Nadine West Review

Nadine West Review (Why I’m Canceling)

Nadine West is a monthly (or bi-weekly, depending on which subscription plan you choose) clothing subscription company that caters to women of all clothing sizes (S-3XL).

After reading many Nadine West Reviews, I decided to try it and let you know my thoughts, so here, check out how the delivery works, what they offer, and whether I think its worth to subscribe.

When you sign up for Nadine West, you have the option to fill out a style profile that allows you to enter in your size information, your color preference for shirts, pants, and jewelry, as well as what type of patterns and season clothes you would like to receive, what types of tops, dress cut and bottoms you would like to receive, and what type of jewelry you would like to receive (and if you would like to receive any at all).

This clothing subscription company claims that after you fill out your profile, a stylist will go through and send you items that best fit your style preferences in a shipment.

Bottom Line Up Front / TL;DR: This review ending up beeing SUPER long and in-depth (sorry – it’s a habit)… My ultimate conclusion is that Nadine West is NOT worth the money (at least for me). Instead, I would recommend a similar service that I fell in love with: check out Dia & Co here instead.

My First Box: August Delivery

  • What it is: Monthly clothing and jewelry subscription box
  • Cost: $9.78 a month
  • Value of my August box: $141.93

What I got in my August Nadine West Shipment

These are the items I got in my first package:

  1. Top: Hey Darlin’ – $19.99
  2. Top: Cardi Bite (gray) – $22.49
  3. Bottom: Pocket Active- $26.99
  4. Bottom: After Work (grey) – $24.49
  5. Earring: Diamond Dangle (gold) – $12.99
  6. Earring: Starfish Dangles (gold) – $12.99
  7. Necklace: Kala’s Love (gold) – $21.99

First item: Diamond dangle (gold) – Value $12.99

Nadine West Diamond dangle (gold)

The first thing that I pulled out of my August Nadine West package are these gold drop earrings. These earrings have a clear rhinestone that’s wrapped in gold to create a stud earring, with a gold chain that holds onto a gold arrow that is covered in small clear rhinestones.

These earrings are lightweight and I love the drop style earring, as I always feel like it looks really elegant. These earrings did turn my ears green after wearing them for a few days, but I think if I only wear them every once in a while, I won’t have problems with them turning my ears green.

Second item: Starfish Dangles – Value: $12.00

Nadine West Starfish Dangles

These starfish earrings are super cute and fun!

These earrings are also gold and lightweight feeling. I personally believe that it would have been amazing if Nadine West had sent these earrings out at the beginning or even the middle of summer, as these starfish earrings would be perfect to wear when you’re rocking beach fashion or whatever you enjoy wearing in the warmer weather.

However, with it being the end of summer and the beginning of fall, these earrings would just sit in the bottom of my jewelry collection.

Third item: Kala’s Love – Value: $21.99

Nadine West kala's love

I know that I’m plus sized and that I have a double chin, but I have never had a problem with necklaces properly fitting me. I can wear normally sized necklaces and I never have to adjust them by adding extra chain length to them.

However, this is now the second time that I’ve had problems with the necklaces that Nadine West have sent me fitting me. The first chain on this necklace was too tight for me to be able to clip the necklace on, but I have it laid out on my chest so you can have an understanding of what it looks like.

Personally, I think this necklace is really pretty and delicate. I love the purple marbled triangular stone on this necklace, but besides that stone, there isn’t anything super spectacular about this piece to make me want to give up $21.99.

As I said earlier, I have an average size neck, so it’s very frustrating for me to have run into a problem on two different occasions with a necklace not fitting me with Nadine West.

Fourth item: Cardi bite – Value: $22.49

Nadine West cardi bite

This cardigan is cute and fits me well! I think it is very appropriate for office wear or just as something to cover up your tank tops or short sleeves for you to transition into fall fashion. It was a very comfortable and breathable fabric, with a looser fit that allowed me to move around freely.

I liked the length of this cardigan (I’m 5’8”) and it hit me right around the middle of my thighs. I’m not a huge fan of short sleeve cardigans, but I do feel like pairing it with a black tank top really made it worth better for me.

Fifth item: Hey Darlin’ – Value: $19.99

Nadine West hey darlin shirt

This is another item that I feel like would have fit better into beginning or middle of summer fashion rather than being sent to me at the end of summer and the beginning of fall. I feel that $20 for this tank top is very overpriced, because the quality of it wasn’t that great.

