

good ranchers meat package

YES! 100% YES! 

If you could walk away with one less from this subscription, let me tell you this: SIGN. UP.

The quality of the meat you get inside of your box is outstanding. Plus, you don’t have to worry about added hormones, colors, or any of the other gross stuff you find in mass-produced meat. All of the meat is of outstanding quality! 

Pros and Cons of Good Ranchers

Just like any business you order from, there’s a lot of pros and cons that Good Ranchers offers. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the company: 


  • Very affordable
  • Supports local American businesses
  • Grass-fed and grass-finished
  • Organic options available 
  • Fast shipping 
  • Quality meat
  • Outstanding customer service


  • Packaging was annoying; I wish there was an easy tear option for the frozen pieces.

Other Alternatives to Consider 


ButcherBox offers pork, beef, salmon, and chicken in their box. You can also get gift packages, side dishes, and even baked goods with your ButcherBox. You can get 9 to 14 pounds of meat delivered in a ButcherBox. ButcherBox offers a subscription-based service.

Read More on Butcherbox:

Wellness Meats

Wellness Meats sends out sustainably sourced, grass-fed meat. You can order whenever you please; you don’t have to worry about a subscription-based service with Wellness Meats. You can get pork, bison, lamb, beef, salmon, sole, shrimp, tuna, mackerel, shrimp, sablefish, halibut, and chicken inside of your box. Plus, all of the meat is free of antibiotics and hormones. 

Crowd Cow

All of the meat from Crowd Cow comes from small farms over the USA. Crowd Cow partners with smaller farms, so if that’s really important to you, check this company out. They do offer a subscription-based model. You can find Alaskan king crab, Atlantic salmon, Maine lobster, pork, chicken, and beef. 

Good Ranchers Review: FAQs

Question: What is grass-fed, grain-finished? 

Answer: As cows grow up, Good Ranchers farmers feed their cows grass. Then, as they age, they’re fed 100% vegetarian grain. They claim this to help provide the meat with more flavor and to make it more tender. 

Question: Do Good Ranchers have a satisfaction guarantee?

Answer: Yes, they do! Good Ranchers says if you aren’t completely satisfied with your other, they want you to contact them. They want to make sure you’re completely happy with your order and will do whatever they can to make sure you’re totally satisfied. They encourage you to reach out to them via email. 

Question: How long is the meat from Good Ranchers aged? 

Answer: They dry-age their meat for a minimum of 14 days. And then, they wet age their meat for another 14 days. This is to ensure the meat they send out to their customers is perfectly rich and tender. 

So, Should You Get Good Ranchers? 

steak from the good rancher

There’s so much positive that comes from the Good Rancher. If you’re looking to spend your hard-earned money with a company that not only gives you outstanding quality but also gives back to the community, you should look into the Good Ranchers.

Even with the packaging on their box that’s delivered to your home, it’s clear that they care about what they’re doing. There’s a huge social impact with the Good Ranchers, so you know you’re doing good for your family and your neighborhood.

Plus, there’s an incredible value you’ll find inside of a box from Good Ranchers. You don’t have to worry about if you’re getting a great deal with this box. You can depend on consistently amazing prices with this, which is even more beneficial to you if you have a large family to feed. 

I love that you don’t have to worry about traveling to the grocery store to get meat too. There’s so much that goes into a simple grocery shopping experience, like waiting in line, traffic, making sure you have enough money for gas. With this, all you have to do is order online, and you’re all set to go. 

So, yes! You should totally get yourself a Good Ranchers box! 

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