Best Pork Delivery Services & Boxes

There are two types of foods that I have trust issues with; milk and pork.

I don’t trust milk because I always suspect it is spoiled, even if I’ve just bought it from the grocery store. I have this weird sniff test process that I go through before I even venture to pour myself a glass of milk. Can you blame me, though? If you’ve taken a sip of spoiled milk, you’ll know why I have trust issues.

 The other food is pork. I don’t trust pork because I’ve seen too many videos online of butchers trying to hide cancer growth, parasites, and other nasty things inside of the pork they’re selling. I avoided buying grocery store pork whenever I possibly could. Unfortunately, that made my life difficult.

I have some things that I depend on the grocery store for, but I have to go out of my way to order pork products from places that I love. However, since my schedule is so busy, I only had time to shop at a few different places.

 I’ll admit, I missed my bacon. My husband misses pork chops. My son follows in his mama’s footsteps and loves bacon as I do. After hearing my family complain about how they miss pork and are tired of eating chicken every night, I decided to seek out the best pork delivery services. 

I have spent years trying a bunch of different pork delivery services in a personal attempt to see who I could crown as the real winner.

What meat delivery service could I trust to feed my family every night? Dinner time is the only time I get to spend with everybody in my family, so I need to make sure I have a high-quality, healthy, and delicious meal to feed everybody. 

The bottom oink for you: Good Chop is my number one pick for pork delivery services. I love the variety of meats they offer, but the quality of their pork is unmatched. Good Chop has helped me calm down about my pork trust issues!

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