The tank top itself was very see through and was a very thin material that I don’t think would last through too many washes. If I had gotten this tank top caught on something sharp, it would have been an instant hole or tear.

The Americana cowboy boot is cute, but I really hate wearing light grey. I don’t feel like this tank top is anything special or unique. If I were to have kept this tank top, it would have just sat in the back of my closet because it doesn’t feel very fall-like. Personally, I feel like this tank top is something that I would see in Walmart around the 4th of July.

Sixth item: After Work – Value: $24.49

Nadine West after work

These shorts were actually the only thing in this shipment that I really liked. I loved the mint trim and the crossing of that trim on the side of the shorts. However, I wouldn’t have spent more than $10-$15 for these shorts if I saw them when I was out shopping, so I really don’t feel like these shorts are worth the $24.

These were shorts that had a lot of stretch to them and they did feel very comfortable on my thighs. When shopping around for shorts, I have a very hard time finding shorts that will fit my thighs, but these fit comfortably and I even had extra space in the fabric that allowed my thighs to still fit comfortably in the shorts when I sat down.

The biggest downside to these shorts is that there weren’t any pockets, so there wasn’t any space to keep my phone or hold anything else. I liked the length of time and I really did love the mint trim, but I just couldn’t justify the price tag that came with these shorts.

Seventh item: Pocket active – Value: $26.99

Nadine West pocket active

These leggings were the last thing that I pulled out of my August Nadine West bag and I was pretty irritated when I pulled these out. In my July bag, I had received these same exact leggings in my bag. I don’t know if they were the same exact pair that I had tried on in July, but I literally received the same exact brand and type of legging in my July and my August bag.

I even left a review in my July bag shipment about how disappointed I was in these leggings. I’ve never, ever had a problem with leggings not fitting my butt, mainly because I have a butt that is on the smaller/flatter side.

It’s always my thighs that give me a problem with leggings. These leggings fit my thighs just fine, but I literally had the hardest time getting them up over my butt. They wouldn’t stay and just kept falling down off of my butt.

In the above picture, I’m literally holding the leggings up with my hands just to keep them on my butt. It was so weird and again, I’ve literally never had a problem like this with any other leggings I’ve ever tried in my life.

I disliked them very much, which is why I left a bad review on these leggings in my July Nadine West. I was absolutely shocked to see that I received the same exact leggings in my August bag, especially since it was from the same exact brand! Basically, these are workout leggings that have a pocket on both legs to hold your phone while you’re working out.

The pocket easily held my iPhone 8 Plus, but didn’t fit me at all. In between my attempt to try on these leggings in July and my attempt to try on these leggings in August (the picture is from my August attempt) I had even lost ten pounds and dropped a whole pant size, but these still didn’t fit me at all.

The phone pocket is supposed to sit up a little bit higher on your hip, rather than further down on your thigh like it is sitting on my body. I really liked the mesh detail in these leggings, which I thought was really cute.

But it’s absolutely ridiculous that I received the same exact pair of leggings in my bag, back to back.

Important Note: Billing Problems with Nadine West

I have had major billing errors on two separate occasions with Nadine West, which is one of the reasons on why I’m canceling.

Billing problem #1

I always get the notification that Nadine West has sent out my bag between the second and the third week of every month. Last month (July), I received notification from Nadine West that they had sent out my bag closer to the end of the third week. By the time USPS had delivered my bag, it was the 28th of the month.

In order for Nadine West to figure out what you’re keeping in your bag (and the amount that they need to take out of you banking account), they have tracking information on all of the pre-paid return labels.

These pre-paid return labels must be used by a certain date and if they aren’t, Nadine West assumes that you’re keeping your entire bag and will charge your card the appropriate amount.

I had received my bag on the 28th of the month. I was supposed to have sent my return package in the mail by the 23rd, which would have been impossible because I had received my bag late. I didn’t even know that my bag had been delivered late until I checked my bank account and noticed that nearly $150 was taken out of my account by Nadine West. In a short explanation, my bank account was charged $150 because my bag had been delivered late.

It took me two days to hear back from the Nadine West customer service. The customer service agent that I spoke to was really nice and explained why I had been charged. Nadine West did end up refunding my money once they had received tracking information on the package that I was returning.

