6 Best Game Meat Delivery Services Online

If you are looking for all manner of exotic game meat, delivered right to your doorstep, this guide will point you in the right direction.

Not all meat delivery services live up to the glossy website sales promises. Our editorial – myself included – have tried and tested almost every service on the market. For online game meats specifically I looked at:

  • Are their sourcing standards transparent & traceable?
  • How many spots removed is the brand from the actual suppliers?
  • How frequently do they run out of stock?
  • How do their prices compare to competitors online?
  • How are their meats packaged to preserve freshness?
  • How long does it take to ship to various parts of the US?

After answering all of these questions, these are the top ranked options (in order of preference, but also check the superlatives!):

Fossil Farms: Best Game Meat Selection & Quality Overall

In a Sentence: Fossil Farms has pretty much every imaginable type of common and exotic game meat you can think of, all sustainably raised and sourced from independently owned farms and ranches.

Why I like Fossil Farms

  • A true “menagerie” of meats, almost any exotic meat you can think of
  • Core game selections include Elk, Antelope, Bison, Ostrich, Venison, Wild Boar, Rabbit, and lamb
  • Exotic specialties include alligator, camel, kangaroo, and yak! 
  • Fossil Farms features an EXCELLENT selection of game birds, including Emu, Guinea Ham, Partridge, Pheasant, Quail, and Sqaw
  • ALL Antibiotic free meats
  • All aggregated and sourced from locally owned, independently operated family farms and ranches
  • Sustainably raised and harvested
  • Nationwide distributed, headquartered in Boonton NJ
  • Generally competitive pricing for most game meats
  • Offers a nice rewards programs (points based) for repeat shoppers
  • FREE shipping on all orders over $175

What Could be Improved

  • Some game meat prices can vary, based on local supply and seasonality
  • Some exotic selections come and go
  • $175 minimum free shipping order is touch on the high side compared to competitors
  • Website can be a bit difficult to navigate given the wide selection and volume of products

Crowd Cow: Best Bison Cuts

In a Sentence: Crowd Cow has the best premium grade meats, including mouth watering bison cuts.

Why I like about Crowd Cow

  • Bison is their only true “game meat’, but they have an excellent selection of premium cuts including Bison Tenderloin, Bison Rib Steak, and (my favorite) Bison New York Strip steak
  • Also offers ground bison beef and crowd favorite bison burgers
  • Solid selection of lamb and pretty much every mainstream meat option (including fish)
  • Not a game meat, but if you enjoy a good Wagyu Crowd Cow has the best selection of authentic Japanese Wagyu I’ve tried
  • Expertly packaged to avoid spoilage
  • All antibiotic free meats, many pasture raised and non-GMO options
  • Transparent local farm supplier list
  • FREE shipping on most orders of at least $99 (this is better than most meat delivery services)
  • Also offers a compelling points based rewards program to get free meat cuts

What Could be Improved

  • Some lamb, but limited selection of exotic meats beyond bison
  • Can be a bit expensive compared to others

Crowd Cow Compared to Others

D’Artagnan: Best Wild Boar Cuts

In a Sentence: Broad selection of restaurant-grade meats, including game, duck, and wild boar specialty meats.

Why I like D’Artagnan

  • Extensive selection of basically any wild boar cut imaginable, the best I’ve experienced
  • Deep selection of venison cuts, including all of the popular “steak cuts”
  • Some good rabbit and bison meat / buffalo meat cuts
  • Also has a great selection of other mainstream beef, poultry, and fish (a true “one-stop shop”)
  • Antibiotic free meats
  • Overnight delivery available in many continental US markets

What Could be Improved

  • Limited labeling transparency meat sourcing (e.g. limited grass fed, pasture-raised labeling)
  • No loyalty or rewards programs

US Wellness Meats: Best Lamb Cuts

In a Sentence: Wide selection of high quality, sustainably sourced lamb, at a competitive price (great for bulk orders). 

Why I liked US Wellness Meats

  • Widest selection of grassfed lamb cuts, including lamb chops, breast, leg, loins, ribs, Osso Buco, shank, tendon, liver, and marrow bones
  • Good selection of premium quality bison meat cuts as well
  • Excellent selection of hard to find organ meats
  • Also carries a wide array of chicken, beef and pork (great one-stop meat shop)
  • Offers a subscription service (saves money) OR one-off purchases
  • NEW now carries whole rabbit cuts
  • Minimum FREE shipping order of $75 + 7 lbs (and $9.95 shipping / handling)

What Could be Improved

  • Lamb and rabbit, but limited selection of exotic meats beyond bison
  • Free shipping is a bit complicated if you can’t hit the weight minimum
  • Shipping and handling isn’t included

US Wellness Meats vs Others

Meat N’ Bone: Best Custom Cuts

In a Sentence: If you are looking for options, specials and CUSTOM CUTS, at Meat N’ Bone there’s always something either on sale or new and unique to test your taste buds.

Why I like Meat N’ Bone

What Could be Improved

  • Game selections are not always in stock, a bit hit or miss
  • Has a bit of a “get it while you can” vibe, hard to know what they specialize in
  • Limited information on sourcing and sustainability

Wild Fork Foods: Fastest Delivery

In a Sentence: US and Australian sourced game meats and delivers within 24-48 hours to most continental US locations. 

Why I like Wild Fork Foods

  • Two-day delivery in most markets (orders over $35 and if ordered Tuesday-Saturday)
  • Free shipping on first orders and for members
  • Carries harder to find ostrich meat cuts & goat and yak cuts
  • Also carries some exotic alligator cuts
  • Deep selection of common venison and elk steak cuts

What Could be Improved

  • Game selections are not always in stock, a bit hit or miss
  • Limited information on meat grades and sourcing, mostly USDA Choice from what I can see

Final Cut: So Which is the Best Online Purveyor of Game Meats?

Clearly there are options! I’ve tried to highlight ones that serve different palettes. Here’s my final assessment:

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