Billing problem #2

This billing problem I had was for my August Nadine West bag, which happened a few weeks after the first billing problem (return label mismatch) that I had with Nadine West. I had received my Nadine West bag on time and I had sent it out on time, so there weren’t any problems there.

A few days after I had sent out my bag, I checked the tracking information on the bag to see if Nadine West had received my bag; they had received my bag and saw that I had only kept one item from my bag.

I checked my credit card statement and saw that I had been charged $140, which was the full value of everything inside of my bag. This information was incorrect, because I had only kept one item from my August Nadine West bag (a pair of $12.99 earrings).

In other words, Nadine West showed on my account history that I had only kept one item from my August bag, but charged my account the full value of everything inside of my bag, like I had kept everything. My account should have only been charged right around $3.21 for the earrings that I kept, since the $9.78 credit goes towards any item that you want to keep.

I contacted the Nadine West customer service and it took two days to hear back from them. I was told that the reason that my account had been charged the $140 was because there was a ‘processing error’ and that their computers had mistakenly marked my account as having kept all of the items in my bag.

They refunded me the $140 that they took and I let them know that I needed them to cancel my subscription with their company. On both occasions, I never got any notification from Nadine West that they were taking additional money out of my bank account.

I never received a text message, an e-mail, not even a little pop-up when I logged into my Nadine West account. They withdrew this money without my knowledge and never let me know that they were doing so, which I found to be very sneaky. I never would’ve caught onto this billing error if I didn’t religiously check my banking account.

Final thoughts on the August Nadine West clothing subscription bag

I’ve got a lot to say about my August Nadine West bag, so I’m going to break it down into sections in case you’re only curious about one subject.


I feel that Nadine West is extremely sneaky in the way that they run their billing. There are two reasons why I feel this way, which are:

  • Credits
  • Over charging


Most other clothing subscription box companies that I have or have had will charge x amount of dollars for their subscription.

As an example, Dia and Co is a $20 a month clothing subscription box. To get a Dia and Co box in your hands, you pay a $20 stylist fee, have free shipping and return shipping, and get 25% off if you decide to keep everything in your box. The $20 you spend on each box applies as a credit to anything that you decide you want to get.

If you decide you want to keep a $40 pair of jeans in your Dia and Co box, $20 of your credit goes towards those jeans and Dia and Co will take out the additional $20 from your account. But, if you decide that you don’t want to keep anything from your Dia and Co box, that $20 you spent as the ‘stylist fee’ gets rolled into a credit account.

So, let’s say you don’t keep anything from two Dia and Co boxes; that will leave you with a $40 credit on your Dia and Co account, as for each box that you don’t keep anything in, your $20 credit rolls over. If you want to keep those $40 pair of jeans, Dia and Co will take from your credits rather than charge your card.

That’s not the way Nadine West works.

The way Nadine West works is that each month, you are charged $9.78 to get a Nadine West bag. Nadine West says that you aren’t actually paying anything for the bag and the stylist fee, but are really just paying for the shipping fee and return shipping. Okay, that makes sense, right?

Nadine West sends out a packing slip that contains information on how to send your package back, when you have to send it back by, a list of all of the items that you received in your bag, and what the pricing is for each of those items. On the very bottom of the page, it reads:

“Don’t forget your available credit as it won’t rollover! Total credit: $9.78”, which is what I spent for the shipping cost.

I have been a part of Nadine West a few months, but I didn’t ever realize that my credits didn’t roll over, as I had never been a part of a clothing subscription company that didn’t transfer unused credits over.

While I can say that I am partially at fault for not knowing that the credits didn’t roll over because I didn’t read all of the writing on the packaging slips, I still wish that it was made a little bit clearer that the credit don’t roll over.

nadine west packaging slip

Nadine West Overcharging

I’m not going to dispute the fact that Nadine West is an affordable subscription bag and is a great way to treat yourself if you’re looking to try out new looks, but you’re on a budget. But that’s the key word- budget. Nadine West is company that’s main audience is younger women/teens, as they advertise their subscription and the contents of their subscription as affordable.

No matter if you’re a college student, working three jobs, a young mom, a single parent, if you’re on a budget, you’re on a budget. Having $140 or $150 unexpectedly taken out of your account because of the billing errors of a subscription company could mean that you can’t afford to pay for groceries, pay the entirety of your rent, or whatever the case may be.

While it is true that Nadine West refunded the money that they took out of my account both times, it took five business days to get that money back into my account. Depending upon your payment method and your bank, it may take less or more time for you to see your refund back in your account.

Personally, I don’t think it would have been that big of a deal if they had taken out the $12.99 for the necklace because of a ‘processing error’. It’s not a huge amount of money and wouldn’t have made that much of a difference in the possibility of me paying my bills. But, $140 is a huge amount of money and I feel like Nadine West has probably gotten away with this ‘processing error’ several times.

They never sent out an e-mail or a text message to let me know that they were charging my account. I never got a notification of any sort that they were taking extra money out of my account.

If I wasn’t someone who didn’t check their bank account on a daily basis, I never would’ve noticed the $140 (or the $150) gone from my account either time. Nadine West never made me aware that they accidentally overcharged my account or that their computers made a mistake and accidentally overcharged my account for items I didn’t keep. I found this especially alarming, especially since my Nadine West account had recorded that I only kept one item.

While it may be true that Nadine West had ‘processing errors’, I had two problems with the company overcharging my account and taking over $100 out of my account.

If I hadn’t had caught these errors in their processing or their billing myself, they would’ve gotten away with it. And keep in mind that I’m only one person and Nadine West has thousands of subscribers, so I really hope that it was just a fluke and that I’m the only person that has had this problem with their company.

I’m not discouraging you to sign up for Nadine West, but I would be extremely careful with keeping an eye on your finances to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you too.

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Nadine West Outfits and Selections

I think that it’s really great that Nadine West offers sizing selections for thinner women, average sized women, and plus sized women. As you can see, I am a plus sized woman and set my profile to sizing 2XL. I usually have a pretty tough time finding tops that fit me, because I have a hard time finding tops that aren’t too tight on my bust. I have my profile set to a size 18 in bottoms.

When it came time to choosing what types of colors and patterns I wanted to see in my boxes, I made sure that I didn’t choose grey. I wanted to get bright colors in my subscription bag, as well as bold patterns, and animal print. I also selected my color option for the jewelry section as ‘silver’, because I’m not a huge fan of wearing gold.

As you can see from my August bag, it’s like my bag was built against my profile. Everything I received was grey and all of the jewelry I got is gold. There isn’t anything bold, exciting, or very inventive in my bag. This isn’t the first time that this has happened with my Nadine West bag either, as my July bag was bag was filled with nothing but grey workout clothing and gold jewelry.

I wouldn’t have been too upset if they had sent one grey item, because I understand that we all have different perceptions on what qualifies as grey and what maybe would be a lighter shade of black. But, all of the items that I in my August Nadine West bag are grey. There isn’t any color variety, no pattern variety, nothing like that. This bag was very plain, wasn’t very imaginative, and really followed very closely along with what I got in my July bag.

Another problem that I had with Nadine West is they literally sent me the same clothing item in my July and my August subscription. I received a pair of exercise leggings that have pockets for you to put your phone into while you’re working out. I left a review on the Nadine West site for my July beg that expressed my dislike for these leggings, because they didn’t fit me.

In my August bag, I received the same exact leggings from the same brand, which kind of made me feel that Nadine West doesn’t really have any interested in building a unique experience for each customer.

Final Nadine West Revew: Is Nadine West worth it?

To sum it all up, Nadine West isn’t worth the money in my opinion. I only kept the Diamond Dangle earrings because I didn’t want my $9.78 in credits to go to waste, but that is literally the only reason why I kept anything from that bag.

In my personal opinion, I feel like Nadine West hasn’t done enough to fix their ‘billing errors’ or their ‘processing errors’ for me to feel like I should be giving $9.78 to their company every month. I don’t feel like it’s going to be worth it every month to e-mail their customer service about another billing error and how they need to send me a refund because they wrongly charged my card.

I also don’t feel like there is anything exciting, unique, or different in their bags. This is especially prevalent in my August bag, is everything that I got is either grey or gold. I deselected the color choices for both grey and gold in my profile, so this bag was built without my profile in mind at all.

The shorts and the tank top are both items that I feel like I could find at Walmart and the jewelry I know I could find at Forever 21 for a lot cheaper. I feel that most of the items in my bag were overpriced and weren’t prices that I would feel comfortable paying for any of those items.

Maybe in a few months, Nadine West will smooth out all of their processing errors, billing errors, and styling problems.

Until then, I don’t think that this clothing subscription bag is worthy my money and would advise people who are considering subscribing to Nadine West to carefully watch their bank account if they do feel that the positives outweigh the risks for signing up for Nadine West.

How to Cancel Nadine West Subscription?

The easiest way to cancel the Nadine West subscription box is to email support at the following adfsh: [email protected]

If you just want to “pause” your subscription (which is what they will push you towards), the same email works.

If you want to simply change the shipment frequency, you can manage this via your profile dashboard in Nadine West online.

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Nadine West Alternatives

While our editorial team hasn’t tried every one of these subscription box options for fashion (many we have), there are plenty of other monthly clothing subsciption service and fashion subscription boxes to try:

  • Dia and Co: Dia and Co style subscription service features a similar personal styling fee to find the right genre of outfit choices, but is geared more exclusively to plus sized women who might not be the target demographic of most other style subscription boxes. You can take the easy online style quiz here.
  • Stitch Fix: Perhaps the most well known (and now public!) curated style pioneers, Stitch Fix subscription service is on to something for sure. For a $20 initial personal styling service fee, you can get started with their truly in-depth (and pretty darn accurate) styling quizzes.
  • Trunk Club: This one is the official styling box of Nordstrom’s and heavily features their clothing lines (basically take the entire women’s clothing section of Nordstrom’s department store and shrink it into a box customized for you). The styling fee is slightly more at $25. Learn more about how it works here.
  • Le Tote: They charge $59 per month and feature designer brand clothing that you essentially “rent” and return. If you decide to keep something, your monthly fee is deducted against the price tag. Learn more and save 30% off the first 3 months here.
  • Golden Tote: Golden Tote subscription service is similar to the above, but features 3 outfit options. You can choose from a $59/month 2-item tote, a $149/month 5-item tote, or a 3-item clothing and accessories “Surprise Tote” for $89/month. Typically will feature a shirt and pants (for example), but not always a single outfit.
  • Wantable Style:  Wantable is similar to Stitch Fix at $20 for the personal styling service fee. Each month customers have 5 days to either keep or return the 5+ clothing items in each delivery. Wantable also includes a healthy dose of accessories! Get started with Wantable here.
  • Gwynnie Bee: This subscription service is a bit different. It doesn’t feature a personal stylist, but instead let’s you try and return clothes. Kind of like a Poor Gal’s Stitch Fix. See how Gwynnie Bee works here with a FREE 1st month.
My Pick
Dia and Co Personalizes!

There are many fashion subscription services out there, but only one the offers deep customization and personalization for plus sized women. It takes 30 seconds to get started. This is why we recommend Dia & Co.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

FAQs About Nadine West

Does Nadine West offers clothes for plus size women?

Yes. The best thing about Nadine West is that they offer clothes for plus size women and they can return them in case they are not satisfied with the selections that come in the bag.

Does Nadine West offer live support?

No. The company exclusively offers support via email, and it might take awhile before they respond to your enquiries.

Is Nadine West worth it?

The clothes and accessories Nadine West clothing subscription service offers are definitely not of the best quality, and you can’t definitley ask for more as the box costs only $9 per month. Overall, it’s not really the best choice if you want to try something new and stylish.

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15 thoughts on “Nadine West Review (Why I’m Canceling)”

  1. I initially tried Nadine West via a pop up add on Facebook. Since that time, it will not let me log onto the site using my email or my facebook page stating it doesn’t recognize my logon. The is absolutely no contact info provided on the packaging slip. I finally wrote a note on the packaging slip that I sent back and told them to stop sending me packages and to cancel my subscription. It all stopped. For a few months anyway. Since then I have moved and the current residents of my old address have started contacting me monthly that there are packages being left for me. What in the world is this! I feel completely taken advantage of, especially since I can’t find a decent way to contact them. I finally emailed them on from their website but I don’t have much faith that they will reach out to me or cancel my subscription properly. I checked the Better Business Bureau and they are not a member but have multiple complaints filed on them for customer service issues. In my email I stated I would not continue to pay for any future shipments and will contest any and all charges they try to apply. I’m livid. This company is a complete scam taking advantage of people.

    1. SubscriboxerEditor

      Wow! This is so sad to hear. Keep pushing through. In the future, try using a reputable credit card (like American Express) with excellent customer service so you have another means of canceling. Keep trying though. Hope it all works out for you!

  2. As I’m reading your experience with Nadine West I am shaking my head in agreeance with you the entire time. I just received my 15th package as I continue to give them chance after chance. I have received similar if not the exact same items I have passed on before included in this shipment as well as items that would be better fit for winter months not Texas summers. You would think they’d understand being a Texas based company. No matter what I say I do not like I tend to get very similar items the next shipment. I say I like trendy clothes that are fitting and I get what I would consider old lady clothes that fit more like maternity wear. Every. Single. Time. It also seems everything is thin and cheaply made. Which 2 shirts I’ve kept in the past only lasted 1 wash, then they shrunk to an unwearable size. (I followed the washing directions and didn’t dry) Furthermore I completely agree with the “processing errors”. I have been charged for items they say I have not returned yet put them in the package with everything else, had animal hair on the clothing when I do not have an animal, smell like smoke when I do not smoke, or claim that I never returned a package because I got it past the return label ship date. Needless to say I have been refunded for all of these “errors”, but if I was not checking my account I would have lost a lot of money. I’ve had really good luck with customer service as they are very quick to respond to emails and fix their errors, I just wish they had someone who actually read profiles like they do customer service responding to complaints. I’m giving them one more try and hopefully there really is a “stylist” who reads the reviews and looks at your profile to add equivalent items that are seasonal appropriate. Towards the bottom of your post I realized this was posted almost a year ago, so it’s unfortunate Nadine West hasnt fixed these issues and they continue to happen.

    1. SubscriboxerEditor

      Thank you!!! This is why we do what we do around here. It can be super frustrating to sign up for something and hoping for the best and not being completely happy. Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Probably one on the best reviews I’ve ever read. Thank you for the detailed breakdown. I’m going to save myself some heartache and stick with my seasonal stitch fix.

  4. I used to be the lead inventory receiving person for NW for about two years and the two men who own the company could honestly care less about how the whole thing operates. Everything you’ve written here in this blog is exactly the same complaint I’ve seen since I’ve been familiar with NW. I quit working for them this past April due to their lack of concern for any type of growth within the company and their practices. Not to mention a toxic work environment but that’s a whole other black hole I won’t go down. They’ve had an F rating on Better Business Bureau for years.

  5. The clothes was not for me pants to long I didn’t like the shirt I didn’t get the necklace or bracelet I did get the earrings I’m sending the things back so cancel my subscription now and refund my money back to my account . Thank you matoria Owens

  6. Georgia C Hernandez

    I am so mad right now and i dont appreciate it that you took out 140.00 out of my checking account and i sent back everything you sent i do not any of themyou need to credit the amount back in my account or i will have to turn it in the credit bureal i need that money in account

  7. For me: It was cool until they started sending clothes that were waded up with torn tissue paper. In November I got a package that smelled like arm pits. This last package they didnt even rebutton the shirt that the last client tried on before sending it to me.

  8. I wish I’d seen this review when I first signed up with them. My first shipment went great and I received a text and a phone call that my package was coming to me. So i watched for it and made sure to monitor the tracking number. I sent back what i didn’t like and was only charged for one item.

    I put my account on pause for the holiday season because i knew i wasn’t going to be able to afford it.

    I then noticed my account was devoted $134.66 so I emailed them and they sent me a tracking number showing the package they had shipped out 2 weeks prior was showing as delivered. I live in an apartment complex and usually don’t like to have packages delivered because people thieve and I am so annoyed I didn’t at least get notified of the shipment. So now I’m missing almost $140 and no merchandise at all and have yet to hear back from this stupid company. It is definitely a scam and NOT WORTH the energy. All of the clothes are cheaply made too.l and not worth the outrageous sticker price.

  9. I have returned my package and my credit card was just charged $114 and now my acct is overdrawn..I need to cancel this subscription and please refund my money..I’m on a fixed income and need all my money..didn’t like any of the clothes and they didn’t fit me either..
    I will be waiting to hear from someone and have my money refunded back into my acct…

  10. Well I have tried Nadine for approximately 4 to 5 delivers. Usually getting maybe one item. Shipped all packages back. Today they took 134.00 out of my acct. FOR! I am on. Budget. Tight. They just gave me a 37.50. Charge. This shouldn’t have not happen. I better get a answer with 24 hours. Or I will definitely be emailing and calling till I get my money back

  11. Ok update from previous complaint. Well I am impressed with the service I received ASAP. Money is being refunded to my account! Very nice customer service on the phone! I may just re new my account!

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